JSC Committee investigating Supreme Court Justice’s sex tape meets with police

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC)’s committee investigating the alleged sex tape of Supreme Court Justice Ali Hameed yesterday met with police.

The local media reported that police and JSC had not provided any details of the meeting.

A committee consisting of JSC Vice Chair Abdulla Didi, commission members Latheefa Gasim, Ahmed Rasheed and two other persons outside the JSC was composed last week to look in to a case involving video footage of Supreme Court Justice Ali Hameed allegedly having sex outside marriage, after the police formally notified the JSC.

A second video also surfaced on social media networks apparently depicting Hameed and a local businessman discussing political influence in the judiciary. Local media identified the businessman as Mohamed Saeed, the director of local business firm ‘Golden Lane’.

Justice Hameed in the video also goes on to reveal his political ‘hook-up’ with Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom – the current Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) presidential candidate – claiming that he was one of Yameen’s “back-ups” and that his stand was “to do things the way Yameen wants”.

After the video footage surfaced in the media and social network, the police have summoned Justice Hameed twice to reportedly query about the issue.

Both police and JSC are remaining silent on the matter and have not provided details of the investigations to the local media.


2 thoughts on “JSC Committee investigating Supreme Court Justice’s sex tape meets with police”

  1. Why the silence? When it's a peasant girl she is asked to enact the scene in court and is then flogged publicly. When it is Jabba the Hutt, the whole thing becomes hush-hush. Dhivehistani justice.

  2. A joint whitewash seems to be underway to see there is not enough evidence to prove the case even if it were sent to the PG and to the courts!

    Faiz then walk free! And everyone back to work!


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