VP tours Thiladhummathi atoll

Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed participated in Eid celebrations in South Thiladhummathi atoll Kulhudhufushi on Saturday as part of his tour of the atoll.

In the morning, Waheed visited houses on the island and exchanged Eid greetings with residents before visiting the regional hospital where he spoke to health officials about swine flu and their preparedness to address the issue.

The vice president also visited Nolhivaramfaru and observed the house building activities on the island and Nolhivaram where he laid a foundation stone of Huvaas Club, a community development organisation on the island.

Waheed arrived in the atoll on Friday and visited Hanimaadhoo. After Friday prayers, he met with locals and exchanged Eid greetings.


Educational radio channel to open

Educational radio channel, I-radio, operated by the ministry of education began a test run last week, Miadhu reports.

The channel will be broadcast from 10am to 12pm on weekdays.

The educational development centre at the ministry has advised all those working in education to listen to the channel.

The channel, which will be officially launched on Thursday, is a joint project between the ministry of education, commonwealth of learning and a Malaysian institution.


Maldives Minister meets Saudi King at Hajj

The Maldivian Minister of Islamic Affairs Dr. Abdul Majeed Abdul Baaree has met with the King of Saudi Arabia Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz.

Miadhu reports that Baaree offered Eid greetings to King Abdulluh of behalf of the Maldivian people and president Mohamed Nasheed.

Baaree is currently attending the Hajj with pilgrims from the Maldives, who are currently in Mina. All the Maldives pilgrims are expected to make it to Arafat, he told Miadhu, and should begin to return next week.


Swine flu clinic opens

The government has established a temporary hospital in Nassandhura to treat people suspected of having swine flu, after doctors at Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) were swamped with patients, reports Miadhu.

The health ministry said the temporary out patient department, set up in an old hotel, would provide free treatment including the antiviral drug Tamiflu that is believed to be effective in preventing the H1N1 virus.

The Nassadhura facility will also be equipped to test patients for the virus.

The World Health Organisation reports that over 1000 people a week are dying from the virus.


Gang mugging nets over US$30,000

A man was robbed of over US$30,000 by a gang who attacked him at the Gadiburu roundabout near Orchid Magu on Wednesday evening, Miadhu reports.

Police said the gang severely injured the victim with a sharp object before robbing him of Mrf 4 lakh and escaping.

The incident is the second large robbery to occur recently. Last month a gang of four attacked two men with iron rods, and stole a bag containing MRF 7,62,700 (US$60,000). The four men were arrested following an investigation, including an under age boy.


Tourist tests positive for swine flu

A Japanese tourist who arrived in the Maldives on Monday has tested positive for the H1N1 virus, according to the ministry of health and family.

The ministry said the 26-year-old man was taken to ADK hospital after arriving on a Sri Lankan Airlines flight and is now quarantined on Hulhule’.

The man is the fourth confirmed case of swine flu in the country.


MJA offer journalism scholarships

The Maldives Journalist Association (MJA) has announced that it will provide two scholarships next year to pursue journalism degrees at the Asian College of Journalism School at Chennai, India. The association secured the scholarships following discussions with the Indian High Commission.

The High Commission said tuition fees, accomodation and food will be provided by the college.

MJA has announced that applicants for the one year course should submit CVs and cover letters before 25 October.


Police to join peacekeeping missions

The police service will have the opportunity to join world peacekeeping and humanitarian missions following natural disasters or terrorist attacks.

The expansion of the role of law enforcement agencies around the world was set down in a series of agreements signed at the 78th Interpol General Assembly on Monday.

The agreements will strengthen cooperation between member countries, allowing them to improve training and share information.

A press release on the police website says the opportunity will allow countries like the Maldives to benefit from stronger ties and better cooperation.

Over 800 delegates from 150 countries attended the signing ceremony. Police Commissioner Ahmed Faseeh and Home Minister Mohamed Shihab attended the event which ends today.