Case against Nasheed for defamation of Police Commissioner postponed indefinitely

Nasheed’s legal team stated they had not been officially informed by the civil court of the rescheduling of the defamation case. The team anticipated that Nasheed would follow the ruling of the party and not abide by the courts orders until they are reformed.

Island President “a depressing reminder of world’s vested interests”: Jon Shenk

Filming primarily during the former president’s first year in office, Director of the Island President Jon Shenk and his team trailed him around the globe, filming everything from the underwater cabinet meetings – where Nasheed conducted with ministers all wearing scuba gear to highlight the problems of rising water levels – to his trip to the UN, Westminster and Copenhagen’s Environment Summit to beseech Western diplomats to act quickly in the name of global environmental protection, writes Caroline Frost for the Huffington Post.

Canadian Foreign Minister “glad that Maldives remains on CMAG agenda”

“Canada with others fought to keep Maldives on the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group agenda, and we are glad it remains there,” says Canadian Foreign Minister, in contradiction to responses from the government and local media.

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