HRCM’s report claims Nasheed’s life was never in danger during resignation

The Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) in a report investigating alleged human rights violations on February 6 and 7 has said former President Mohamed Nasheed’s life was not in danger at the time of his resignation.

“The investigation did not find that anyone had tried to assassinate President Mohamed Nasheed during the time he spent inside Bandaara Koshi – the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) headquarters – on February 7,” the HRCM concluded.

According to the report, the commission was requested to investigate claims that the former president’s life was in danger while he was inside military barracks.  The request was made on April 11, 2012 by the chair of parliament’s Independent Institutions Committee, MP Mohamed ‘Kutti’ Nasheed,

The HRCM report was compiled based on the findings of its own investigations, which included witness statements from the police and the MNDF, media reports, video and photographic evidence as well as eyewitnesses accounts from representatives of all political parties.

However, the commission noted that despite repeated attempts, Nasheed refused to cooperate with the investigation, which forced them to compile the report without his statement or account of events leading up his resignation.

The report focused on six areas: the incidents that took place at Male’s Artificial Beach area on the night of February 6; vandalism of the former ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Haruge camp or gathering spot by rogue police officers; the attack on private broadcaster Villa TV (VTV); incidents that took place at the Republican Square on February 7; the storming of the compound of state broadcaster Maldives National Broadcasting Corporation (MNBC) by police and army officers; and Nasheed’s claim that mutinying or rebellious officers tried to lynch him inside the MNDF headquarters.

Clashes at artificial beach

On the night of February 6, demonstrators from the ‘December 23 coalition’ of eight political parties of the then-opposition were facing off supporters of the MDP at the artificial beach, following three weeks of opposition protests that saw attacks on journalists of the state broadcaster MNBC and MDP-aligned Raajje TV as well as vandalism of a minister’s residence.

The HRCM report contended that the violence that took place on February 6 at the artificial beach area was triggered by an “unlawful” order directly from President Nasheed for riot police to withdraw from the protest zone.

The commission noted that article 6(d) of the Police Act clearly states that the police must maintain safety and public order while article 6(h) states that police should maintain order at venues set up for public use or gatherings.

The order for police to withdraw from the artificial beach area was therefore in violation of the law and constitutional provisions, the HRCM report stated.

“[…] despite repeated advice given by the police officers on ground that it was not a good move for the police to abandon the scene, the Home Minister and several senior officers from the police ordered the police to leave the area in violation of the aforementioned clauses, which resulted in police not being able to fully carry out their duty,” the HRCM report stated.

The police eventually left the area after MNDF officers arrived at the scene, but the commission’s report claimed that the incoming military officers also retreated soon thereafter, leaving the rival protesters to throw stones at each other for 15 minutes.

“Despite article 7(b) of Maldives National Defence Force Act setting provisions to defend and protect the Maldives’ independence and sovereignty, as well as protecting the national interests of the country, the MNDF officers at the order of the president, left the scene even when it was evident that the tensions between the two protesting group would give rise to violence,” the report stated.

HRCM noted that the MNDF failed to take adequate measures to prevent the violent confrontation.

“Due to this, the protesters were dispersed after several participants got severely injured from the violence that began.  Therefore the MNDF had failed in carrying out their legal duty,” the findings stated.

The report also noted that senior police officials tried to obstruct officers who left the police headquarters at the Republic Square when they heard of the clash between the protesters.

It also claimed that the police did not take any action to confiscate items that the protesters wielded at the time, which could have been used as weapons despite officers having knowledge about it.

The commission, based on the findings, has urged the MNDF, Maldives Police Service and the Police Integrity Commission to investigate and take action against those officers who obeyed the “unlawful” order and also called on the political parties to be more responsible in carrying out their activities.

Vandalism of MDP Haruge

Based on the information collected from the members of MDP present at Haruge during the time of the alleged police vandalism, the report stated that about 30 police officers in Special Operations (SO) uniform entered into premises at a time between 12:00am to 12:30am in the early hours of February 7.

“Police entering into Haruge smashed plates, toppled a bondibai (traditional Maldivian rice pudding) buffet, overturned a pickup truck inside the premises, brought down the MDP podium and attacked one person, while another person was grappled and thrown against a wall, after which he had to seek medical assistance from ADK Hospital,” according to information provided by MDP.

The report also stated that former State Minister for Home Affairs, Mohamed ‘Monaza’ Naeem was attacked by the police, while one person present was pepper sprayed in the face as the police officers present hit another individual on the back with a chair.

The MDP, in the information given to the report, also claimed that the police had smashed the window of the Maldives Media Council office with a baton before they left the area.

Attack on Villa TV

The HRCM in its report, highlighted that private broadcaster Villa Television (VTV), owned by the now government-aligned Jumhoory Party (JP) leader Gasim Ibrahim, was attacked by two men who had attempted to set the station on fire.

“On the night of February 6, a group of people attacked Villa TV and set fire on some parts of the building and this instilled fear and chaos within the employees of the station, who had suffered psychologically,” the report stated.

The report noted that the station suffered damages to the building’s structure, as well as the broadcaster’s equipment.

The HRCM also highlighted that police, who were asked to ensure the security of the premises following previous requests, were not present when the attacks took place.

“Following the instability in Male’ and with numerous threats received to the station, the company running the station had requested assistance from the police for security and police kept guarding the premises.  However, the police officers who were to be present at the station for security purpose were not there when the attacks took place on the night of February 6,” read the report.

The HRCM requested that the Maldives Police Service and the PIC investigate the matter and take action against those found responsible.

Incidents at Republican Square on February 7

HRCM observed that after vandalising MDP Haruge, the mutinying officers headed back to the Republican Square area of the capital.

“An order was issued to all the police officers who came from artificial beach to assemble in the Republican Square in the helipad area.  Meanwhile officers who were not in uniform and those in working uniform were ordered to be present on the third floor of the police headquarters building by Deputy Commissioner of Police Ahmed Muneer,” it read.

The police who had assembled were told by the Deputy Commissioner of Police Ahmed Atheef that certain officers had disobeyed their orders and therefore should be responsible for any circumstances that were to arise from their action.

“There were claims that the police institution was falling apart because of the ongoing corruption within, including drug issues and other concerns, and that complaints over the issues were retained in the middle management which meant the police officers had to rely on the middle management.  The police officers at the scene decided not follow any unlawful orders and to demand the commissioner of police to not to take any action against officers following their actions,” read the report.

The report claimed that the police officers, when they heard the news that the MNDF were coming to arrest them, came to alert their colleagues and claimed that they were prepared to confront the military officers.

Initially the commissioner of police refused to meet the mutinying officers, but later agreed to meet them at the police barracks in Iskandhar Koshi (IK).

“When the Commissioner of Police (CP)’s secretary came and requested that the officers go to IK to meet him, the police stood up to go, but when the MNDF were instructed to go to there without their shields, arms and riot gear, the police changed their mind and demanded the commissioner of police to meet them at the Republican Square,” the report claimed.

Police who had given information to the report claimed that the officers were exhausted and very hungry after the continuous duty from the night of February 6, adding they could only go to toilet with an authorized officer.

At about 06:08am, President Mohamed Nasheed arrived to Republican Square to talk to the mutinying officers.

The report claimed that Nasheed had told the officers that they had committed a “very despicable act” and to hand themselves over to MNDF, but the officers responded saying “no sir!”

Nasheed later left the area and went inside Bandaara Koshi (BK), the MNDF barracks.

At 8:00am, police in the report claimed while they were reciting the police oath, a group of protesters with metal rods and wooden sticks came barging into republican square chanting “arrest Baaghees (rebels)”.

They claimed that in the group of protesters, MDP MPs including MP Eva Abdulla, MP Ahmed Easa and MP Mohamed Shifaz were present.

“When the group entered into the Republican Square, police confronted the group with their battons and claimed that when the violence arose, confrontations were going on even between civilian groups,” read the report.

The HRCM said the constitution, in article 46, stated that a person could be arrested only if they are found committing a crime; there was valid reason to believe they may commit a crime, there were evidence that a suspect had committed a crime or a court order had been issued approving such an action.

“…but the MNDF under the direct order of the president tired to arrest police officers who assembled at the Republican Square under the order of senior officials of police,” the report highlighted, implying that Nasheed’s order was unlawful.

The report highlighted that the situation escalated because of Nasheed’s alleged unlawful orders and because of it, a lot of civilians and police officers suffered injuries of varying nature.

Raiding of MNBC

At about 6:00am, the HRCM said were rumours were circulating that anti-government protesters were planning on entering the offices of state broadcaster, the Maldives National Broadcasting Corporation (MNBC), to take over the station.

The report claimed that on the night of February 6, a group of civilians with batons and sticks who had previously been in the MDP Haruge area were inside the MNBC offices, claiming to be on guard for an impending raid from the mutinying police and anti-government protesters.

Police officers arrived to the station in the morning of February 7, but were attacked from the civilians present, who were claiming to be handling the security of the station.

“Confrontations took place between police, who came in a pickup truck to MNBC building, and the civilians.  The civilians attacked the police with ground chili and other objects, including wooden sticks and stones, which forced the police to leave,” the report read.

According to the report, the police attempted to take over the station twice, succeeding the third time when they came along with several civilians who were presumed to be anti-government protesters.

It also claimed that the civilians who entered into the premises used foul language towards the employees of the station, with one civilian quoted by the report stating; “you’ve spread enough lies”.

The report claimed that the first person to enter the newsroom was a civilian with a metal rod, who entered the room and ordered all the staff to leave. However, the police later entered and told staff that they were present, but not to attack any employees.

People who entered into the MNBC offices then ordered staff to change the station’s feed to private broadcaster VTV’s feed.

“A person who claimed to be the representative of the vice president, along with a person representing the opposition came to the station and said that ‘from now onwards there will be no MNBC and the station would now be called TVM,’ and the name was changed following the demand,” read the report.

The HRCM, in the report, requested that police and the Police Integrity Commission look into the unlawful actions carried out by both the civilians and the police officers.

Alleged attempt to lynch Nasheed

Following remarks made on April 11 during a parliament committee meeting held with the members of HRCM, several MPs posed questions to the HRCM to determine whether they had knowledge that the opposition had plans on “lynching” Nasheed on the day his government was toppled.

Following the remarks, the HRCM in its report stated that it had questioned the police, the MNDF and Nasheed’s bodyguards.

The report also claimed that it had analysed statements that Nasheed gave to media after his resignation, however it said that no information from Nasheed was included in the report as he did not provide a statement.

Nasheed’s bodyguards in the report claimed that there was no threat posed to Nasheed’s life or any of his family members.

“When people call for the resignation of the president, it is not deemed to be a threat to his life, and it was not a situation where any extra measures have to be taken and if he had wanted to go out, it could have been arranged.  If the president sees a threat posed to him, the people whom he should first inform are his bodyguards, but the president had never said anything about a threat,” read the report.

The report added that the president had asked the MNDF officer if his family were safe, to which the officers replied that the family was safe and bodyguards were with them for protection from any impending harm.

“When Nasheed went to the Presidents Office from the MNDF barracks [to resign], there were a large crowd of people gathered near the car chanting disapproval of him, and some of the people in the crowd threw cigarette butts towards his car but despite how bad the situation was, Nasheed would have been easily transferred safely to anywhere he wished to go, and the MNDF officers had made way within the crowd gathered for his car to safely pass,” it read.

The report also stated that some military officers who had rebelled had “smacked” his car while he was being taken to the President’s Office on several occasions, but it was still a safe situation.

It also said that the President’s Office, when Nasheed arrived, appeared to be calm, with no signs of unrest inside the building at all.

“The commission finds in the investigation that following the obeying of orders given by President Mohamed Nasheed against the constitution, the international conventions, the police and military act by senior officials of the MNDF and Police, the chain of command among the police and military was broken, several MNDF and police officers and civilians got injured and large amount of public property was damaged.  Several rights were also compromised.

“The investigation also finds that there was no threat posed to President Mohamed Nasheed while he was in the MNDF Barracks on the day of February 7,” the HRCM report concluded.


47 thoughts on “HRCM’s report claims Nasheed’s life was never in danger during resignation”

  1. HRMC is pro coup govt! Everyone knows this. What a loud of lies and untruths. Even Umar admitted it in public twice!!

  2. I am just flabbergasted, Just wonder how much was spent on the commission's members. If Prez Nasheed's life was not in danger on 7th morning my life will not be in danger walking in a landmine field. This was a well orchestrated coup de tat and was executed to the letter. Period.

  3. The whole report is focused on the very subject that Was the Resignation of Nasheed under duress, and they have tried to manipulate the events.

    Also, I found that it was Disgusting to justify the HR just with a word. NOT Fair...

  4. Nasheed lost his presidency due to the continuos breach of our constitution by him.

    He lost it because he tried to challenge the constitution and threaten the judiciary , parliament and the civilian who are not member of MDP.

  5. We will find no common ground as the debate at the level of the public is mostly emotional and subjective.

    Case in point:
    - Criminal Court Chief Justice Abdulla Mohamed was undeniably arrested in breach of the law and international conventions. This arrest was ordered by Nasheed and executed by the military.

    MDP supporter response: Who cares if its unconstitutional or unlawful Nasheed was carrying out his moral duty against a man who Nasheed said is very very bad. His human rights? Well he is hardly human after all.

    - The security forces aided the opposition in taking control of the broadcasting company formed under Presidential decree and operated by personal appointees of then President Nasheed. Also those same security forces used excessive force in controlling the MDP riots on 8th February.

    PPM supporter response: Who gives a flying **** about the Police Act or the law. The Police were carrying out their national duty. MDP members physically hurt in the process? Good. They deserve it.

    This is the level our debate has fallen to. So what can we hope to achieve by discussing this point any further. We are dead set on twisting whatever facts to fit our own interpretation of events. So let us not pretend to be rational objective persons any longer.

    Solution to this problem: Political deal between MDP leadership and current government.

  6. President Nasheed did not lose his presidency. He was removed from office by our armed forces. The evidence is very clear. Whatever the CNI report delivers, we have seen, heard, and experienced the violence that those who took the oath to protect us is willing to inflict on us for personal gain and to protect the illgotten gains they reaped from the rape of our nation.

    As for the HRCM, no reasonable man woman or child will believe anything that comes out of the HRCM. The HRCM is a failed institution, having failed to deliver to protect the rights of our people.

    Mody, wake up. 2003 changed our nation. The tipping point for our collective consciousness to say NO MORE to the gross violation of our rights as citizens came with Evan Naseems death. It changed us forever.

    Events of February 7 and what has followed in the last 6 months as we await the CNI to deliver its report bears witness to the realities of a Mafia led by former President Gayoom which simply refuses to be brought down and the courage and faith of a people who refuse to be crushed by those who have tyrannised us for far too long with their corruption and greed.

    I feel so sorry for the children you may have now or may have one day, what chance do they have with a father/mother like you whose values follow that of the gutter rat that clearly knows nothing else except the garbage and rubbish you feed on.

    May Allah have mercy on your soul.

  7. The HRCM has become a joke! It should not only be dismantled, the members of HRCM should also be sent to a 're-education' camp somewhere in China ! The way the coup government is manipulating these agencies, soon the human rights conditions in our country can surpass the HR condition even in China, the new mentors of the coup government !

  8. In a country where an elected President, who was thrown away, could be hit on the street by a police constable on 8 Feb, does anybody think that the guards or any other eyewitness will have the courage to speak the incidents truthfully now? HRCM needs a training in 'commonsense'. What they perhaps mean to say is that President Nasheed could have been attacked on the street, physically injured, his family could have been harmed or whatever, but his 'LIFE WAS NOT IN DANGER'. That means he would not have have died!!! Our country h become a laughing stock through the so called protectors of human rights!

  9. it is a biased report. The facts have been twisted in a way that reveals something which can be believed by a blind and deaf person in confusion. The fact is clear for us, Nasheed resigned under duress. Its coup...... nothing else

  10. So you throw someone off a a high-rise building and the man finds a way to save himself before he hits the ground and you then claim that his life was never in any kind of danger?

  11. It's all about what can be proved. the accusation itself is obviously not going to amount to proof, even if it comes from his holiness rice nasheedh. mdp's party line of coup and nasheed's life and family being threatened has not been proved to have occurred by any accepted institution so far. hrcm was perfectly acceptable by mdp until it published its findings.nasheed has said he will accept whatever conclusion coni comes to.but who knows, he may at a later date claim to have been held at gun point

  12. @mody, are u on drugs??
    How dare u or even a corrupt,scared,and blind HRCM try to manipulate facts??
    if anyone breached this constitution, it was Ablo Gazi, ur hero who's arrest ment that many corrupt, thieves will be tried, hence (free the corrupt judge, or resign)
    the real question is who were to be tried if Ablo Gazi was not a judge anymore??

    the answer is on YouTube, police HQ meeting 7th February, 11:00 am, and the meeting that Umar was part of within K.K (MNDF HQ) simultaneously !!

  13. The fact that they kept him awake for 48 hours, hired the rentamob, bribed the Police and Army to turn against him, smashed up the protest areas, intamdated the innocent general public, used force and gun shots to take over the state TV, then physically threatened his wife and children was all totally normal and reasonable behaviour? Well, the HRMC have obviously said so, it must be true!!!!!!

  14. I am a pro Mdp supporter . But I think mdp has no right to criticize the report as anni refused to provide information. If he did and the investigation report would have come out different don't you think

  15. Indeed, there is never going to be a report that will satisfy everyone in this country. That simply is not possible under the circumstances.

    The work of the HRCM has to be based on facts. These reports are way overdue and nearly seven months have passed since the incidents took place. HRCM do not reveal the sources from which they compiled their reports, and after such a long lapse, we cannot accept the contents of these reports as the truth and nothing but the truth.

    In a similar vein, the report due from the Commission of National Inquiry is also way overdue, and will not add anything further to help the situation.

    We have lost valuable time to sort out this mess. The longer this goes on without a "closure", the more it will hurt the country and eventually, all of us.

    As long as people fail to see that the current regime is set on very shaking foundations, we will not make any progress. Even the most ardent opponent of MDP has to see that the process by which the current regime came to power is not a good example to set direction to a democratic future.

    Let the voters speak. Hold elections and let the civilian government that follow formulate a way to put a "closure" on all these events.

  16. HRCM no longer stands for Human Rights of everyone that is...maybe the human rights of some that are more equal than others.

  17. @Resting

    if President nasheed had given a statement to the HRCM it would have beenpolitical suicide, they would have turned every word into spin. No, I believe he did the right thing. The HRCM has no credibility. he said what he has to say to the CNI. let us see what the CNI has to say.

  18. Mody Ah Vedhun Salaam on Fri, 24th Aug 2012 3:04 AM

    "As for the HRCM, no reasonable man woman or child will believe anything that comes out of the HRCM. The HRCM is a failed institution, having failed to deliver to protect the rights of our people."

    Based on your statement I declare that the HRCM report about Police conduct on 8th February is all baloney and void of any facts.

    MDP and their supporters have a strange
    habit of damning any person or institution that states any opinion or publishes any report against MDP's view point.

    If a court rules against MDP that Judge or court will be damned by MDP. But if a ruling comes in their favour from the very court they are quick to accept it.

    Same thing goes for Independent Institutions or other State institutions. In the eyes of MDP, our Supreme Court, High Court, Judiciary, Independent Institutions such as Anti Corruption Commission,Prosecutor General, Auditor General, Human Rights Commission, Police Integrity Commission,Police, MNDF, Government, Majlis etc. etc. are all biased against them.

    In short, nothing in this country is good enough or no institution is good enough for MDP. Little do they realize that the problem is not others but MDP itself.

  19. We owe a collective thanks to HRCM. Its heartening that the institutions of our nascent democracy is working.

    President Nasheed's resignation Is an incredibly tragic story. It needn't have been so. Maybe it's just a learning process. Sadly he had no administrative experience of his own and his character and party thuggish elements would not allow him to listen to wiser consul. The brains in the party should have tried harder without abandoning ship so early depriving the new president wiser consul.

    President Nashid came to power on the back of a wave that swept this country clamouring for "Change". Elections 2008 was all about "Change". How else could one explain that Gayoom, after 30 years of iron-fisted rule emerged the most popular politician commanding more than 40% of proven votes for himself?

    What many seem to forget is that President Nasheed was elected President of this land above anything else to preserve, develop and put into practice the great democratic changes put in place by his predescor, in answer to an insistent electorate. In other words President Nasheeds mandate was to sustain the democratic Changes put in place with so much of effort.

    Sadly History would record that President Nasheed and his activist advisors forgot 3  fundamental things and tried to erase the democratic changes and institutions put in place.

     First he forgot that the country that he took charge was a fundamentally changed country to which his predescor took over 30 years ago. This country is now brimming with PhD's, Msc/MA's, BSc/BA's & Llb's, and the people are well informed and crucially very interested in religio-politico-social changes effecting their lives.

    Secondly President Nasheed & Co forgot that he was elected President of ALL Maldives & not his party alone. He went out of his way to alienate the different sections of the electorate. Party cronyism was rampant, corruption was evident as witnessed by multi-million rufiya projects awarded to party henchman cum ministers , and awarding the states few assets to foreign companies at incredibly unfavourable conditions to the country. In a nutshell instead of changing the way Maldives was Governed in the past President Nasheed was day by day abandoning the path of transparent and accountable Government that his predescor had put the country's course on.

    Thirdly he turned his back on the fundamentals of democracy that his predescor had with such great pain implemented -at the insistence of the electorate. He violated the constitution. He arrested a sitting judge. President Nasheed Made a mockery of the high court and the supreme court. He resorted to bribing MP's in the parliament and regularly made a mockery of parliament. He arrested leaders of the opposition, and went after bussinesses without due process, took over the TV making it a party political tool. One cannot be blame for asking if his intention was to run Maldives a la MUGABE.

    To Make matters worst President Nasheed resorting to I'll-thought of economic policies that brought the once thriving economy of Maldives on its knees with dollars impossible to get to meet citizens basic needs and in the process wiping the purchasing power of ordinary citizens by as much as 40%. As if this was not enough, President Nasheed ignored the religious sensivities of thousands upon thousands of ordinary citizens.

    This was arguably not enough to kick him out of office without the process of impeachment. However it would seem that President Nasheed and his cabal of party cronies had devised a devious plan on that Feb 6th night. The first step to this plan was to issue orders to the police to go back on their oath to uphold the constitutional duty to maintain law and order. Hoping that there would be a riot and probably a total break down of law and order with blood spilt on Male streets.

    The involved police mutinied, and ultimately lead to the police and the MNDF to mutiny, and the public to firmly back the mutineers. They asked for a simple demand that their Commander-in-chief give them his assurance that he would not give illegal commands to obey or resign. Tellingly with an ironic smile on his face on live TV, flanked by his party leaders he resigned.

    The reaction of India and Sri Lanka with diplomats on the ground was revelatory. They probably saw the country heading towards an impeachment. Probably President Nasheed and his cronies saw it coming, and tried to pre-empt  events. They played and lost. Thousands of Maldivians saw on live TV what happened that night. 

    Now the HRCM confirms and adds more detail to what they already knew and witnessed that night. The other Commissions report that we all await cannot change these facts that was witnessed in the thousands.

    President Nasheed was elected to strengthen the democratic changes he inherited, to nurture the nascent democratic institutions put in place, and to uphold the way of life of ordinary Maldivians. He failed. He tried to put back the clock to engage in iron fisted rule, corruption, party cronyism, and take the law into his hands. He failed. How many Maldivians thanked God and muttered to themselves GROBR?

    Moral of the story .... This land has Changed. No longer God-willing, will this land be ruled by despots. The mechanisms and nascent institutions are there to ensure that we live according to the rule of law. The indications are that a majority of Maldivians are willing to work to get the nascent institutions to work. It's good to see that the majority in this country is gaining control. Indeed Maldives has changed. A physical Change as opposed to a chemical one? Time will tell.


  20. what a big joke? Nasheed was the one who appointed these people into the commission but even with that his cult supporters does not beleive their final judgement.

  21. It is a sad reflection on the Maldivian people that some of us still believe the propaganda of groups like HRMC. Suddenly, a few days before the release of an important report, they have a voice and they try and show us that they are interested in the welfare of the people! Suddenly they want to show us they are impartial and not controlled by the regime. Sorry! I have known the regime and its supporters for far too long to believe a word of it.

  22. Anni was assassinated by police on 8th Feb. Then MDP members prayed to Allah to bring their esteemed leader back to life.

  23. HRCM’s is simply a shame to the Maldives. For sure most Maldivians does not have any respect for them. Allah SW created humans perfectly. Islam forbids torture of any kind or beating up. Specially beaten by people paid to serve and protect the nation and its people". All I can say is that HRCM team are blind. Also HRCM team are not fit to do their jobs. They should be working at the MPS kitchen.

  24. And no wonder President Nasheed did not provide any report to HRCM. I was not even surprised to HRCM did not provide support to CNI.

  25. @fathun boohoo did anni grant couple of investment deals not to worry after aug 30th you can have your rightful claims . Socalm down between you and me I voted for anni too

  26. HRCM head is Ibra sister ? I doubt that HRCM will twist the story against MDP.

    mody ah vedhu salah. A guy like yourself who does not want to know another opinion than Anni , will never agree or will have no tolerance to have difference of opinion. You are like a cult Anni no difference.

    My children of course will remember the darkest days of our history and the dictator Anni and his corrupted deals.

    You tell me any country after removing the elected leaders by armed forces were able to walk freely on the roads ? There is non and but Anni is able to work freely on the roads and it proves Anni resigned by himself not at the gun point by the armed forces.

    So i suggest you to wake up and start to think on your own rather than just following your cult leader Anni.

  27. it is important to note that the current HRCM panel was hand picked and chosen by none other the President Nasheed himself.

    so wth are you talking about?

  28. No point to be information bias, everybody wants to believe what he feels right is the ultimate fact. The question is why Nasheed has resigned. Just leave behind all animosity those who dislike Nasheed and ponder, will Nasheed resign unless he was threatened. Anyone who is not biased and thinks in his right mind will have no doubt that Anni was forced out to step down by illegal means. Obviously those who were on Nasheed’s throat will never accept anything that comes in Nasheed’s favour. But people should realize that the way the government was forced out will never give political stability and this should be analyzed without taking Nashhed’s character in to consideration. People always should not bring the issue as it was Nasheed being forced out, the reality was democratically elected president of Maldives was removed undemocratically. This has to be investigated and it is obvious the biggest culprit was police either with outside influence or due to internal ideological rift inside police.
    If this is allowed to happened, can any government survive in a democratic environment when everyone has the right to voice his opinion and oppositions work for personal agendas and vendetta? However the rationality and logic has no means in the banana republic and everything is judged with personal feeling so HRCM is no different they are also Maldivians. They might be thinking, Nasheed’s life never was in danger because no one was holding gun at his head ,and the change of government was OK because some people did not like that government. Probably they are right as far as human rights are concerned, but this case is constitutional rather than human rights. So there is no weight in what HRCM says.

  29. "The investigation also finds that there was no threat posed to President Mohamed Nasheed while he was in the MNDF Barracks on the day of February 7,”

    "No threat" and "no evidence of a threat" are two different matters. Which is it?

  30. This report is totally bias and invalid, that is why Nasheed did not participate in the harade. Look at the timing of its release trying to persuade CoNI.
    An invalid report, from an invalid team representing an invalid regime.

  31. The fact that this panne was chosen by Nasheed before 7th February is known, and thief actions and recommendations before 7th February is in line with the law and constitution. But on the 7th of February Nasheed was forcefully removed by armed forces, not constitutionally, therefore, it's iirelivant to look of whether or not was he in duress!! It's a shame to even doubt it.
    Any unconstitutional action to remove supreme judge Ablo Gazi, can be addressed in parliament,impeachment or whatever!
    similarly Any unconstitutional removal of A President is unlawful, and there on Jumhooree Square we didn't see parliament voting to impeach Anni, We saw thugs in uniform, and their leaders on ground and in buildings creating Havoch,,,

    so if Nasheed was "without any condition asked to surrender his presidency", by armed gangs acting on their own, How can his safety a primary concern by any of those uniformed pirates??

  32. So its all about rogue officers in the Police and the MNDF.... no outside influence at all.... even though we had Nazin speaking outside the MNDF headquarters, even though Umar Naseer stated that there was a "command centre" .. even though Doc Waheed did not answer the President's calls... even though President nasheed's resignation letter was taken to the Speaker by people who had no position in the office of the President... even though... even though... I could go on

    And how convenient that these reports should be released just before the CNI report...

    And Doc Waheed making the statement that he is going to take action re the HRCM report...
    So what does this meannow... that the CNI report is going to get brushed aside...because the HRCM did such a FANTASTIC investigation???

    Wow! It could be Doc Waheeds long absence from the maldives that he thinks we are ignorant fools

  33. The legality of a coup!!!

    How on earth can any person legalise a clear cut violation of law, defiance of orders,uniformed terrorism of the state,violent and brutal conduct by armed forces against any citizen of this country, using of the very weapons to protect and serve us to break and smash our faces and our respect to them, conduct secretive, unconstitutional meetings in Police HQ, act in Martial law fashion before even any deceleration of an emergency, loudly announcing the unconditional surrender of presidency,hijacking MNBC, hijacking Airport, bringing Cheif Judge out of custody to swear in a trator of the state, threatening the president before media announcement, occupying president office under a non-emergency situation to keep the threats real and imminent,,,,,,,,??????????????

    So,HRCM must look into whether all the above violations, not whether Nasheed had a gun pushed against him here or there!!!?

    It's clear and present danger to keep such allegations unaddressed or unspoken of in the awaiting of CONI report!

    If HRCM report is so bias to Waheed it's because he is in power and all his gang think power is a long lasting thing!!!
    the only this that will last with them till their deaths, (spontaneously, or killed) is their title


  34. You argue for democracy as a panacea and you get all freedoms, separation of powers and independent institutions. And then you expect everything to work in accordance with your whims and fancies. If not, you say the HRCM is hijacked, judiciary is controlled, media is bought, the parliament is corrupt, etc...

    A bad workman quarrels with tools.

  35. @All you die hard Annilings, your love for Anni and MDP is deeper than your love for our country, fair enough yet it was not a COUP as such but a REVOLUTION by 75% of the population including all tge opposition parties, police and MNDF, LAdhuganeyydhoo Anni and your Baigandhu though you guys can rule the country any way you want, thats what happens to ppl and groups llike yours, your days were numbered not the 500 years some of you were claiming MDP will be in power, sold all our assets including the number of islands to MDP ppl, disgusting thiefs, no wonder you cant get over it you lost soo much didnt you, money, power, Anni and you lot deserve it hahahha thank you god for Feb 7th, fall of the yellow tyrant, im a Dhivehi Dhari not a laadheenee yellow cult follower, am red white and green and proud!

  36. ..and still no news of Dr.Waheeeds high level trip to Sri Lanka.

    Doesn't seem so Minivan here on this site.

  37. Trial of the century:
    Date: 7th February 2012'

    Crimes: Mutiny or attempt to deceive or over throw state president,Terorism of state,Attempted murder or conspiracy to commit murder, terrorism of armed forces by police, terrorism of civilians by police and mutiny armed forces, destruction of public property by police, illegal assumption of command post, illegal assumption of office of president before legitimising transfer of power,act of terror by mutiny police forces to shoot and break in MNBC, unconstitutional occupying of public property by armed clans,,,,,

    (Waheed,Jameel,Nazim,Riyyaz,Iffe,Ablo Gazi,Gasim,Thasmeen,Jabir,Imran,Ilyas,Umar,
    Yameen,Dhunya,Dhyana,Adeeb,Shahid,J Nazim, and Ofcourse MAG)

    Verdict: 25years or Life impresonment without bail..

  38. @Resting

    Isn't it typical of the paid lackeys of Gayoom and Doc Waheed that you would think to support Anni one has to get a deal? I don't expect you to think anything else. This is your personal culture, you clearly do not support someone unless you get personal gain.

  39. @Maldivious

    You are so wrong. We love our nation, a nation that Gayoom destroyed. All we want is to get our nation back from Gayoom's clutches. Tha's all.

  40. Well said and Ameen @ Ahmed bin Addu bin Suvadheeb on Fri, 24th Aug 2012 1:41 PM.
    We can cry our guts out. But that is not going to quench our thirst! Let the people speak!
    And let justice be served!

  41. Qayoom is no angel but all these numbskulls who think that he utterly destroyed this nation, as opposed to presiding over decades of selective economic development that mostly benefited the capital, need a reality check.

    Hold him accountable for what he was: a despot who used his position to aggrandize himself and his family. Not some cartoonish villain who tortured babies and left the entire nation destitute.


  43. Dear Azra,
    Do not be a coward and take positional and monetary advantage of the greatest calamity that ever befallen on the Maldivian people. Your brother is at CONI is pro Gayoomist who whitewashed the murders of the jail shootings by Gyooms armed forces. And you other brother is negotiating with coup leaders to acquire the position of Maldives ambassador to the UK. Have you ever wondered how independent you could be.
    You are helping these coup led criminal government, that is continuing to brutalize us with their police batons and trying to undo the democracy the people won through the ballot box. The Maldivian people will never forgive you for taking away our democracy.

    Azra Say that again - Nasheed’s life was never in danger during resignation. What a coward you turned out to be, you could have resigned if you didnt have the courage to say the truth.

  44. The tragedy is Police and MNDF have been led to believe that Commander in Chief had given unlawful orders. unlawful or lawful cannot be decided by the security personnel in the event of orders from high command. Even the consequences of such orders are to be borne by the commander under a trial at the judiciary.Judgement on the legality of the order or lawfulness of the order is beyond the remit of subordinates on whom the order falls. People are denied even truth by oppressors. Give peace a chance

  45. Thank God for FEb 7th
    you Anni slaves are pathetic!!
    Be it known that our security forces are not slaves of a dumb liar whose own family and kin has betrayed the country years ago on 3rd November 1988
    we remember well!


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