Police arrest an ‘illegal’ mango vendor

The Maldives Police Services arrested an expatriate mango vendor at the Malé local market for “illegal” mango vending, local media have reported.

The man had also set up shop in the parking zone. The police confiscated the vendor’s mango boxes and arrested a man who attempted to stop the expatriate vendor’s arrest.

Expatriate workers brought in on work visas are not allowed to work as vendors, Sun Online said.


2 thoughts on “Police arrest an ‘illegal’ mango vendor”

  1. Bravo police.

    $2 Mango vendor gets arrested.

    Axe Hackers, drug cartel bosses waltz free.

    Bravo, my dear coppers!

  2. the police with the maumoon family is a disgrace. yes it is very important to arrest people but a 2 dollar man?


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