Foreign criticism of court verdicts tantamount to criticism of Islam, says president

President Abdulla Yameen has compared allowing international actors to criticise the Supreme Court and its verdicts as being similar to allowing people to criticise the tenets of Islam.

“This is a message I am giving especially to President Nasheed [former President Mohamed Nasheed]. If you want to maintain the eminence, dignity and sovereignty of the Maldives, do not allow foreign entitities to criticise the final verdicts released from the courts of law.”

“If you allow them to do so, you are giving them the freedom to criticise the Islamic tenets that we have amongst us,” Yameen stated, speaking at a political rally held in the island of Fuvahmulah on Wednesday night.

The president’s comments come shortly after international actors roundly condemned the Supreme Court’s decision to dismiss senior members of the Elections Commission ahead of Saturday’s (March 22) Majlis elections.

Calling on Nasheed to stop criticising the judiciary, Yameen stated that this government will not create commissions to investigate events that occurred in the past.

He further stated that the ruling Progressive Party of Maldives will not try to ‘mete out punishments’ to general members of the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party.


4 thoughts on “Foreign criticism of court verdicts tantamount to criticism of Islam, says president”

  1. Err...No it does not. Supreme court is not one of the tenets of Islam, the last time I checked the Quran and Hadith and Sunnah! Trying to fool the Maldivians again into thinking that the judges are angels, eh Yaantey? More like porn stars! hahahaha

  2. Classical example of using Islam for the political gains of a person,next what Islam makes him a prophet

  3. Breaking news: "Having sex with prostitutes is now the sixth pillar of Islam." - Yaameen.


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