MNDF “symbol of holiness of our nation”: President Waheed

President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan has pledged to improve the welfare of Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) personnel and their families as part of commitments to strengthen the nation’s security forces.

Sections of the country’s police and defence forces have come under criticism during the last few months from opposition politicians and their supporters over the alleged role both institutions played in bringing the new government to power.

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) claims that Mohamed Nasheed, the country’s first democratically elected president, was removed under “duress” on February 7 by mutinous elements within the police and MNDF following weeks of protests across the capital of Male’ over the detention of a chief judge accused of corruption.

Despite the allegations, local media reported yesterday that President Waheed praised the ongoing role of the military in protecting the nation by land, sea and air.  His government was also said to have committed to “strengthen and develop” the role of security forces across the nation, claiming that a “large majority” of the public supported the military’s work on the transfer of power on February 7.

“MNDF is our country’s protective shield. They are the symbol of holiness of our nation. So every child who loves God and this country should be proud of the valuable services of MNDF,” Sun Online reported President Waheed as saying.

Aside from national defence, the MNDF is also charged with overseeing the nation’s fire-fighters and coastguard.

Last week, Addu City Mayor Abdulla Sodig said the MNDF’s southern command had been “very supportive” during the last few years in helping to maintain water supplies to the region amidst concerns over shortages.

“Ongoing process”

The President’s Office told Minivan News today that government commitments to strengthen the MNDF were actually an ongoing process put in place in 2008 to decentralise the military into four regional command structures.

The government also claimed that scrutiny of the role played by the military during February’s controversial transfer of power represented a “minority view” of the public at large.

President Waheed’s latest commitments to bolster the military were made during a speech delivered to graduates of the MNDF’s 57th basic training course.

The speech discussed the expansion of the military throughout the country with the establishment of four area commands designed to try and bring its services “closer to the people.”

Dr Waheed also talked of the three major principles he believed were the foundation of a “true soldier”: staying firm to Islamic principles, providing selfless national service and maintaining the rule of law, according to the President’s Office.  To this end, the president urged soldiers during the graduation ceremony to stand by their oaths, “loyally and unwaveringly”.

President’s Office spokesperson Abbas Adil Riza said that the president’s comments were made in relation to an “ongoing process” of reforming the military started back in 2008.

“Under the constitution we have been implementing a process of decentralisation with these four commands, such as with the northern command and southern command. The president’s comments were based on these same commitments,” he said.

Last month however, former President Mohamed Nasheed criticised the present government of having “squandered” funds assigned for development and healthcare on direct payments to police and military officers.

“More than Rf 150 million (US$10 million) has been spent on police promotions. Another Rf 150 million (US$10 million) has been spent giving MNDF [Maldives National Defense Force] officers two years of allowances in a lump sum,” he said at the time.

“Another Rf 50 million (US$3.3 million) has been spent repairing the damage to police headquarters. It was the police officers who staged the coup who vandalised the place and threw chairs and computers from the building’s windows. When this money has been wasted, we cannot accept it when they say there is no money for [the Aasandha health scheme].”

Constitutional role

However, Abbas rejected accusations that sections of the MNDF had helped overthrow the Nasheed government, claiming that soldiers acted as was required of them under the constitution.

“A minority may hold a particular view about the security forces, but the majority of the pubic maintain the belief that the MNDF are the defenders of our nation. There is not division within the public concerning the military’s role” he claimed. “President Waheed has yesterday continued to state that he will not be asking the MNDF to follow an unconstitutional orders.”


16 thoughts on “MNDF “symbol of holiness of our nation”: President Waheed”

  1. “Symbol of holiness of our Nation”
    - holier than the Holy Crow?

  2. Sure they have to be a symbol of holiness for you sir after all it was their blessings that has enhanced you to be a Bhagee President. Why then should you not speak so loudly and show your gratitude. More over it is a safe way of you remaining in power. This is the way you inflate people and gain support.You will allow them

  3. Good Good Good.

    Very well done.

    I fully support this.

    Why not? Arabian camels have also hit a pot of platinum, with their 'holy' stories of medieval times...

  4. thats not what he said Mr. Merrett. Where are your professional standards of reporting?

  5. Believing and relying on the army is one of the central tenets of Maldivian Islam which is a faith and religion that is forced down the throats of ordinary Maldivians by force.

    Because Maldivian Islam is so authoritarian in content and style, it is a useful instrument to keep the people down at a very low level of civilisation.

    Dr (what?) Waheed must pay homage to the army daily. Without the army's fire-power, Waheed & Co would not be where they are today.

    In nearly 2600 years of nationhood, the Maldives has not developed beyond the basics of nationhood. It remains intolerant, fanatic and unjust. The way it is, Maldives hardly deserves to be called a nation in the modern world.

    People cannot become modern simply by wearing trousers and being computer literate, and running tourist resorts. To be modern, we must have the rule of law, respect for human rights, and equally for all before the law.

    The titular head of anti-Mohamed Nasheed -uprising is his former vice-president Mohamed Waheed. Mohamed Waheed's presence at the head of Maldivian Executive, as President, is a permanent reminder to me of the failure of Mohamed Nasheed, failure of Mohamed Waheed, and the failure of the Maldivian nation itself, in its present manifestation.

  6. No matter who is the president but MNDF are always protecting the nation and they are doing the rightful duty according to thier oath.

    Niether MNDF no police are required to obey or follow the order that were illegal and that is the cause of the fall the dictator Anni.

    Anni is a dictator and he is a traitor and he had robbed this country .

  7. What the hell this country needs military for when they have no enemies? Who would want to invade Maldives with India next door? This country will always be poverty stricken... we leave it to rot..

  8. What is the use of some thugs with baton and bullets? To protect some crazy guys who think they are chosen one and special or to enforce some crazy ideas some believe is right. Can these guys protect us if we are really in trouble either by foreign force or from rising sea? What bunch of crazy people are the Fish People? The Maldives have been living without any of this crazy mafia bands when we were left alone with our affairs. If there is no governments and nor force to protect them we are better off. These are all creation of dictator Gayoom. We have to dismantle all that and look for freedom from these terrorists. Maldives is a place on earth we call paradise, it should be left as it is without bringing all manmade ideologies and institution. It is a place that you can’t institutionalize based on capitalism or any other ism where you have no capital to capitalize, The paradise should be left for it is inhabitants to roam freely to exercise anything they wish and not be disturbed by influences that disharmonize their livelihoods and way of life they have lived for centuries.

  9. We don't need an army. Waheed needs it to beat us up and protect himself.! Bring in bribes and we are back to the old dictatorship. The MNDF has ONLY EVER BEEN PROPERLY USED AGAINST IT'S OWN PEOPLE in the Maldives. Think of how much poverty that money could have replaced?

  10. "They are the symbol of holiness of our nation".

    Let me get this right. Bits of coral that stuck out of the Indian Ocean have become "holy"? I like to have some of that spliff that Waheed is smoking!

  11. Mode you are defending a coup president and calling a democratically elected president a dictator. Kindly educated yourself first before talking about things you are so ignorant about.

  12. Its so sad that some people are so IGNORANT and think that Nasheed was a traitor and robbed the country. Maumoon also robbed he has enough assets all over the world.You need to find about that then rate who ids the bigger rogue, first the fools must understand if they are able to express themselves today so openly they should thank ANNI who brought Democracy to freely express what they feel, unlike the past when Mr. Maumoon had the mouths of people shut and had to tolerate all his nonsense, remember if you ever uttered a word at the time of Maumoon you would have to say good bye for ever and you were banished. What short term memory for people. More over it looks that some people never believe in democracy but only driven with the whip to do things, they like to be told to do things this is pathetic. Wake up young men and act like men not like women, here the women have more courage, shame on you who comment on Anni.

  13. @Micheal is right. This country does not qualify to be a nation. UN, EU, CW, Asean African Unities are for countries. Not for an African Tribe with a "BUNGA BUNJA" king and dancing tribe men with their hunting sticks like us.
    Get out of UN. leave CW. Even Gazzaafee surviced. why not our president Waheed? He too can have his 30 years when he have all his supporters.

  14. Heh! Heh!
    MNDF, symbol of holiness of our land!

    Waheed or Abbas can think they can fool all the people all the time!

    Live telecasts of events of 6th, 7th and the 8th are still in our memory, and is a constant nightmare!

    How can this over stuffed Abbas claim MNDF were not involved in the coup!

    No need trying gimmicks! It was a coup and Waheed and Abbas are a part of it!

    Ask the PR firm for another gimmick!


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