Comment: Urgent appeal from a deeply concerned community

“Our community has now become deeply divided. Where before there was unity, solidarity and a real sense of working together for the good of all, now there is hate, suspicion and discontentment,” writes Ibrahim Mohamed, from Velidhoo in Noonu Atoll.

Former President Nasheed’s authorisation was not required to open the armory, says MNDF

Military challenges Nasheed’s statement that they needed his permission to open the armoury: “Twelve days ago, people were not shot [by the military] because I did not let them open the armory. I wonder on what basis are the [MNDF] coming out with live arms now?” the former President had asked.

“Be courageous; Today you are all mujaheddin”: President Dr Waheed

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) expresses “alarm at the use of extremist Islamic rhetoric at the heart of the governing regime, including on the part of Mohamed Dr Waheed who appears increasingly beholden to religious groups and known extremists.”

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