Letter on Hulhumale’s rubbish

Dear Editor,

I spoke to the Municipal Section In-charge of the Hulhumale Development Corporation (HDC) regarding the waste dumped at various wastelands (unused goathi) of Hulhumale’, and also the waste dumped at the bottom of the beautiful bushes beside brand-new pavements.

I understand that the authority tried to solve this problem by keeping waste bins at various locations but failed to solve the problem because people started dumping household waste and waste from the shops, so that they stopped keeping the bins.

Similarly, I have seen very old sick people, with the family members’ support, boarding on MTCC Ferries and looking for a seat when there are seats reserved for them. Neither the captain nor the crew is able to help our beloved senior citizens or the sick, by letting them have their reserved seats on the ferry.

Since the authority for the Municipal Section of HDC is also the chairperson for Hulhumale’ Crime Prevention Committee working together with Hulhumale’ Police, I feel sorry that they had no solution other than to stop keeping the bins in public areas. I also feel sorry that the captains keep quiet, watching such inhuman scenarios, while he has the authority to question passengers who disobey rules like not purchasing a ticket before boarding the ferry and so on.

I think what’s actually happening is that the hospital has no concern over the issue because at the moment this waste has not caused an epidemic. Police have no concern over the issue because they feel people would not like them for interfering in their freedom to do whatever they want.

HDC has no worries over the issue because they get monthly rent from these wastelands, and they get no complaints from the public who believe they can do anything they want and it’s their freedom to do so.

I think all the government and non-governmental agencies must work together to strengthen the monitoring mechanism and action taking so that those who are responsible do their job in order to keep Hulhumale’ clean and attractive. A country can never afford to watch such scenario and wait until the issue becomes a difficult and expensive problem like drugs, murder and so on. As we all know, drugs and murder was not an issue here before but can we say it’s not an issue today?

So, why can’t we all join together to stop such crimes in our society before it’s too late?


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19 thoughts on “Letter on Hulhumale’s rubbish”

  1. Dear Saeed,

    Please have a look at the link below


    13.88 million dollars for a worl bank project which includes Pollution management and environmental health

    Do you think MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT, ENERGY AND WATER is going to do anything to Hulhumale leave alone the whole country

    You have pathetic ministers who are so greedy and power hungry, who get their degrees from abroad but on the scholorship of the government(3/4 of them do not have the required grades) and then one fine day they become ministers some from Deputy to State Ministers overnight................

    Believe me not an iota of improvement will happen if everyone will not stand up toghether.............

    Sun will rise from the East,
    The earth is sherical and Maldives will Never sink.........all these facts has to be accepted.............and begging for money saying we will sink should stop......

  2. A national campaign like clean Maldives with NGO participation. It can be done, it have to be made the norm.

    Break the event horizon on the apathetic and sh** *** lazy Maldivian, which is quite a considerable percent.

  3. The passivity that cuts across the Maldives is what you find in Hulhumale.

    Hulhumale is the result of unplanned corporatisation. HDC could not care less. All they have to do is make money by selling land and housing. Why should HDC care about people.?

    People who planned this place intended to cast the peasants out to the capital. So they created pigeon holes at high prices. For the desperate who were sleeping on top of each other in one room, this was the best they can get by the gracious ex regime. The present HDC management are still the products of that time. They have proven incapable over time. If, at all every contract given out gets them a percentage.

    Hulhumale is not sustainable as it is.

    Talk about MTDC. Wonder if the MD really opened his eyes and saw what is going on. The whole operation is mismanaged.

    Yes, it is right that the people will have to do something. Maldivians have learned to wait and complain. Unless Hulhumaleans put pressure on the Government, the Government will not pressure HDC. So get out there, PEOPLE, do something!

  4. MTCC sorry not MTDC - not that MTDC is fulfilling its obligation to its shareholders. The Management teams are technical and they are doing a job not a business activity and therefore likely to fail

  5. Dear Saeed
    I have been trying to get an NGO in Hulhumale to be active on this. Two groups I spoke to, are not doing anything even when the opportunity is on the door step.

    I would like to take some action here cos I live here.

    If you are interested maybe we can communicate on this and find a way

    Please write to admin@salaamschool.net or call 3305869

  6. Dear Admin,
    Supposedly u have seen one sided of this whole scene, Hulhumale population is increasing in a high speed, we have lots of different pple having various attitudes.

    Let me tell u one reason why HDC was being pushed to take the bins from the location, pple started to complain that they dont like bins near the public area, due to health wise and other probs, they even sent letters to Mins.of Health to take action on this.

    About the Mtcc ferry n Bus service,they have won the Bids n started giving out the service and for the kind info, HDC always listen to public comments n do have meetings to correct that service.

    And it was bad to point a finger at some one, which she dosnt have anythin to do with it. She dosnt have to take responsibility of this.

  7. Hi Dhivehseh,
    My dear, it's not only two of us living in Hulhumale'. People did not complain for the proper management of pollution and environmental health. But people complained for making the area worse than ever before. One must not think that it's only Maldives people are living on. Suppose we take people from Hulhumale' to Singapore, do you think the same problem would exist? No, because there will be no room for anyone to dump rubbish as they wish. Proper management and action would solve problems.

    Okay, let's don't point finger at the Chairperson of Hulhumale' Crime Prevention Committee and Head of the Municipal Section of HDC who very much relate to this problem. Now tell me to whom one can point finger at??? I also agree that pointing finger at a woman wouldn't solve the problem but history tells us people always points finger at a relevant authority not at someone else my dear

    Here we haven't discussed on the Bids for Ferry & Bus service but we are concerned for occupying seats reserved for the senior citizens, the sick or the pregnant women by those who are not among these categories. Also concerned that captains and drivers don't care when they see such inhuman scenarios but take immediate action against those who don't purchase a ticket for the trip. If such issues don't relate to HDC, MTCC, Police or Hulhumale' Crime Prevention Committee, I would say it's a problem to be solved without any further delay my dear friend...

  8. We have the garbage dumping issue nationwide and thanks to the author that someone from Hulhumale addresses it now.

    I am tired of hearing that bins are removed because people dump household waste into it.

    They do it because they are uncivilized, lazy ***. Because of uncivilized, lazy *** we all need to suffer?

    It works in other countries as well, I don't know any other country that gives such an excuse, and it can work here too.

    I agree with saeed and his example from Singapore - take a Dhivehin to Singapore and he/she will behave and pretend to be civilized. Why? Because of their proper enforcement. Fines will make people stop being lazy.

    We don't want dirty beaches, abandoned plots full of rubbish, ugly streets.

    We want garbage bins, but at the same time we want awareness for the people and enforcement from the police.

    It's hard work, but it will work in Maldives as well. I believe we need to put fines on littering. Waiting until people civilize themselves is not going to work.

  9. H Hulhumale' citizen,

    wow! thanx a lot for da comment..pls keep up the good work that u r doing to preventing the country before it's too late...learning lessons from da past...

    So sadly i am expressing.....look at the drugs & murder issues.... uncontrollable due to lack of coordination among relevant authorities and that appropriate actions were not taken....see the DANGEROUS status the issues became....Judges work with empty hands, meaning the Bills for Judges are in the Parliament or somewhere else and that drug and murder cases are not being investigated properly....how sad story 4 a democratic country or a Muslim state right????

  10. Dear Mr. Saeed and anyone else who read this letter to the Editor,
    I agree with Dhivehseh, and you too to some extent.
    The problem with hulhumale' doesn't simply lie with privatisation or even lack of awareness for that matter.
    The Corporation is doing a fine job as it is. If not, I doubt you'd even be able to walk the streets without holding your nose.
    Your example of Singapore is quite good as well, but it won't work, most Maldivians know about Singapore
    The problem here, is that Maldivians are aware, very much so that we love to mouth off every chance we get, no matter how little we know about the subject at hand. We love to tell everyone what should be done, and would rather lie on our fat bottoms and let someone else do it all.
    We all care, we care too much. Yet, we'd rather not do anything. And if someone tries to do something about it, we do our best to make it difficult for them to do it. Maldivian nature my dear friend.
    And it's human nature to point fingers, after all who wants to take responsibility for their actions. But then that doesn't help one bit does it? Heck no.
    The Maldivian public refuses to take responsibility as the so called 'Public'. Not only have they disappointed their youth, they stand by and let it happen as if they really never cared. And they never did. Everyone for himself is what we've been teaching them, and it doesn't look very good in the near future either.
    Dhivehinnaaigen Kuriyah... yeah right, one step forward, two steps back. That's change! :D

  11. "People don't like bins near the public area" - well, then I don't think anyone can help them; if they want to live in shit, they should probably live in shit.

  12. Yes, I think most Maldivians know Singapore.... it's quality Mount Elizabeth Hospital but a very little about it's proper enforcement and administration, isn't it??????

    I think these things will be changed when my party comes back to power in 2013, hehehehehe...Javvah, Fazaa ah, Fayah, Bolah

  13. Hi Saeed,
    Well lets get u updated a bit on some things,the lady u mentioned aint the HOD.

    Why do we need to copy others tradition? Lets get this straight, a way which every one can understand n see the both side. Sure indeed we need to correct our behavior be civilized on things we do. Typical acts have to pointed out stopped.

    Awareness boards r not doin anything these days, its a good idea we keep fine charge for those lazy pits. We all must have found out that no.of pple smoking while they drive r less, we barely see a person doin it now. That was a good example of wat the Gov can do.

    Cleanin events jus give out a waste of money for refreshments n buying gloves. Think!!! We need more serious things to do before Hulhumale gets polluted like Male'.

    Ps. No hard feelings Saeed.

  14. I agree with saeed, i have been living in hulhumale since the first family's. so i clearly see the cahnges now. most of the days in the ferry i wud have to get furiouse cox some ppl wud just not care if even a preg lady stands infront of them o an old lady. and wen the time comes to get on the ferry most people dont care of try to help the elderly or the children. they simply push and try to get on first. and the police i would say they not dong there jog as they have to protect and serve. one time my wife told me that two guys have been flirting with her for a few days every day she said . so i went and had a look one day wen she comes home after work and guess Wat i found, they where form the police department of hulhumale. this is not the kind of personality and manners a police man should have. they should be a role models. and when petroling normally they just hunt for girls. riding and looking at women is what they do. even they are afraid of the gangs and ppl who commit crime in hulhumale. this i know very well. theirs nothing they can do except arrest and take only the weak and helpless. shame on you all who sit near your big desk and think your the big boss. and about the rubbish if it goes like this and no one takes responsibility soon our country and an uncivilized city of India wont be different. and trust me soon.

  15. Guys grow up!! Please, stop pointing fingers n start to bring a change. You all think of sitting there n writing enormous things about others bad.

    Why don't we all be a group n send some one to meet with the pple who sits at the offices to find a permanent solution for all this.

    And yes i have been living from the first family moved in, even studied in here,i do have a big scene behind me where a lovely memory lies beneath within this place.

    @Hulhumale man: that's quite a big harassment when u such a thing about a country, especially a neighbor one which always tends to help us when we r in need. think of wat ur saying, before mentioning it.

  16. Hi Dhivehseh,

    Okay, let's not point fingers at anyone's irresponsibility.

    Since my purpose of writing on such issues is not for pointing fingers at someone whom i even don't know but to find permanent solutions to the issues and concerns, I am ready to go and meet relevant ppl sitting in the offices.

    I don't know how many visits I made those offices with suggestions and comments? What I understood was there is nothing they can do to solve any problem.

    Do u know why HDC started to clean up Hulhumale'? Because many ppl started pointing big, big fingers at them.

    Do u know why our country failed preventing our loved ones from Narcotic Drugs and crimes like MURDER Because none of us wants or like to point finger at relevant authorities and that they did nothing to control it, rather they started drug trade for them to become billionaires.

    So, i think not pointing fingers at irresponsible authorities damaged our country so badly that i think v can never ever recover the losses.

  17. Good one Hulhumale lady, so il join u wen ur up to the meet ups. lets plan something and bring a change.
    Feel free to write to me ur thoughts on this issue to mr.dhivehseh@hotmail.com

  18. Hi Dhivehseh,

    why not u drop yr contact to saeedvh@gmail.com and v can discuss issues a=n concerns that v r interested in


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