“We will arrest traitor Nazim and Abdulla Riyaz”: Nasheed

Speaking at an International Labor Day rally, ousted President Mohamed Nasheed raised fears over a military dictatorship emerging in the Maldives and vowed to see Defense Minister Mohamed Nazim and Commissioner of Police Abdulla Riyaz arrested.

Nasheed resigned from office on February 7, but later claimed he left office “under duress” in a coup d’état orchestrated by remnants of the former dictatorship, funded by several resort interests and carried out by mutinous police and military units.

Nasheed gave his speech in front of the historic shrine to Abu al-Barakath-ul Yoosuf al-Barbari on Medhuziyaaraiy Magu. The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) had gathered on Medhuziyaarai Magu after police and military blocked an MDP rally from marching towards the area encompassing the President’s Office, Republican Square and the police and military headquarters.

Dozens of police and military in riot gear watched Nasheed speak from behind barricades. Minivan News observed water cannons on standby.

“Do not worry. We will arrest traitor Nazim and Abdulla Riyaz. We will do it. Do not worry. It will be the Maldivian police and the military that will do it for us,” Nasheed told hundreds of supporters.

Video footage on February 7 show Nazim addressing mutinous police and military units gathered in Republican Square, saying he had delivered an ultimatum on their behalf demanding Nasheed’s resignation. Another clip shows Riyaz meeting senior politicians inside police headquarters to brief them on Nasheed’s resignation.

Former VP Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan’s first appointments as president included employing Nazim as Minister of Defense and Abdulla Riyaz as Commissioner of Police.

In his speech, Nasheed laid blame for the change of government on senior police and military officials, claiming they had accepted bribes from business tycoons and distributed bribes among the lower ranks.

“Even though senior police and military officials, specifically Abdulla Riyaz, Nazim and the Chief of Defense Forces Shiyam took bribes and sold their institutions, we, as citizens or as a responsible political party cannot declare the two institutions to hold no value,” he said.

The military as a 117 year old institution had not seen an internal attack on its leaders and barracks in all of its history until February 7, Nasheed claimed.

“We are in this situation today because very few senior military and police officers took bribes from the wealthy and distributed the money within the two institutions,” he alleged.

“They [security forces] will now have to sustain the coup. Because their leaders, in fear of what may happen to them if the coup ends, will until their dying breath force the lower ranks to maintain military rule,” Nasheed said.

Nasheed was summoned to the Police Integrity Commission (PIC) today to be interviewed about his treatment by police on February 8, during the police crackdown on MDP supporters that followed his resignation.

International partners have privately expressed concern over how a re-elected Nasheed administration would handle the police and armed forces, given their role in his ousting.

Nasheed raised concern over military rule in the Maldives and said “I call for an election in 2012 because I fear we may never hold an election again.”

“We learn from other countries’ experiences. When a middle-ranking military officer overthrows a civilian government, he will have to complete the revolution, the coup. The last colonel we saw was Colonel Gaddafi. Now we are seeing Colonel Nazim,” he continued.

“I note with concern that Nazim will try to complete his coup. Then, all political leaders including Abdulla Yameen, myself, and Thasmeen Ali will try to arrest him. Because [Nazim] will try to establish a military dictatorship. This is what we must be most concerned about. As long as our hearts continue to beat, we must not allow a military takeover of the Maldives. The police and military must not become political. They are technical staff,” he said.

Nasheed pledged to continue the MDP’s campaign for early elections in 2012. The Commonwealth and EU have supported the call.

“I feel pain when I get hit. I get scared when people come at me with anger. I get melancholic when I have to sit in a cell for long. I get sad when I have to leave my wife and children. But I will not give up. I will not step back,” Nasheed said.

Nazim today responded to Nasheed’s statements, claiming that the military was not empowered to arrest people.

“I always operate within the constitutional laws of this nation. I will not do anything that violates the laws governing this country. If and when an order to arrest political figures is issued, I will no longer remain in this position,” local media reported Nazim as saying.

Nazim and Riyaz had served in the security forces under former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, but resigned after Nasheed took office in 2008.


28 thoughts on ““We will arrest traitor Nazim and Abdulla Riyaz”: Nasheed”

  1. Quit bitching Anni...

    You failed to hold together what could have been your most valuable asset.

    I voted for you, despite the sharks that you have on your back yard. But you failed on the one test that needed leadership.

    I will never vote for you again.

  2. Anni failed badly.
    No point in threatening others now.
    We thought Maumoon will also be arrested the day Anni becomes the president.
    We thought Yameen also will be arrested the day Anni talked about the 800 million dollar.
    But what happened?
    So dont talk nonsense.
    Just resign from the party and give the leadership to capable people.
    We need people capable of running this country.
    Not people capable of lying and talking bull$&*it to mislead everyone else.

  3. I would like to hear what Addu bin Suvadeep will say now.

  4. I never voted To Anni before 🙂

    I will sure give my vote to him this time 😀

  5. I did not vote for you, Anni - because then I still believed we would get good government with DRP.
    Now I have seen the reality : you had indeed for the first time ever a democratically elected AND democratic government. And though I did not agree with all your decisions, it was for sure a much better time and real freedom for us under your government.
    Any next time - and I pray to Allah every for early elections - I WILL vote for MDP and for you if you still want us ...
    Anni is now the only hope we have for be free citizens in a free country

  6. As President you illegally arrested opposition leaders, Gasim and Yamin and Chief Judge Abdulla. You padlocked the Supreme Court, Judicial Services Commission and the Parliament building.
    You flouted our new sacred Constitution.

    Yes, no doubt you will do many illegal things including using the Ganja Force to arrest many people. Just don't brag about it.

  7. I think we should hand over the police to the Mayor's office. This is done in many countries. I think this is the solution. It should not be a part of the security apparatus.

  8. A Shaheem, you have very well phrased and said. Can't agree less with you. Well done young boy.

  9. Rania on Wed, 2nd May 2012 8:59 PM

    "I would like to hear what Addu bin Suvadeep will say now."

    Happy to oblige. Nazim is simply taking the piss when he says he operates "within the constitutional laws" of this nation. What constitutional law gave him the power to serve an ultimatum to the President elected by the people?

    Nazim is a failed figure. He was thrown out of Sandhurst and brought disgrace to himself and the country. Now he is at it again; no doubt, an act of revenge over his failed military career. He was Gayyoom's right hand man inside the military, and it's no surprise that the Gayyoom clan is so fond of the chap.

    Having said all of that, however, Nasheed should have had the leadership, foresight and intelligence to prevent what happened. And as Lord Sugar would say, "On that basis, Nasheed, you're fired"!

  10. Nazim was thrown out of UK for being of unsound character and that is exactly what he ended up being. A nasty piece of work.

    Anni tried to break the cycle of endless revenge to start afresh but with this pack of poisonous snakes of the the current regime that simply did not work.

    He is showing strength and leadership now. He will not repeat the mistakes and trust lowlife like this ever again. He has my vote. Sadly, that has been taken from me by the so called coalition. We have been robbed of our basic human rights.

  11. The renturn of the brutal dictatorship. Hallmarks of the previous 30 years, back for good.

  12. Finally Addu suvarudheep agress that his spiritual leader lacks forsight and intelligence , that says a lot about his followers and MDP in general....A party of corruption and debauchry for the thieves by the thieves.

  13. Nars, surely it's not just MDP that is as you have said "A party of corruption and debauchry for the thieves by the thieves". It's a definition that fits all the political parties we have in this country, especially for those who have had 30 years to indulge in their thievery.

  14. I guess this ignorant person doesnt even know what hes talking anymore. Giving contradicting information every now and then. What a nutsack and I am actually glad hes no longer leading the country!

  15. “Do not worry. We will arrest traitor Nazim and Abdulla Riyaz. We will do it. Do not worry. It will be the Maldivian police and the military that will do it for us,” Nasheed told hundreds of supporters.

    This biggest traitor to this Nation is Nasheed.

    How many conspiracy theories can Nasheed come up with and every one of them is failing because all his theories are fake.

    Nasheed is sick and is suffering from
    Antisocial personality disorder.

    Antisocial personality disorder is a mental health condition in which a person has a long-term pattern of manipulating, exploiting, or violating the rights of others. This behavior is often criminal.

    A person with antisocial personality disorder may:

    Be able to act witty and charming

    Be good at flattery and manipulating other people’s emotions

    Break the law repeatedly

    Disregard the safety of self and others

    Have problems with substance abuse

    Lie, steal, and fight often

    Not show guilt or remorse

    Often be angry or arrogant

    We will soon remove Nasheed from the streets and will be in rehab until he is cured.

  16. @Nars on Thu, 3rd May 2012 10:09 AM

    "Finally Addu """suvarudheep""" agress that his spiritual leader lacks forsight and intelligence..."

    Insults, and more insults! This is my whole point. Maldivians do not even have the decency to engage in debate without insults and personal attacks, even on an anonymous forum.

    You can call me whatever you like, but try to focus on the subject rather than the person, next time.

  17. "Nasheed should have had the leadership, foresight and intelligence to prevent what happened"

    Blaming the victim are we?

    In other news, you must blame the thieves and homeowners equally, to have just one lock on the door, they deserve to be robbed.

    A rapist is vile but, the woman should have known better than to wear provocative clothing.

    Addu Bin Suvadeeb,

    You and I are from a community which has a colourful history and culture. We are despised by the bigots, and have been discriminated against by many, whether the reason is envy, jealousy or plain stupidity.

    But Alhan and Didi's fall from grace is nothing to do with where they came from, they deserve it for their shameless opportunism. I certainly hope that this isn't the cause of your change of heart.

  18. The same group here clearly sponsored by the same source to polute all the comments. SO OBVIOUS!!

  19. @Radhun

    We elected Nasheed for many reasons. The main reason was because he showed us a dream of an anehdhivehiraajeh.

    I believe he has done an extraordinary job in the three years he has been in office.

    In the face of no agreement, from the Civil Service, the Judiciary, a Parliament which for much of the three years was dominated by those opposed to him and his policies, and let us not mention two of the three television stations on a mission to discredit him,
    he achieved a lot.

    He brought landmark reform in the economy, expanded higher education and training and employment opportunity for our youth, invested in schools to lift the quality of schooling, opened up the country with inter-island transport network, brought in universal health insurance, and special benefits to the elderly, single mothers, and people with special needs.

    Nasheed has been accused of being dictatorial, being authoritarian, and having a lack of interest in transparency, consultation with stakeholders, and governance by consensus.

    In light of the reality that Gasim and Hassan Saeed and Yaamin had no real interest in Nasheed winning, would consultation have produced anything of substance? As for transparency, wouldn't everything he opened up been cut to ribbons? And counter strategies
    launched? And consensus? Are you kidding me, who is interested in consensus when it comes to power sharing and wealth sharing.

    I am clear that antisocial personality disorder or whatever you may want to label him, President Nasheed stood for ordinary people to live a better life and for reform that would see a more equitable sharing of the wealth of this country.

  20. A soothing fantasy to dream on .... but probably achievable in the Hereafter ...

  21. Anni-the island president is sailing a sinking ship. Only Dr. Didi can save us. Please Didi bring back our MDP.

  22. @peasant on Thu, 3rd May 2012 2:08 PM

    "Blaming the victim are we?"

    Not at all. My view is that, largely, Nasheed is a victim of his own mistakes as well as those that he kept close to him and therefore sought advice from him.

    I agree that there were numerous enemies of Nasheed who sought to bring his government down. But Nasheed helped their cause by making catastophic mistakes. A great leader should not allow that to happen. A lesson in life is that you rarely get a second chance at these challenges, and I doubt that Nasheed will get another chance. If he does, all well and good, but I doubt it.

    "But Alhan and Didi’s fall from grace is nothing to do with where they came from, they deserve it for their shameless opportunism. I certainly hope that this isn’t the cause of your change of heart."

    I really have no time for people like these. I don't see much of a contribution from either of these to either our homeland or the country at large. Further I don't believe that Didi's motives are sincere at all.

    There are a lot of good people from Addu and they've been sidelined by both sides. My comments here and elsewhere are to be meant as constructive critcism, and I do think a very critical look at Nasheed and his party is needed right now.

  23. I,ve no body else in my mind except our people,s president, Anni, the best president in my life,,

  24. @Ali

    "I,ve no body else in my mind except our people,s president, Anni, the best president in my life,,"

    Congratulations. Your English is exceptional for a three-year-old.

  25. Hey 'james', your constitution is unislamic and does not serve the people. It's not sacred. it shall be eaten by maggots and burned in the fires of war.


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