Girl sexually harassed in toilet of Hulhumale’ ferry terminal

A young girl was sexually harassed inside the toilet of Hulhumale’ ferry terminal in Male’ on Tuesday night, according to Sun Online.

According to ‘Sun’, the girl was seen walking outside the ferry terminal crying, and called a family member.

Police were called to area  but the man had already fled, Sun reported.

No arrest was made in connection with the case, however the matter is under investigation.


4 thoughts on “Girl sexually harassed in toilet of Hulhumale’ ferry terminal”

  1. Sun also reported that two men were arrested for having gay sex. Consensual sex must be a bigger crime than forced sex.

  2. It'll be interesting if the reports of harassment or violence against women mention the choice of the girl's dressing. It is believed that Islamic dress code averts harassment or sexual assault.

    All the same it is time for both genders to realise the need for respect to each other to lead a life free from violation of one's rights to life, person and property. Males should not think of women as sex objects. They have equal rights as do men to enjoy a life without interference by men.

  3. Given the corrupt Police Force and our chuvanistic fed Islamic thinking teaches our men and women that a girl's dress wear is to be blamed if she gets harassed or raped, it will be a wonder if this girl gets any justice at all. In fact, I'm sure a few weeks from now, no one would even remember this. Isn't that how the world works? And we would be talking about another girl who was harassed or raped or abused.

    We need this issue to be truly brought to the forefront and actions that have substance be taken so that the social fabric that allows and perpetrates these actions to happen in the first place be changed.


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