Maldives Decides 2013 – select a candidate

: C-

Candidate 1
Gasim Ibrahim

Candidate 2
Dr Mohamed Waheed

Candidate 3
Abdulla Yameen

Candidate 4
Mohamed Nasheed

Final results from November 16 run-off

Abdulla Yameen, Progressive Party of the Maldives: 51.39 percent (111,203)

Mohamed Nasheed, Maldivian Democratic Party: 48.61 percent (105,181)

Total voter turnout was 91.41 percent (218,621).

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Official results from the November 9 revote

MDP: 96,764 (46.93%) +1.48% on Sept 7 (+1535 votes)
PPM: 61,278 (29.72%) +4.38% on Sept 7 (+8196 votes)
JP: 48,131 (23.34%) -0.73% on Sept 7 (-2291 votes)

Total votes cast were 208,504 of which 2331 were deemed void, leaving a total of 206,173 valid votes out of 239,105 eligible voters.

Annulled first round (September 7) results

Gasim Ibrahim – 50,422 (24.07%)

Mohamed Waheed – 10,750 (5.13%)

Abdulla Yameen – 53,099 (25.35%)

Mohamed Nasheed – 95,224 (45.45%)

Invalid votes – 2395 (1.1%)

Valid votes – 209,495

Total votes – 211,890 (88.44% turnout)

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Election stats – updated November 8, 2013

  • November 9 is the third attempt at the presidential election, two days before the expiry of the presidential term. A run-off will be held the day after on November 10 if no candidate reaches 50 percent.
  • The number of eligible voters for the November 9 polls is 239,105, while 239,153 are registered for the November 10 run-off.
  • The first round of the election was held on September 7, 2013. To win, a candidate required ’50 percent plus one’ votes
  • As no candidate won the first round, the Elections Commission was to hold a run-off election between the top two candidates, Nasheed and Yameen, on September 28. This was put on hold due to an indefinite injunction from the Supreme Court, in a case submitted by Gasim Ibrahim.
  • The Supreme Court ultimately annulled the first round in a controversial 4:3 decision. The repeat of the first round is scheduled to take place on October 19.
  • The revote on October 19 was obstructed by police, after Yameen and Gasim refused to sign the voter registry.
  • 239,593 people were registered to vote for the September 7 poll, a 15 percent increase (31,000 people) on 2008’s 209,294 eligible voters.
  • 65,745 of these were registered to vote at a location other than their home island, however the Supreme Court on October 10 ordered the re-registration process be repeated.
  • Registration can be easily checked using the EC’s 1414 SMS system (text 1414 in the format ‘VIS [National ID #]’, or by visiting
  • Voter turnout in the 2008 Presidential Election was 85 percent in the first round, and 86 percent in the second round.