Maldives’ sovereignty threatened by “economic slavery”: President Waheed

President Dr Mohamed Waheed has said talk of the Maldives’ independence or sovereignty will be pointless if the country falls into “economic slavery”, following the passing out parade of the second Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) Officer Candidate Course.

The comments were said to have been made in relation to the importance of “safeguarding” national security, according to the President’s Office.

Speaking after commissioning new officers from the course yesterday (May 25), President Waheed – in his capacity of Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces – said it was not just the MNDF and police who were required to protect national security.

He therefore called on every individual in the country to prioritise “national interests”.

The President’s Office website quoted Dr Waheed as stating that the government was committed to having a diplomatic policy said to protect the Maldives’ interests, as well as those of “other friendly nations”.

Yesterday’s parade was held at the Girifushi training facility.


5 thoughts on “Maldives’ sovereignty threatened by “economic slavery”: President Waheed”

  1. Idiot, your biggest threat is religious slavery. Diplomatic policy means nothing if the mad mullahs override all your agreements by taking to the streets in protest in the name of Islam when it doesn't fill their pockets with dollars

  2. Have you noticed how the majority of the religious fanatics are piss poor. It's the same all over the world

  3. @DMF.

    Exactly. The selfish Mullahs self-declared task to every single Maldivian to Heaven. This is the single biggest threat to the nation!

    Just curious, why is it no body in the upper echelons discussing this? Why is the Mullah throat-hold on the nation, not being discussed where actions can be taken? Are they too scared? Sh***ing in their pants?

  4. There are few " Mullah" in the country and those Ullh were given power Nasheed and we need to stop them now the later.

    Biggest problem is not with the Lullah and it is extremist Nasheed . Nasheed is the biggest threat to the democracy in this country.

  5. These kaafir hordes comment on every essay on minivan. Makes me think they have nothing else to do in life. Surely not employed. That's for sure.


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