Dead body found on Hulhumale’

Police have reported the discovery of dead body lying on a street in Hulhumale’ at 4:45am early on Tuesday morning.

The police identified the body as 19 year-old Mohamed Shahud Nazim, of Mercury House in Maafannu Ward, Male’.

In a statement, police said doctors at the hospital had told police that he was dead when he was brought to the hospital.

According to police, two men were standing next to the body when is was discovered. Police said the two men were intoxicated and were arrested.

The police have not yet confirmed the cause of the death, however, local media have reported the man’s family as stating that he died of a heart attack.


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  1. The address M.Markary House is MDP MP Kubaas hous I thing one of them is been arrest with shuna eva with saunaa seems to be the boy friend who is also been arrested from the same adress Markary Hause


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