High Commission in Dhaka closes due to “unprecedented fiscal problems”

The Maldives High Commission in Bangladesh has closed its operations, with acting high commissioner Ahmed Adil reportedly citing “unprecedented fiscal problems”.

“Even the foreign ministry’s budget has been slashed by 40 percent,” he told the Bangladeshi media. “It’s a very big cut.”

Adil stated that despite the closure, the excellent bilateral relations Maldives and Bangladesh would continue, and that an alternative arrangement would be sought to bridge the absence of a mission in Dhaka.

An unnamed source from the commission also told the Dhaka Tribune that severe budgetary constraints had prompted the shutdown, suggesting that diplomatic services would continue to be provided from New Delhi.

In a comment piece produced earlier this week, former Bangladeshi High Commissioner to the Maldives Professor Selina Mohsin described the decision as a “wrong move”.

“Diplomatic continuity is a necessity and reciprocity is essential to foster good relations with a friendly Saarc state. But countries are not always ruled by rational consideration of advantages, but often by unthinking foolhardiness.

High Commissioner between 2008 and 2010, Mohsin argued that the Dhaka mission played an important role in strengthening the bond between the island nation and Bangladesh.

“Bangladesh has over 70,000 migrant workers in the Maldives – more than from India or Sri Lanka. They face dubious recruitment procedures, their passports are seized by unscrupulous brokers on arrival, and often wages are withheld,” she argued.

Minivan News was awaiting a press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which failed to be published at the time of press.

A World Bank report produced late last year suggested that excessive state expenditure risked derailing the economy. Over seventy percent of the current budget is allocated for recurrent expenditure.

Similarly, the departing MMA governor urged the government to reduce expenditure. After proposing a record MVR17.95 billion budget in December last year – later passed – the MMA’s published response called for cuts that included a reduction in state apparatus to reflect the country’s size and income.

The Bangladeshi High Commission, opened in 2008, was one of the Maldives’ 13 overseas diplomatic missions. The country currently has embassies in China, Saudi Arabia, and Japan, with high commissions in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

The country also has permanent missions representing the country in Brussels, Geneva, and New York.

Estimates of migrant workers currently in the Maldives range from 70,000 to as high as 110,000 with undocumented workers estimated to be as high as 44,000.

Employment trafficking scams and fraudulent recruitment it is nearly impossible to reach a conclusive number.

The Department of Immigration and Emigration recently revealed that, in an effort to curb the numbers of illegal workers, it is strengthening action taken against those who employ or provide housing for undocumented migrant individuals.

It was also revealed that a voluntary repatriation scheme for undocumented workers had seen 4,400 workers out of 5,134 that registered for the programme leaving the Maldives since December.


4 thoughts on “High Commission in Dhaka closes due to “unprecedented fiscal problems””

  1. Does anyone know the purpose of Dhivehi missions in other countries? I bet even those who work in the High commissions doesn’t have slightest idea of what their missions are in those counties; What trade do they promote, and what espionage are carried out by these missions, and what culture they promote and how many of their citizen reside in these countries so they can at least work to protect their rights. Even if there are few people residing in any of these countries what leverage the Maldivian can put on those countries to get what they want. The bottom-line is this is just wasting money by sending some of useless people to foreign countries who have connections with the government so they can enjoy and live in those countries.

  2. selkwhatever,

    high commissions are not spy agencies. you need to cut down on spy films a bit. but you are right. a lot of money is wasted on many of these diplomatic offices. it is usually a gift for loyal dogs who served their masters well. a vacation of some sort.

    but if any one country need a functional high commission, that would be bangladesh. well, bangladesh, india, sri lanka, malaysia and such. if we are cutting down on missions, lets start with europe, middle east and americas.

  3. "Unprecedented fiscal problems" really means "we are broke"!!
    I don't see the point in having a Maldivian mission in New Delhi so I hope that will close too due to "unprecedented fiscal problems".
    The sooner we cow worshippers see the back of you true believers the better.

  4. The flag colours are not completely correct. I have seen this photo one day when I searched in google. This is a copy and paste of the image without much thought.


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