Police arrest Laamu drug dealer

Police have arrested a man in Laamu atoll Mathimaradhu in relation to drug trafficking.

Police claimed that Hassan ‘Achan’ Yoosuf was a major player in the drug trade for Laamu Atoll, and believed to control more than 50% of the drug trade in the atoll.

Sub-Inspector Ahmed Azhan of the Drug Investigation Department said police have been keeping tabs on Yoosuf for “quite some time now.”

Police said when Yoosuf was apprehended he tried to dispose of some packets that were in his possession, which were later confirmed to be 50 grams of narcotics.

Azhan said that Yoosuf’s arrest was a huge step forward in the fight against drugs.


Police sieze 65 bottles of vodka in raid

An Indian worker residing in Male’ has been arrested in possession of alcohol.

According to Sub-Inspector Ahmed Azhan of the Drug Investigation Department, a raid was conducted on a suspected alcohol brewing and distribution operation. The Indian man, only known as Shibu, was found with 65 bottles of alcohol that police have identified as vodka.

Police are now working to identify the man as he had no passport or other means of identification on him, and believe him to be in the country illegally.


Drugs found in air freighted vegetables

Customs authorities have seized narcotics packed into vegetable cases on a cargo flight from India on 6 December.

Two cases of vegetables had the drugs attached to the sides. One of the cases contained 1.04 kg of cannabis and the other contained 0.7 kg of heroine.

Police said they have arrested a man in connection with the crime, Ali Ashlah Rashaadh, who has previous drug convictions.