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Minivan News strives to set a standard for editorial independence and journalistic integrity; to continue to play its part in the establishment of a vibrant free media; to provide a forum for free speech and debate; and to continue to ask questions of those who govern on behalf of the Maldivian people.

Founded by members of the Maldivian Democratic Party in 2005, the English language website  ‘Minivan News’ began its life alongside Minivan Daily and Minivan radio – taking its name from the first public political ‘Minivan’ (meaning ‘independent’) debates in the country’s history.

Since its inception, Minivan News has operated with a small but dedicated team of journalists from across the world, alongside the the best and brightest writers in the Maldives. Former Minivan News journalists have gone on to work for major global news organisations including Reuters, the BBC, and Al Jazeera, while the paper’s former employees now include two Fulbright scholars.

Following democratic gains that culminated in the country’s first multiparty presidential election in 2008, Minivan News continued to develop towards financial and editorial independence – moving away from the Minivan Daily and Minivan Radio brands.

Minivan News is proud of its history as part of the democracy movement in the Maldives and will work work to further burnish the reputation for editorial independence that has been cultivated over the past seven years.



  • Zaheena Rasheed, News Editor
  • Ismail Humaam Hamid, Journalist
  • Hassan Mohamed, Journalist
  • Shafaa Hameed, Journalist
  • Ahmed Naish, Journalist

Office phone: +960 333 0992

For news tips, press releases or general contacts, email: editorial@minivannewsarchive.com

To advertise, call +960 333 0992 or email our marketing team: marketing@minivannewsarchive.com





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