Criminal Court concludes hearings in to Jadhulla Jameel’s case

The Criminal Court has concluded the hearings in to the manager of J Alidhoo resort Jadhulla Jameel in a case where he was charged with refusing to provide a urine sample to police.

On November 16, Jadhulla was arrested while he was in Hondaidhoo island, an uninhabited island owned by Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP Abdulla Jabir.

Along with Jadhulla, MDP MPs Jabir, Hamid Abdul Ghafoor and senior figures of MDP were arrested that day. Police officers discovered alcohol and hash oil during the raid.

Newspaper Sun Online reported that the last hearing of the case was held at the Criminal Court today, where the Prosecutor General’s Office and Jadhulla’s defense was given the opportunity to provide concluding statements.

According to Sun, the PG’s lawyers today told the court that the witnesses and evidence produced by the state show that Jadhulla refused to provide his urine sample for testing.

The state lawyers also responded to claims made by Jadhulla that the police did not show him the official document required when requesting such a sample, arguing that when police tried to show him the document he had responded by telling officers he did not want to look at anything they had to show him.

Jadhulla’s defense lawyers told the court that there were contradictions in the witness statements.