Immigration halts work permits to GMR, aviation authority to revoke aerodrome certificate

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has sent a notice to GMR stating that it will withdraw the operator’s aerodrome certificate on December 7, while the Department of Immigration has declared it will cease renewing the visas of foreign employees employed by the Indian firm.

Supreme Court overrules Parliament’s decision to invalidate Hulhumale Magistrate Court

Deputy Chair of the Institutions Oversight Committee said the committee was not meddling with the business of the courts, but addressing a constitutional violation carried out by the Judicial Services Commission in establishing an illegitimate court.

Export revenue increase “very likely” after obtaining MSC certification: Minister of State for Fisheries and Agriculture

“The certification means that consumers now have the assurance that our tuna has been caught using sustainable practice, and this has granted us unconditional access to European and American markets,” the Minister of State for Fisheries and Agriculture has said.

Deputy Minister paid salary with no record of attendance, Tourism Ministry audit report reveals

The audit report of the Tourism Ministry for 2011 also discovered that a temporary license was given to Heavy Load Maldives to operate a tourist hotel at the Laamu Kadhdhoo airport in violation of the Tourism Act.

Government “cynically used xenophobia, nationalism and religious extremism” to attack foreign investor: former President

The Waheed government’s decision to void the GMR contract and issue the developer a seven day ultimatum to leave will “put off potential investors for decades,” former President Mohamed Nasheed has said.

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