Number of Maldivian seafarers has plummeted: Economic development minister

The Minister of Economic Development Mohamed Saeed says the number of Maldivian seafarers has plummeted significantly over the years due to lack of interest in the field.

Saeed’s comment came after signing the Maritime Labor Convention at a ceremony held at State Electric Company (STELCO) to celebrate world maritime day.

“Maldivian crew members working aboard vessels have reduced to a mere 400. This is a very undersized figure, we need to boost it,” said Saeed.

It is believed that Maldivians will be given the opportunity work in foreign vessels now the nation has signed the maritime convention.

“Many employment opportunities will be opened for Maldivians since we are part of the convention now. In addition the convention also protects the rights of ship crews,” said Saeed.


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  1. i would not take a maldivian to work ever. he forgets that maldives is part or signed many internationak agreements before what they fell short of keeping.


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