Letter on Hulhumale’ Hospital

Mr President,

I am writing you, Mr President, to inform you about the death of a student of Grade 9 at Ghaazy School Hulhumale’ on August 9, 2010.

According to the student’s parents, the student attended Hulhumale’ Hospital with severe chest pain on August 8, 2010. A doctor (an Indian national) prescribed medicines and sent her away without doing any of the investigations which are usually done by good doctors.

Since all chest pains are NOT normal, this doctor should have referred her to the physician who is also working at Hulhumale’ Hospital. But this doctor neither referred her to that physician nor did any investigation like an ECG or blood tests, from which a physician could normally identify whether it was a chest pain related to gas in the stomach or a heart-related problem.

So, therefore, I would like to inform you Mr President, that this is a problem which has to be solved without any further delay. I also like to mention that this is a very sad story, and that many people who seek medical treatment at this hospital feel that some doctors and nurses are so careless that they recently gave an expired injection (which was sold by a pharmacy) to a young child without noticing that it was expired. This means neither the pharmacist nor the nurse noticed that it was already expired.

This is not something we can correct by investing additional money BUT we can easily with proper supervision of the hospital manager. For this hospital it is much, much easier to solve such problems because the hospital manager is both a manager and a medical doctor.

Mr President, this email is intended to inform you about what is really happening in our beloved country so that our beloved President could keep it in mind even with the very tight and very busy, VERY IMPORTANT engagements at this critical time.


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