Finance Minister rejects Family Court’s claim that government is holding child support money

Minister of Finance and Treasury Abdulla Jihad has rejected a statement from the Family Court alleging the ministry is delaying the release of child support money needed by single parents.

The money is paid to the court, which acts as an intermediary between separated parents. Jihad claimed the ministry has now begun to release the payments.

However, Family Court Registrar Ahmed Shafeeu told local media the court has been receiving complaints over delays in receiving the child support payments.

According to Shafeeu, once a parent submits child support money to the court the money is deposited in the state income account. The Finance Ministry is then supposed to return the money to the court, which issues it to the intended recipient.

Shafeeu states that this is under the order of the Finance Ministry, as defined in the Public Finance Act.

“However, I do not believe at all that there is any reason why this money has to be deposited in the state income account,” Shafeeu stated.

“Lots of people who deposit the money, and who are waiting to receive the money, continue to submit complaints about the delay repeatedly,” he said.

He further stated that no solution has been found to date, although discussions on the matter were held with the Finance Ministry three weeks ago.

Currently in cases of divorce among parents, if the mother applies for child support the father is required to provide a monthly contribution of MVR 1000 (US$65) per child.