Women’s day award recognises chef and baker

A chef and a baker have won the government’s international women’s day Rehendhi Award for exceptional service to society.

Owner of local restaurant Juwey’s Café and chef Juweyria Wajdhee won recognition for publishing 67 cook books and training 12,000 individuals, while owner of Nashee cakes and baker Aminath Nasheedha won recognition for her 27 years of service in the industry.

Meanwhile, local media has reported Health Minister Dr Mariyam Shakeela as announcing plans to increase the number of women in politically influential posts to 33 percent.

The Ministry of Health and Gender said the Rehendhi Award award aims to encourage women’s role in national development.

The winners were selected from a pool of seven applicants. The Health Ministry said all those who gained more than 75 percent would win the award.