Pro-government MPs hit out at UN’s “biased” and “political” calls for religious freedom

MPs of several government-aligned parties have expressed concern over a UN Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) report calling for freedom of religion, sexual orientation and several other commitments in the Maldives, claiming the document is “biased” and “against the will of the people”.

Jumhoree Party (JP) MP Abdulla Jabir told Minivan News today that he had “reservations” about the UN’s conclusions, claiming they appeared to single out former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s government for alleged human rights abuses, while also contravening the constitution and laws of the Maldives.

Progressive Party of Maldives MP Ahmed Mahlouf  also hit out at the report’s conclusions, which he claimed were both “political” and “biased” as a result of the influence of the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), according to local media.

UNHRC calls

The UNHRC findings urged Maldivian authorities to guarantee citizens’ right to democracy, permit freedom of religion, reform the Judicial Services Commission (JSC), abolish flogging and the death penalty, and deal with human trafficking, among other recommendations.

A core concern of the committee involved the Maldives’ reservation to Article 18, concerning freedom of religion, the validity of which was questioned by the committee on the basis that it was “not specific, and does not make clear what obligations of human rights compliance the State party has or has not undertaken.”

However, Jabir today contended that the stipulation within the Maldives constitution that the nation was 100 percent Islamic reflected the views of the Maldivian people, with not a single political party in the country having called for religious freedom.

“It is the Maldivian people who have decided that if you are not a Muslim, you are not a Maldivian. There is not one party here calling for this to change,” he said. “Maybe this is not what is practiced in many other countries around the world, but it is what he have decided here by law. It is our sovereign right.”

Aside from calls for freedom of religion, Jabir also said he was concerned about the issue of establishing an independent inquiry into “all human rights violations, including torture” that were allegedly conducted prior to the 2008 election.

He claimed this appeared to single out the 30 year autocratic rule of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom,  who was voted from office during the 2008 presidential elections.

“We have had other presidents in this country before Mr Gayoom and I do not understand why they are not also being focused on. Why only Gayoom’s time? This shows there is bias in this report,” he said. “Before President Gayoom, we had President [Ibrahim] Nasir. It should look at all abuses from the country’s first president onwards.”

Constitutional matter

Jabir added that he had personally been one of the 12 member body who had drawn up the present constitution, that had in turn been approved by the Maldivian people.  He claimed that despite the UN calling for freedom of religion and sexual orientation – as well as other commitments designed to address concerns about human trafficking and judicial reform – the organisation was unable to overrule the laws and regulations of a sovereign nation.

“When the UN asks for freedom of religion, this is what former President Nasheed has been trying to promote in the country,” he claimed.

Jabir’s concerns about alleged political bias serving to influence the UNHRC’s conclusion were also raised by the PPM, a party formed last year by former President Gayoom.

PPM MP Mahlouf reportedly told the Sun Online news service yesterday that items raised in the UN report seen to contradict Islam would not be implemented in the Maldives.

He claimed that the findings had been influenced by the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) and “foreign associates” linked to the party.

“MDP encourages the destruction of our sovereignty and our religious values,” Mahlouf was quoted as telling Sun Online.

Mahlouf reportedly pledged that the PPM would work to stand against allowing any changes relating to the national religion under Maldivian law as a report on how the Maldives will implement the Committee’s recommendations is due to be delivered to the UN during the next twelve months.

Ahmed Thasmeen Ali, leader of the government-aligned Dhivehi Rayythithunge Party (DRP) was not responding to calls today about the report.  Both DRP Deputy Leader Ibrahim Shareef and MP Dr Abdullah Mausoom could also not be reached at the time of press.

Former President Mohamed Nasheed, who has alleged that he was forced to resign from office on February 7 this year in a “coup detat”, had denied advocating for freedom of religion during his time in office. The former president has faced strong criticism from political opponents over his commitments to protecting the nation’s Islamic faith.

However, during a gathering of former opposition political figures, NGOs and other civil society organisations on December 23 last year to “defend Islam”, Nasheed held a counter-rally for those he claimed practised a “tolerant form” of the faith that he contended been traditionally followed in the Maldives.

“We can’t achieve development by going backwards to the Stone Age or being ignorant,” he said back in December, 2011.

The President also called on leaders of political parties to explain their stance on religious issues to the public ahead of a scheduled 2013 presidential election.

“Should we ban music? Should we circumcise girls? Should we allow 9 year-olds to be married; is art and drawing forbidden? Should we be allowed to have concubines? We have to ask is this nation building? Because we won’t allow these things, we are being accused of moving away from religion,” he said at the time.

Nasheed also urged MPs at the time to discuss the inclusion of Sharia punishments in a revised penal code “without calling each other unbelievers.”

The December 23 coalition also raised concerns over calls by United Nations Human Rights Chief Navi Pillay during a visit to the Maldives last year that flogging be abolished as a punishment for extra-marital sex in the country.

Pillay’s comments further fuelled tensions across the nation late last year over concerns about the erection of monuments in Addu Atoll to commemorate the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) summit that were deemed as “idolatrous” by some.


65 thoughts on “Pro-government MPs hit out at UN’s “biased” and “political” calls for religious freedom”

  1. Mahloof, Isn't that the guy who wanted to go to collect ambergris instead of the job as MP ?

  2. Banana republic has no choice. It is time to reform political landscape In Maldives. UN is simply asking to do things that are relevant to 1st century. Why so much reservations to give freedom of choice on the paper and see how many Maldivain want to remain their brains chained with fear of hell , live for rewards of being slave after they have ceased to exist or become schizophrenic with fear of punishment with unimaginable hellish torture for those who don’t do their slavery by kissing the ground and black stone all their life. UN is simply asking to let people decide by themselves to embrace slavery, not by fear of worldly repercussion. And leave people to Allah to unleash his vengeance on his poor souls.

  3. First time on local TV, citizens are hearing the debate on whether international HR law supersedes domestic law - years after Maldives signed up to Human Rights conventions, that defy their very own sovereignty. Thanks to democracy, it is at least possible to hear the views now.

    Signings the HR conventions on behalf of Maldivians is done in a devious manner, bec there was no national debate. Interestingly, it was done in the hey day of Hill and Knowlton with Dunya at Foreign Ministry.

    Some theorize that Dunya was tactically used to get Gayomm's approval to write off sovereignty by opening up for freedom of religion.

    Such is the naive side of power. The naive could indeed be the most dangerous.

  4. UN cannot be the newest dictator.
    Maldivins will know how to run our country.

  5. Anni speaks of a different thing and no one had called circumcize the girls or asked to stop music, etc. But it seems that Nasheed is very arrogant guy who does not want to listen to the people and he only want people to listen to him and follow how order.

    This is the reason why he failed to rule this country.

    No matter what international community says, we will nerve tolerate the religious freedom here in this country . International community need to understand to repeat our sovereign rights.

    Religious freedom will not be given here . Whether MDP or any other party calls for this, then it will not be accepted by the public and who ever support will be a failure like Anni.

  6. It is obvious that majority of Maldivians do not want other religions in Maldives. Majority is what counts in a democracy. Nasheed did not understand this basic fact - his view was more dictatorial in the sense that he did not listen what that majority wanted. He was listening to his friends in UK who had an agenda to introduce other religions in Maldives.

  7. Some people are confusing democracy with basic human rights. To enforce an individual to submit to the views of one religion instead of an individuals freedom to chose how they worship is not only a breach against the Human rights convention, but also against the true teachings of Islam. Many are using politics to prevent freedom in all forms including religion, which in turn due to the Maldive's constitution enforces a condition of stateless person removing them from family, friends and home. Regardless of what the politicans and religious leaders state no country can claim to be 100% of any religion. This has be proven time and time again in recent history when an individual declares they have rejected islam they are subjected to threats and voilence and the response that is published days later from the religous zealots is that they have been re-educated and accepted islam again. The truth is the individual fears for their life and that of their family and are too affraid to reveal what is in their hearts. Time to wake up and join the real world or sink beneath the waves without the care of the rest of the world.

  8. I am 200% confident no Maldivian will change his religion from Islam to any other.
    I think what UN is calling for is religious freedom be given to expatriates which is also forbidden now in Maldives. I dont see foreigners practicing their religion in their houses and embassies which is already happening.
    So as usual misuse this incident for political advantage and antagonize very powerful nations and in return our general public will have to suffer in the future.

    I urge restraint and diologue instead of rash and stupid comments from people like Mahloof and Company.

  9. Correction:
    I dont see any threat in foreigners practicing their religion in their homes and Embassies, which are in fact already happening.

  10. “We can’t achieve development by going backwards to the Stone Age or being ignorant,” he said back in December, 2011.

    As a matter of fact, Seyku Nasheed himself went to the stone age back in 2009, shaking hands with the so called extremists of the country. this only proves that he can go to any length to gain power.
    wow, so going forward means allowing homosexuality and legalizing alcohol to the non believers.
    what a way to get civilized, by the time we realize that we are civilized homosexuality will be rampant and the kids will question on which sex they belong to. what an identity crisis they will have?? so who's calling the other ignorant???!!

    “Should we ban music? Should we circumcise girls? Should we allow 9 year-olds to be married; is art and drawing forbidden? Should we be allowed to have concubines? We have to ask is this nation building?...,” he said at the time.

    Seyku Nasheed accusing Islam of all this shit only proves that he does not know anything about the religion and it's followers.

    How can we justify a person who refuses to say the name of Allah and salam to the prophet and then goes to the mosque to pray. In fact, he did all this to gain support from the poor Maldivians who did not know what his real agenda was.
    If he was truthful and loyal to his people then he would have directly discussed the matter of freedom of expression and religion. Instead he deceived his people on to thinking that he is also a Muslim. THE BIGGEST DECEIVER OF OUR TIME

    banning Music.Is music banned in other islamic countries. is music banned in the maldives now- NO
    but if we think about heavy metal(which appeals to the drug addicts, makes you want to go high and then leads to assaulting and attacking,
    then you really have to discuss and question about it??!! (like in Nasheed's time some heavy metal group called the nothinigals or something came for a tour and we saw how our youths were behaving??? i didn't see anything civilized there other than people acting like mad, lunatics!!

    Circumcise girls- by saying this he is only misleading the population and defaming Islam. In fact circumcision of girls is a social custom and not a religious practice which originated from the far east and Africa.
    AND HOW CONTRARY of implying this in the name of Islam when the western crazy bunch pierce their nipples and put bolts and nuts in their penis and vagina. kekekeke

    marriage at the age of 9- and allowing concubines
    Which rational Muslim in the Maldives is allowing their daughters to get married at the age of 9. Maybe an ignorant who knows part of the religion might. But as always Seyku Nasheed will point out the most questionable part and then make a big deal out of it.

    what i know is that half of our teenagers watch sexually oriented western movies (eg;sex and the city, beverlyhills, justin beiber etc etc) and crave for sex(and most of them have it and then have abortions at IGMH refer to the report released by IGMH in 2010) kekeke

    allowing concubines- who allowed concubines, Nasheed, with his prostitutes serving as slaves in the spas/saloons (leading to human trafficking becoming a nuisance) or adil saleem- getting caught with two under aged girls in his apartment(i so really hate this disgusting adil saleem,eew)(refer to an episode in 2010)
    history has it that concubines were kept in every nation but our prophet was the only one who did not discriminate them and gave them their rights and freedom. later Islam abolished slavery and i presume nasheed does not know this as he has so many slaves following him.

    The dear leader like in North Korea. hehehe

  11. Its a blessing that this country has credible political powerhouses like Jabir and Mahlouf to take on atheist bigots at the UN....

    @ Amira One of the fundamental principals of a democracy is that the majority has a responsibility to safeguard the fundamental rights of the minority. Choice of your religious beliefs are a fundamental right which no one can dictate.

  12. I guess the basic question is what do we have to lose by dropping the 100% muslim tag and allowing people the right to make their own choices... we already have drugs, alcohol, unmarried sex, rape, assault, murder, burglary, corruption, embezzlement and fraud, all despite being 100% muslim. Things can hardly get worse.

  13. PS;it's not like i don't support freedom of religion(and islam also does not advocate forcing people into it)but it's just that Seyku Nasheed deceived almost all of the Maldivians (except the atheists and apostates)into believing that he's a man of faith when he was not!
    the hypocrite!!

  14. where does President Nsheed come into the equation regarding this?

    This was not a MDP dooucment.This was the United nations for goodness sakes. So the MDP is now bribing the UN? Wow! They must be very very rich.

    As naive side of power has stated above, the HR conventions were signed during Gayooms regime, not by President Nasheed.

    Perhaps parliament should start an investigation on how and why President Gayoom signed documents that is now the subject of such contentious debate and stop wasting time.

    As for President Nasheed and religious freedom in the Maldives we have never heard President Nasheed calling for religious freedom in the Maldives.

    If you recall it was current Minister of Home Affairs Jameel who created that story, on TV and a pamphlet that he distributed. As I also recall it was his arrest by Police to disclose sources for his accusations that led to Judge Abdull being detained and provided the opportunity for the coup leaders to move into position.

    I find it incredible that 6 months later the Police have still not charged jameel for slander and character assasination of President Nasheed. Not just because he was President, but because Jameel violated Nasheed's rights as a Maldivian citizen citizen.

  15. No doubt granting freedom of conscience is the right thing to do if we favor personal freedoms over social control.

    However our people seem to support a unified controlled society over one favors personal autonomy.

    This is an ongoing debate in other countries as well.

    There are no grassroots movements for religious freedom in the Maldives. Where does the UNHRC's concerns come from then? Certainly there are some individuals who wish for a change in this aspect.

    Given the state of our country and the public's intolerance for this ideology at present, I fear debating this issue too lengthily is pointless.

    We all know the steps we must take before ensuring that such freedoms can be ensured and the people who choose to exercise those freedoms can be protected.

    Rather than promoting a culture of tolerance, by politicizing this debate we threaten to drive our society even further towards favoring social control by backing political parties who take an aggressive stand against the issue.

    100 percent muslim is a construct. It is also a top-down approach towards defining a nation. However it has served us and continues to do so for the time being. We have to continue with this label until and unless our society can find a way to accept plurality of opinion, belief etc. etc.

    This is not the prevailing attitude in this country. Even the self-styled champion of democracy Mohamed Nasheed has proven that he prefers to control his own political party through a rigid ideology and dictated stands on issues. The MDP claims to be center-right in order to please the BCP. Does the average MDP member know what center-right means? Nasheed expelled three successive elected heads of his party because they disagreed with his style of politics.

    No I seriously do not believe we are debating freedom of religion here or in any public forum in the Maldives. We are merely repeating the same thing while some of us pretend to be all enlightened and open-minded to the international community.

  16. @mody on Mon, 30th Jul 2012 10:38 PM

    "No matter what international community says, we will nerve tolerate the religious freedom here in this country ."

    Right, you've changed your nick, but you're still flogging the same old dead horse. It's about time you changed your tune as well. This is getting rather tiring.

    It's not the international community stupid, it's your religion that allows religious freedom!

    For one thing, learn to respect your religion, IF you're a Muslim. If you read the Quran (do you understand the Quran?), clearly, you'll see that Allah doesn't force Islam down the throats of anyone. Nor does He forbid other religions:

    "To you is your Religion and to me is mine" (Qur’an 109:06)

  17. @Amira on Mon, 30th Jul 2012 10:57 PM

    "It is obvious that majority of Maldivians do not want other religions in Maldives. Majority is what counts in a democracy. Nasheed did not understand this basic fact ..."

    It is quite obvious you're just making this up. Otherwise, show the facts and figures that prove your point. Where the survey that you did which shows what the majority of Maldivians want? Where is the evidence to support that Nasheed "did not understand" your basic fact?

    Anyone can make a claim especially behind an anonymous pseudonym. Are you prepared to back your claims with facts?

  18. Kutti Nasheed, information minister for Gayoom, blocked all debate on these conventions at the time of Maldives signing them... that also under enormous pressure from the Maldivians.. and then cunningly they put in all these reservations.. we want all freedoms now.. dhunya and Kutti can go to bangladesh

  19. All the worlds a stage, and the international community makes a great audience don't they? A round of applause for everyone.

  20. From the time Golhaabo came to power, Maldives being 100% Muslim has been a curse. He has twisted the religion of Islam to stay in power and to incite hate and violence for freckling 30 years.
    Now the Adalath party mad men have taken the baton to take the hatemongering violence to a new level.
    Now most people who want this country to say 100% Muslim are vouching for freedom of religion. Thanks to the Hypocrite Islamic sheiks for doing this.

    As long as Maldives stays 100% Muslim these crazy islamists will use Islam to infringe our rights, like how they brought down our first democratically elected government.

    given any day, freedom of relegion is better than be controlled by a crazy bearded islamists.

  21. god has the power to change every persons faith to islam if he will but why doesnt he do that? coz he lets every human being exercise his free will to its fullest potential. i totally agree that ppl should have the freedom to choose watever faith they see fit to follow. the state cannot control wat god himself has allowed. trying to control the faith by the state is against shariah. wat maldivies are trying to do never happened in the history of islam. this religion allows muslims to coexist with ppl of other faith. if you ask me everything thats going wrong for maldives is because it has been trying very hard to keep religion under the grip of the ppl who are in power. if ppl want to change from islam to some other religion, let them. its their choice.

  22. @Hussain Manik

    Looks like you are very much mistaken. I myself am not a muslim. I am an atheist, and I do know Maldivians who are atheists, agnostics and humanists...all of whom who have left Islam.


    Looks like you don't really understand how a democracy works. Just because a majority agrees on something, it doesn't mean that minorities are going to be oppressed. Remember...what the local mullah says on television, isn't what is always right. As a matter of fact, what they say is almost all the time, very much wrong.

    Now, excuse me while I go look for HIV cures in the wings of a housefly.

  23. @Amira
    FACT = The UK do not believe in any religion. They are more interested in football. 96% do not practice any religion at all you idiot. To say that Anni was trying to bring other religions in with the help of an atheist country does not make sense on any level and would be impossible anyway!
    Total lies and fabrication to smear Annie, but we expect nothing less from you!!

  24. People who say "we" will not allow any religion except Islam in this country, please and I mean please just talk for yourselves! I am Maldivian, I practice Islam but I strongly disagree that Islam should be the only religion practiced by Maldivians. Anyone should have the right to practice what they believe!

  25. @ Ahmed bin Addu bin Suvadheeb

    Well said. Lakum Dheenakum Valiyadheen .

    It was Buruma Gasim who wanted the clause in the constitution about being a muslim mandatory to being maldivian. This clause violates the essence of Islam and contradicts the Quraan.

  26. How are you enjoying your new Government Andrew Cox?

    Are all things happy now evil Anni has gone and urbane Waheed is in power who "knows how to deal with donors?"

    Are you still listening to that idiot legal advisor of yours, or has she cashed in off the coup as well?

    Perhaps her advice wasn't so impartial after all!

  27. Why are you so afraid of religious freedom? Surely any religion that does not tolerate other religions must be pretty false

  28. mind your own business, not your country, its for our people to decide either way

  29. Maldives cannot use the modern liberal notion of the 'defense of their national sovereignty' to justify the repression of religious freedom. It is a misunderstanding, a misuse and abuse of the concept of sovereignty IF we are understanding the term sovereignty in the same way it is used and understood in the philosophy which under girds the principles of the UN.

    The concept, as used in the discourse behind the concepts of the UN, is derived from Kant's Perpetual Peace, which many see as a kind of a blue print for the UN Charter of Human Rights. Kant argues that one of the conditions for peace is that nations cannot be oppressed, or repressed, they must experience sovereignty, otherwise known as self rule, self determination, a people repressed is a people enraged, then WAR begins as we all NEED to be free.

    However, Kant goes on to explain, the condition for having a nations sovereignty respected, is that, that nation conform to Kant's ideas of a 'Republic,' and a Republic, according to Kant, respects it people's freedom of religion.

    The Maldives MAY WELL have a good social argument for why it is necessary to reject freedom of religion. It may even be true that if freedom of religion were realized, the Maldives would be taken over and made vulnerable.

    Yet they should be honest and argue for rejecting freedom of religion on these grounds.

    The underlying principle in the traditional liberal philosophy which under girds the UN is that, every human being should be treated as an end in them self and NOT as a means to an end. As Tsk Tsk explained, the repression of religious freedom has served the STATE well in Maldives. So, repressing the conscience of "wives and concubines" above for example, is for the well being of the State, not for 'wives and concubines' wellbeing. Wives and concubines, and every Maldivian, is being treated as a means to an end - the end of the wellbeing of the State, and not as an end in his or her own right!

    Of course, there is the argument that it would be selfish and criminal, anti-social to put your own self above the state, and this MAY be a perfectly valid argument with a lot of merit.

    But this justification does not meet the criteria required to fit into the heart of the UN.

  30. Ben Slewright

    What is a Kant? Is it universal truth?
    Are we to belive in Kant’s Perpetual Peace?

  31. I guess the basic question is what do we have to lose by dropping the 100% muslim tag and allowing people the right to make their own choices… we already have drugs, alcohol, unmarried sex, rape, assault, murder, burglary, corruption, embezzlement and fraud, all despite being 100% muslim. Things can hardly get worse.

  32. The concept of other religions in the Maldives makes me feel horrible

    The Maldivian flag, red-blood of martyrs who died protecting the country,
    and The white crescent- Islamic faith, and it being common for everyone

    But I dont know now..

    I guess too many people want otherwise,
    Eventually down the line, hopefully Maldives and people who want to implement this would be off two different countries,
    we all can be happy in that way, and we have enough land for it as well,

    1200 or so many Islands?
    Many people now want freedom of religion, hopefully they can be their own country,

    And am willing to guarrantee that people who want other religions hate, people who only want islam, and people who want only Islam sure they ll hate freedom of religion people,
    but in a foreseeable future there probably will be a big fight between these two groups, doesnt matter who wins because, if the Muslims win, the west and the media would call us terrorists,
    If the freedom of religion guys win, we would all be doomed,

    When that day comes, hope you freedom of religion guys and your friends of other countries come kill us, I dont want to live

  33. Oh for heavens sake, do you not know the reasons for the country being 100% muslim.

    We want to take the country, not the people, to heaven. We want concubines, naked on the beaches.

    Why do i have to explain these basics....

  34. @Tybiau Sir: Oh MY Brother that is such a sad sentiment man ALIVE! Do ppl have to be Muslim to be loved by another Muslim as a brother or sister? Can't a non-Muslim love a Muslim? YES< THEY CAN! Man I could not hurt or kill you brother, dude you need a hug big brotherly hug from me man this is some heavy dark perception PLEASE tell me what made you think like so sad! In my heart of hearts I couldn't even bring myself to hurt the man who hurt me more than anyone else ever hurt me, Yameen Abdul-Gayoom, if I felt he was not a threat to us I would never mention his name or think of him again! I forgive ALL brother!

  35. Maldives was not a muslim country. We were forced to become what we are now. And you all forgot that now ? Calling Indians(not specific) monkey worshippers ?? We made our Idols using what ? Dravidian people were smart then, they built temples too.

  36. @John Homes: Wise point. 100 percent Muslim literally means every Maldivian (100 percent) is SUBMITTED TO THE WILL OF ALLAH... as you said drugs, alcohol, unmarried sex, rape, assault, murder, burglary, corruption, embezzlement and fraud, is not submission to Allah, so the TAG is evidently not true, and having the tag makes Islam look BAD. AT least for the integrity of Islam or ppl's perceptions of it, drop the 100 percent label you'd be doing a huge service to ISLAM by doing so.

  37. I am Maldivian too, I do not have a specific GOD which I worship or believe. I lost my Maldivian citizenship due this. There are a lot more Maldivians there who don't dare to open there mouth. Because its not aloud there. If you do. BOOM!! you are stabbed. next day in ICU. OR else you prefer to suicide !

    Thank you for the liberty!

  38. @ben

    I respect what you say. and it is good that you forgive. but I dont know.
    I would rather die than see my children bring up in a world like this, and I hope those men kill me before they take islam away from my family, please kill me

  39. to ben

    do you know what our country stand for?
    the flag. it mean something to me. every citizen is supposed to stand up for it. many people died when the Portuguese came and it is because they defend islam.
    they said we will die before even drink. but today? many people drink.
    we have no belief and morals.
    we have sinked.
    and now islam is going away and it will soon be only with few peoples.

    some people here on this site will be very happy then.

  40. Or so you all know the history after Islam came ? What happened before that ? Our life's were a lot more beautiful when you could walk in a small Island in a tropical country where our ancestors built temple and carved Idols and worshipped there. May be there were temple flowers all around. I so much wished to see that part of our life than this !

  41. what human rights are we talking about ? There is a mass killing happening in Myanma even now. All the muslims are getting killed by Non muslims and even the security forces are engaged in the mass murder.

    Where is UN and other international community and no one had ever raise a voice on this except saudi.

    Why UN is so much concerned about human rights in Maldives. This is because Nasheed had been telling them lies and also promising them that he will give religious freedom here in Maldives provided that he is in power .

    There is a reasonable ground to believe that UN human right commission is so much engaged in Maldives is for a reason and that reason is Anni and his lies.

  42. LOL mody you are another little Islander. Why would you worry about massacre in Burma and Myanmar which you cannot stop really. And the reason behind the massacres ?? RELIGION !! I'm not saying you should kill all the muslims. But religion does say they should hate other religions and kill others.. RELIGION yes.

  43. And what is your solution to solve the problem in Burma & Myanmar ? Kill all the Buddhist ?? GREAT !!

  44. @mody on Wed, 1st Aug 2012 12:01 AM

    "Where is UN and other international community and no one had ever raise a voice on this except saudi."

    Good God! Dude, don't you read history from time to time? I suggest you find time out of whatever it is that you do and do some independent studying about the world you live in.

    There's little to be gained by coming on here and going all emotional. You are preaching to an audience that cares zilch about what you have to say.

    Do you know about a little country called Bosnia? Were you aware of a massacre of Muslims in that country? Do you know who turned up to defend them? Were the Saudis involved? How loud was the voice of the Saudis then? Who lost their lives in order to save those Muslims from massacre? Care to do some research and find answers to these questions?

    You might, just might find that the world is a little different from what you are perceiving it to be. I don't hold much faith in you figuring this out though.

  45. @tsk tsk on Tue, 31st Jul 2012 3:34 AM

    "100 percent muslim is a construct."

    This is indeed the main problem! Giving the "100%" label is so easy when it comes to religion and only religion. Who decides that? What tests are carried out to verify this claim? Is there an international body of Muslims that provide this certification? It seems to me that its high time that we had this claim verified.

    The only problem is that this is nigh impossible. It's a bit like the uncertainly principle of physics. Only God can verify this "100%" claim and by that reasoning it's out of the reach of mere mortals to either make this claim or verify it.

    So, please stop spreading this non-sense regarding a mythical "100% muslim construct"!


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