Adhaalath claims tourists openly drinking alcohol, wearing bikinis on Hulhumale’ beach

The Adhaalath Party has complained that tourists have been wearing improper clothing and consuming alcohol on Hulhumale’ beach in public, and that the area was becoming “a place where Maldivian families cannot visit.”

The sale and consumption of alcohol is banned on inhabited islands. Resorts – and the airport hotel at Hulhule’ – are classified as ‘uninhabited’. As a result, the hedonistic concept of Western resort tourism has been able to peacefully coexist with the more conservative Islamic population on local islands. But the promotion of mid-market ‘guest house’ tourism on inhabited islands such as Hulhumale’ blurs the separation between the two.

“People who own beach front houses have developed guest houses in the area, and as a result tourists coming to the guest houses have started to use the Hulhumale’ beach they would aresort beach,’’ said the Adhaalath Party in statement. “They have been in the beach wearing clothes that do not properly cover their body, and are swimming likewise.’’

The Adhaalath Party cited “a reliable source” as claiming that tourists have been “putting up umbrellas and consuming alcohol under them on Hulhumale’ beach.”

The Party said that such things “should not occur on any of the inhabited islands of the Maldives.”

“It is not permissible under the law, religion or on social grounds,’’ said the party. ‘’It violates many rights of the Maldivians who visits the beach, when they see nudity and alcohol consumption.”

The party also said that it was “a serious issue” and that the concerned authorities should try and resolve.

Secretary General of the Maldives Association of Tourism Industry (MATI), ‘Sim’ Mohamed Ibrahim, acknowledged that such occurrences would be a challenge for mid-market tourism in the Maldives.

“The way it is currently structured is that alcohol is banned and there is a dress code for inhabited islands. Unless the regulations are changed – and I’m not saying they should be relaxed – tourist areas will need to be separated from local areas. In Male’ people cannot drink alcohol openly and nobody wears bikinis – it isn’t a problem.”

Ibrahim suggested that unless there were demarcated tourist areas, “there will always be these kinds of issues. It’s not an Adhaalath party issue or necessarily a religious issue – Western tourist dress is very different from traditional Maldivian dress.”

Separate tourist areas on inhabited islands would also be for the benefit of tourists’ privacy, he suggested. “They should be able to have a holiday in the Maldives, but they need privacy.”

Tourists, he agreed, should also be made more aware of Maldivian cultural traditions.

A UK national who lived in Hulhumale’ for a year until recently said she had not heard of foreigners living in Hulhumale’ using the beach in such a manner. But there were many new boutique hotel and guest house developments being constructed along the beach and there had been, she said, one instance of police being called after several tourists were seeing wearing bikinis “on a quiet corner of the beach.”

“Two foreign girls were also reported to police for wearing bikinis on the beach, but when police arrived they were wearing boardshorts and shirts,” she said.


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  1. Why is JJ not telling us about the police activites in Thulusdhoo and Shaviyani Atoll?

    The whole country is fixed on the news of the new coucillors and their work. I saw a picture of a policeman who was injured in confrontation with the public. There was blood on his face and some islanders who saw it fainted it seems.

    Minivan should tell us more about what is hot news. Not all the news that can criticise Islam.

  2. Seems Adhaalat gotta boner.

    Why can't they just leave other people alone. You don't see people complaining when they get into accidents not seeing fully camouflaged to the colors of the night.

    Maldives was a liberal sane minded nation before you (adhaalat) came promoting this new religion called Wahaabisham.

    Please leave our island and go have a sausage orgy with mountain tribes of Afghanistan

  3. I think the Adhalath Party should be banished to an island to practice what ever they want... I honestly can't understand the concept of mid market tourism if guests are not allowed to wear Bikini's on a beach destination. Maldives is blessed with beautiful beaches but cursed with the Adalath Party and it's ideology

  4. @ Jacob A. Johnson

    "Please leave our island and go have a sausage orgy with mountain tribes of Afghanistan."

    There is not ONE Jacob A. Johnson who can claim that he is a Maldivian. So what right do you have to say "our island"?

  5. How stupid can Adhaalath party get? IN Male', people are drinking openly, using drugs, raping, killing people.....why is this not a problem? Are there no families living in Male'? Or is Male' an uninhabited island as well?

    Adhaalath is just making use of utter bullshit like this to promote themselves as the saviors of Maldives.

  6. ’It violates many rights of the Maldivians who visits the beach, when they see nudity and alcohol consumption.”

    i thought nudity is not allowed even in resorts. above statment says people in Hulhumale see nudity. i think its a confusion. perhaps we need to define nudity here. i know we are at the end fighting with a word, semantics anyway. for adalath its nudity to see a women other than in a full burga.

  7. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I think it is a shame that this is even an issue. Wearing a bikini does not amount to nudism. Whilst I am aware that this may not be in keeping with Maldivian culture, I am concerned that the word 'bikini' was used but not 'trunks'. Does this imply that men can wear trunks or shorts on a beach but women cannot wear similar attire?

    Swimming and enjoying the sun on a beach is a very pleasurable activity and not something that can be enjoyed as much if wearing excessive clothing. It is natural for people to want to wear as little as decency allows, particularly when swimming. I accept that deep-seated cultural issues may prevent Maldivian ladies from exposing so much of their bodies but it's interesting that Maldivian men doing so is not unusual or frowned upon. I simply wish this was a matter of personal choice and freedom, regardless of gender.

    In this day and age with access to international TV channels and the internet, I am sure your country is exposed to images of people wearing bikinis and trunks (or less)on a regular basis. I do not, therefore, feel that exposure to such attire is new, shocking or corrupting. It certainly does not seem to warrant police intervention.

    On the subject of drinking, I would say that prohibition has been found to fail in most places in the world. I abhor the anti-social behaviour and drunkenness for which westerners, particularly my native British, have developed a reputation. However, I have never been to one of your resorts and experienced the staff being corrupted by the sight of foreigners drinking or wearing beach attire. If they were, would your government be consistent in their denigration of western influences and ban tourism to protect your people from our influence, or is the money we bring more important? Can you understand why I feel that governmental statements of this nature smack of hypocrisy?

    Banning alcohol has disastrous side effects, such as the drugs problems you are now experiencing. The addictive nature of drugs and the high criminality that necessarily accompanies the trade is far more dangerous to your culture than the sight of a woman's midriff on a beach. This is where your police should be concentrating their activities and not on the relatively harmless activity of sunbathing.

    Such attitudes as indicated in this story, are likely to offend westerners and perhaps encourage them to spend their tourist dollars on a holiday in a more liberal, and less sexist country.

  8. Are Adaalath members blind not to see people wearing the so called bikinis in Male streets. Speaking of bikinis we could see Maldivian girls bikini area with no obstruction at all while they are roaming on bikes. Its common to see girls with big boobs showing those nude stuffs every where in Maldives. If you say some thing in good intention tell the full story.

  9. A very long time ago, even Maldivian women wore very little by way of covering their bodies. So, infact, men and women were equal in their attire at some point in history.

    The problem we have now is, there is a very vocal minority of people who see everything as black and white.

    We never hear Adhaalath complaining or DOING anything about the drug crazed youth of this country. As Kevin points out, they pose the greatest danger to the country and not some bikini clad foreigner on a beach.

    When did common sense and reason ever get into the head of a "scholar"? It's very easy for Adhaalath to pick on tourists and their habits. They have no say about the hard social problems of the country, because they don't have the brain power or the desire to help sort out them.

  10. Hey, hey, all. this is the sort of comment frenzy news. so all the secularists and other nuts come out and fill the spaces with your blasphemous comments. comment on different names, so that your number will keep on raising. blame adhaalath, blame islam, blame maldivian laws & ways of life.. because that's the only reason why these type of articles are published by this minivan news. and this is the only reason why people like Mariyam Omidi, JJ Robinson, Neil Merrett are being imported by friends of maldives and other missionary organizations. so please secularists, dont disappoint them.


  12. "We never hear Adhaalath complaining or DOING anything about the drug crazed youth of this country"
    Drugs issue and the other social issues of Maldives are continuously addressed in friday sermons and other public sermons given by religious scholars of adhaalath.
    so all of you commenting, please dont try to hide the truth.

  13. for all of you who dont know what nudity is: just ask a common maldivian on the street, i bet hundred dollars that nearly everyone you ask will consider bikini and such clothing as nudity.

  14. @ Ahmed Bin Addu Bin Suvadheeb
    A very long time ago, all of us were naked (i.e when we were born) so with your mentality there is no need of clothing now also. The problem here is people like you do not have brain power to comprehend the things that come out of your mouth.

  15. to minivan news: so you find fault with everyone and you dont do anything wrong, right?
    In professional journalism, when you take someone elses work, credit is always given to its source. The picture you have posted along with this article is taken out from Adhaalath party website. was that mentioned? no!.. well this little thing may not be an issue, considering the one sidededness of all of your reporting. (blame everything on religion mentality) i dont think what you people are doing can be called as journalism even.

  16. Obviously people should stay away from these religious fanatics.

    The religious scholars don’t have anything to offer other than fear, hatred and bigamy. This applies to Adhaalath and all their Seykus.

    If they come to power Maldives will be doomed (any country will be doomed if they have a religious extremist party to govern them).

    Religion needs to be progressive. Unless people realise this these extremists will be blaming West & America for everything.

  17. we dont want want to see drunk, semi-nude tourists roaming around Hulhumale beach when we go their with our wife, kids and family during weekends.
    All thanks to Adhaalath for bringing this issue to the public.

  18. @ ADHD

    "I want to wear a bikini. Can i?"
    Yes. But only for medicinal purposes. And make sure it is flourscent green and has the same cut as the one Borat has. Your ADHD will also be cured by this revolutionary treatment.

  19. Adhaalath party should find something better to do than look for tiny details in other peoples beautiful lives. They should try to learn and have fun from the these people rather. Try to think positive than complaining. Then people will start listening to your issues.

  20. why are Maldives family jelous they cannot wear bikins and drink alcohol? very sad.

  21. During President Ameen's time Faru Kolhu Fushi (in Hulhumale Lagoon) was used as a "picnic island" by the first President of Maldives with plenty of Maldivian ladies visiting the island together with the President on a regular basis.

    The Second President of Maldives - Nasir allowed "Club Nature" (a nudist club) to operate on the same island.

    Former dictator Gayyoom expanded the tourism industry by bringing in hundreds of thousands of foreigners into the country but kept a policy in place to segregate the tourists from the "pure" Maldivians lest they be contaminated by Western Culture.

    At the same time, Gayyoom introduced drugs, large scale prostitution and gang violence including routine murder which is now a way of life for the 100% Muslims "holy" Maldivians.

    Before Gayyoom came into power he was arrested by the Former President Nasir for proclaiming that "anyone who sells liquor is equally participating in a sin as the one who drinks alcohol". This was considered as a criticism of President Nasir who had introduced Tourism and gave permission for sale of liquor and pork in the Maldives (for tourists in the resorts).

    Gayyoom served a banishment sentence for his utterance, but was quick to steer away from his views when he became the President.

    Before being forced out of office, Gayyoom gave permission to set up Tourist Guest House in inhabited islands and the same policy is being continued by President Nasheed.

    Naturally, you can make all the rules you want, but you can't enforce these kinds of rules to require people to wear certain types of clothes in certain places and restrict the tourists. When you start hounding tourists it will have a negative impact on the tourism industry as the word will spread that Maldives is getting more and more intolerant due to spread of extremism. People at large will not be able distinct the fact that the restrictions of "bikinis" is applicable only in inhabited islands.

    If the government and the people of this country want to segregate tourism and the Maldivians then they should decide what they want instead of harassing the tourists. It is the norm for people in other countries to wear bikinis and shorts at the beach. Nudism may be banned but you can't ban tourists from wearing shorts and bikinis at the beach IF you are allowing inhabited islands to have guest houses and hotels. The only way to enforce this would be to ban tourist guest houses in inhabited islands. Dow want to go back to those days?

    The Mullahs of this country are real hypocrites. They seem to be trapped in a type warp whilst the world has progressed.

    Don't they know that a large percentage of Maldivians are hooked big time on porn from the internet? Do the Mullahs know that in an interconnected world we can't keep this country in isolation in name?

    The Mullahs do not see the wide spread of prostitution, murder, theft, child abuse, polygamy, rape, adultery, drugs, child labor, incest and all similar crimes and SINS OF THE WORST KIND amongst these so-called 100% Muslims of the Maldives.

    Before being shocked by seeing fair skinned women wearing bikinis on Hulhumale Beach, Adhaalath and the like should look at the local population who are immersed in big time sins.

  22. Typo corrections to my above post:-

    para 5 from last:

    last sentence to read as "Do we want to go back to those days?"

    para 4 from last:

    last sentence to read as "They seem to be trapped in a Time Warp whilst the world has progressed:


  23. JJ is a very biased journalist. Good job Adhaalath. You are right. I think the tourists have enough freedon in their resorts. They don't need to come on local islands to get naked and drunk.

  24. @ Waldraw

    religion offers two things, i.e the glad tidings of paradise for those who follow it and warnings of hell for those who neglect it. Thats basically what our religious scholars are doing; conveying that message.

    so, with a ruling religious party Maldives will be doomed?

    what about now? corruption is rampant, crimes like murder, theft, rape, etc. are being committed on broad day light. there is no security, no freedom, no honest judiciary, no working parliament, and a government that cant deliver & a power hungry opposition. In short, this resembles a failed state.

    are we any better being governed by a non-religious (and in some cases openly anti-religious) party? the answer is no.

    Islam is from God, who created everything and who knows everything. The solution to all our problems lie in it. it is comprehensive and complete in which there is nothing to be added or omitted. and your idea of a progressive religion is a myth. because islam as a religion is compatible with all times.

  25. @ ilyas ahmed
    the fact that you are addicted to internet porn doesnt mean the whole Maldives is "hooked to porn". the way some people think is totally twisted and pathetic!!

  26. @logic Your argument has a little merit, but I would suggest there is a huge difference between the two comparisons. In France it was felt by the indigenous population that the wearing of the hijab was hindering integration of Muslims not just visiting France on holiday but of those wishing to settle in that country. France still allows their guests to worship freely and openly. When The Maldives allows similar freedoms for its guests then maybe your argument would have more credibility.

    @Maldivian When a host invites a paying guest into their home it smacks of double standards to say we welcome your money, but don't expect us to like or tolerate what you represent. For instance if you came to my house I would not insist you eat pork or refrain from praying simply because I like pork and am an atheist - especially if you were paying to enter. If you had character traits that I found so abhorrent I wouldn't want you in the company of my wife and children then I would not invite you in the first place. It would be rather disingenuous of me to invite you into my house, take your money and then speak rudely about the way you dress behind your back. All races and cultures have traits that are incompatible with others. I try to see beyond those characteristics and enjoy the diversity, contrast and variety that different cultures bring into my sphere of experience.

  27. @ Ilyas Ahmed
    prostitution, murder, theft, child abuse, rape, adultery, drugs, child labor, incest and all similar crimes and SINS OF THE WORST KIND are being committed in Maldives.
    But who are committing these sins?? The facts on the ground shows that they are generally committed by non-religious, anti-religious, religiously misguided, secularists.
    so it is those who commit these sins who are at fault and not anyone else. and whats the police doing about it? Are "Mullahs" the police, to stop all crimes?
    the religious in the country are doing everything they can to stop it, withing their limit. They are the ones holding lectures, sermons, demonstrations about the evil in the society. All the friday sermons tackle the social problems. In some parts of maldives there are even grass root door to door advisory campaigns.
    so blaming "Mullahs" as you call them for all the troubles shows your hypocrisy.
    Tell me, what have the secularists done about the problems you have mentioned? nothing, except being involved in them

  28. adhaalath again proves they are not an organisation to be taken seriously. no one likes a tattle-tale.

  29. All comments are valid, Adhaalath is right, the so-called secularists are right. I propose a middle ground, which you can call a win-win situation. How about we get a consultant from Morroco to design a crossbreed of burka and bikini for wearing in islands that have a mix of locals and tourists. We can call it burkini.

  30. I agree wholeheartedly with Adhaalath that Hulhumale' is fast becoming a place that Maldivian families cannot visit.

    Every Friday is like a Prisoner's Day Out. Hundreds of women, who look as if they have just got out fast on a one way plane from Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia, swarm the beaches in Hulhumale'. The poor souls wade into the water in full black from head to toe, a risk to themselves and others wrapped up so much in black fabric in 34 degrees heat.

    Men, I presume their husbands, or their Male Guardian for the Beach, accompany them. Even on the beach, the women are dutifully cooking and cleaning for these men, or running after the children while The Man relaxes and laps it all up.

    This is not what we are used to seeing on a Maldivian beach where Before Adhaalath, it was the women who led the charge, the women who made the majaa, the women who played and screamed and shouted and had FUN.

    Having women on Maldivian beaches who are wrapped in black is far more alien a sight to me than the occasional bikini that someone puts on.

    I avoid the beach on a Friday now because I, as a Maldivian, do not feel at home seeing what has been done to our women in the name of religion.

    For once, Adhaalath and I are in full agreement - Hulhumale' beach has indeed become a place unfit for Maldivian families. Maldives itself is becoming a place unfit for Maldivians - an annex of Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan.

    Please don't try and pass this off as 'Maldivian culture'. If Adhaalath and other Islamists expect us to tolerate what we see being passed off as 'Maldivian' on the beaches of Hulhumale', they should have enough tolerance to turn a blind eye to the occasional tourist in a bikini.

    If the bikini is to be banned on the beach, so should the full burugaa. Neither is 'Maldivian'.

  31. What the heck?

    Adaalath : When you want to cover your wives, you ask them to be in a letter box, you dont ask the rest of the community to wear blindfolds.

    If you dont want to see, dont look. If you dont want to hear dirty words, dont go into market area, and dont watch parliamentary TV channel.

  32. @ Ibrahim Yasir

    The tourists didn't suddenly "Go" to Hulhumale.

    It is the Government and the Maldivian people who wanted to make guest houses in in inhabited islands and "BROUGHT" the tourists to islands like Hulhumale.

    And now, some people amongst are feeling offended to see the tourists swimming at the beach etc. when it was obvious on day one that this will happen.

    So don't blame the tourists or harass them. Blame yourselves if you will. You can't have it both ways my dear hypocrites.

  33. Another thing, since it is women who wear bikinis and there’s nothing wrong with men’s swimming costumes, however much of ‘stuff’ they reveal, female tourists should be banned from visiting the beach. These awful Westerners are trying to corrupt our morally right society. I think the men have ceased being real men and are abdicating their duties of thrashing wives who misbehave. To think of it, we should teach them that women need to be beaten time to time so as to behave. We know that there is a basis for that and there is etiquette so let those women of loose morals receive some beating

  34. i love girls with bikini >_> hehehe
    who does NOT hehehe
    i bet u ahdaalathu people get too horny
    i know i have seen u all >_> hehe ^_^

  35. What everyone including foreigners should understand is that the Law is the Law. IF it says it is forbidden to consume alcohol and dress "inappropriately" then so be it. It is the Law of the land that has to be upheld.

    I have seen and experienced enough stringent laws in this world. In NZ and Australia, no one is allowed to import even a half eaten apple for reasons THEY feel important to their country's well being. Actor Hilary Swank was fined 187$ for not declaring that she had fruit (half eaten apple and an orange) in her hand luggage.

    All am saying is that laws are laws, and they are made for reasons that are deemed important to that particular country.

  36. *I meant Hilary Swank was fined in New Zealand for not declaring she had raw fruit in her hand bag.

  37. @ fantastic

    "religion offers glad tidings of paradise"

    And Paradise equals to fulfillment of Arab Bedouin fantasies ie: flowing rivers of wine (alcohol) and as many virgins (paradise women) as one desires. And to live partying for eternity

    So yes, don't drink alcohol now and don't touch women now except your allowed quota of 4 (who shall be wrapped in black from head to day) and wait for the party to begin when you die.

    Rather weird don't you think?

  38. my comment 10:05

    typo correction who shall be wrapped in black from head to toe

  39. The Adhaalath and other Mullahs should realize that westerners come here for getting 'tan' and hence they wear shorts or bikinis. As for their drinking, they are used to drinking beer and wine - it is part of their culture and life. Being a tourist country, we should provide best facilities to tourists to make them comfortable. In fact selling of liquor to non-muslims should be allowed like it is in UAE.

  40. I wonder why no one in Adhaalath has given their "religious" views regarding the recent webcam incidents.

  41. Believe or not the best solution to Maldives drug problem lies by making alcohol available freely. Drug by comparison is more dangerous.
    But Adaalaath Mullahs don't mind the suffering of the nation under the influence of drug abuse. I don't understand why Mullahs have declared war on alcohol and women in Bikini. statistically Maldives ranks no.1 with more drug addicts in relation to its population than any other country on earth.

    Adaalaath! You had better do something useful for the nation than grumbling about a couple of women in bikini on the beach.

  42. No other religion in Maldives .... except Islam.

    We are Muslims and we do not want to see the so called WESTERN LIFESTYLE in our land.

    These racist white cloured foreghners must leave our country to us and leave now!!!!

    Why I say RACIST is because they feel and say that they are the best and we poor asians does not know anything.

  43. @ Ainthu 02.01 AM

    I have bad news for you. The statistics etc. are available at Dhiraagu and Raajje Online (the only two internet service providers in Maldives) to show exactly how much porn is downloaded from the internet on a daily basis and how many hours people are spending surfing porn sites on the internet.

    You will be amazed to know how wide wide spread it is from Ha. Kelaa in the North to Gan in Addu. Maldivians are busy consuming so much porn that a large percentage of the revenue for the internet service providers is directly from this.

    What do you say to this? Deny? No amount of self-denial can hide the fact that the majority of the Maldivian population are enjoying the very sins that they publicly condemn. If you have ever visited Colombo or Bangkok you will see that 75% of the Maldivians visiting these cities are spending most of their nights at night clubs drinking and womanizing. Everyone knows this but no one will publicly acknowledge it.

    Such are the ways of the hypocrites.

  44. @ Fathun 2.31 AM

    The Mullahs are only obsessed with women and liquor especially women. Ninety percent of the time the Mullahs preach how women should dress to prevent the lust of men. I guess they are talking about themselves.

    The Mullahs have never really raised their voices against drugs. A far as rape is concerned it's always the fault of woman (in the eyes of the Mullahs).

    When did you ever hear a Mullah criticize murder and gang violence? Never!

    The Mullahs have been brain washed to hate western culture during their indoctrination in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and other God-forsaken istans.

    So the only time they are fully charged is when there is anything to rant against the west. Then you will hear the fire and brim gushing out from their mouths as if the whole world has collapsed on our heads.

  45. @ Ilyas Ahmed

    "Before being shocked by seeing fair skinned women wearing bikinis on Hulhumale Beach, Adhaalath and the like should look at the local population who are immersed in big time sins."

    Why "before"?
    And how do you know that Adhaalat and the like have not looked at the "local population who are immersed in big time sins"?

  46. piss piss piss ....i think all of you have lost how and what life is all about .. he want this they want that . danm .. i better look for another place

  47. A bikini clad tourist enjoying in a secluded beach in Hulhumale' is not an issue for me but consuming alcohol is.


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