Transport, Tourism Ministers summoned for actions against Gasim’s businesses

The parliament’s Government Oversight Commitee has decided to summon the ministers of Transport and Tourism after the ministries shut down five spas and suspended the airline owned by JP Leader Gasim Ibrahim. Meanwhile MATATO slams the Tourism ministry over the move.

Security officials dismiss UK travel advisory

The UK has maintained its travel advisory for the Maldives, while Adhaalath Party invites tourists to visit the Maldives “without any fear, assures that there is no terrorism in the Maldives, and that it will never give space to terrorism in this country.”

Dr. Bari requests Parliament to forbid all Israeli ties

Citing human rights violations, Dr. Baree has asked that Israel be treated as Libya was under Ghaddafi. Adhaalath Party chief said direct flights to the Maldives could endanger Israelis as well.

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