Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed presides over second hearing in Shiyam trial

Chief Judge Abdula Mohamed has today presided over the hearing of Maldives Development Alliance (MDA) leader MP Ahmed ‘Sun’ Shiyam, after taking over the case last week. Abdula Mohamed responded to the points taken by MP Shiyam’s attorneys, who said they had no witnesses that they would like to call after the prosecution had produced … Continue reading Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed presides over second hearing in Shiyam trial

Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed takes over ‘Sun’ Shiyam’s case

Chief Judge of the Criminal Court Abdulla Mohamed has taken over the MDA leader’s alcohol smuggling and possession case from presiding Judge Aziz following after reports that Shiyam had requested Aziz’s removal from the drawn-out proceedings.

Opposition MP files four misconduct cases against Judge Abdulla Mohamed

Filing cases at the Judicial Service Commission, Hamid accused Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed of displaying outright rudeness towards him, of stereotyping him as a criminal, of publicly defaming him, and of attempting to “politically” destroy him.

Failure of judiciary, JSC and parliament justified detention of Abdulla Mohamed, contends Velezinee in new book

Former President’s Member on the Judicial Services Commission (JSC) Aishath Velezinee has written a book documenting the collapse of the judiciary and the constitution, and justifying former President Nasheed’s detention of Abdulla Mohamed as the last resort of accountability.

CNI report “based on false premise that Abdulla Mohamed is a constitutionally appointed judge”: Velezinee

“The report, by its failure to probe the events leading up to the removal of Abdulla Mohamed and the January 2012 protests, fails to recognise the systematic breach of the Constitution by the JSC and Majlis that forced President Nasheed to use the powers of Head of State to address the issue of Abdulla Mohamed,” writes former President’s Member on the Judicial Services Commission, Aishath Velezinee.

Civil Court dismisses ruling of own watchdog body against Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed

According to the decision, providing a chance to submit any complaints after the investigation is completed cannot be deemed as an opportunity for the Judge to present his defence.

“I just couldn’t let [Abdulla Mohamed] sit on the bench”, Nasheed tells Guardian

This is definitely not how Mohamed Nasheed imagined he would be promoting a new film about his campaign against climate change, writes Decca Aitkenhead for the UK’s Guardian newspaper.