Letter on Hulhumale’ Hospital

Mr President,

I am writing you, Mr President, to inform you about the death of a student of Grade 9 at Ghaazy School Hulhumale’ on August 9, 2010.

According to the student’s parents, the student attended Hulhumale’ Hospital with severe chest pain on August 8, 2010. A doctor (an Indian national) prescribed medicines and sent her away without doing any of the investigations which are usually done by good doctors.

Since all chest pains are NOT normal, this doctor should have referred her to the physician who is also working at Hulhumale’ Hospital. But this doctor neither referred her to that physician nor did any investigation like an ECG or blood tests, from which a physician could normally identify whether it was a chest pain related to gas in the stomach or a heart-related problem.

So, therefore, I would like to inform you Mr President, that this is a problem which has to be solved without any further delay. I also like to mention that this is a very sad story, and that many people who seek medical treatment at this hospital feel that some doctors and nurses are so careless that they recently gave an expired injection (which was sold by a pharmacy) to a young child without noticing that it was expired. This means neither the pharmacist nor the nurse noticed that it was already expired.

This is not something we can correct by investing additional money BUT we can easily with proper supervision of the hospital manager. For this hospital it is much, much easier to solve such problems because the hospital manager is both a manager and a medical doctor.

Mr President, this email is intended to inform you about what is really happening in our beloved country so that our beloved President could keep it in mind even with the very tight and very busy, VERY IMPORTANT engagements at this critical time.


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10 thoughts on “Letter on Hulhumale’ Hospital”

  1. Ramadan Mubarik from Muslims of Australia to Muslims of Maldives...

    Thankyou Hameed,

    This IS important. On this one, I pray you get heaps of support. I hope this may set into action some upgrade of hospitals...

    Inshallah May we use Ramadan to remember that compassion for these ones is more important than the pursuit of power. May politicians be in politics to spread kindness to the people, not for personal power...

    I think, for at least this month, can we all forgive each other, and work TOGETHER not for power but for true wellbeing of all. Only Allah judges the Niyat, the intention, but may our heart (Al-Qulp) strain to draw towards the Rahman and the Rahim, the Mercy and Grace of the Creator... and may we all genuinely make J-H-D (striving) to care for each other, and not to steal or lie etc... May we fast in our ruh (our spirit) as well as in our body from greed for power and greed to look down or judge one another.

    I will make Du'ah for the hospitals of the Maldives, and the ppl of Maldives to trust on excellent medical care no matter how poor or where frommm...

    I wish my sincerest Salam's to all Maldivians, even those ones who had hurt me in my time with Maldivians, I forgive all, may we all do the same...

    Jazakallah Khair

  2. Mr Hameed,

    My heart goes out to the family of the child. I pray that Allah gives them strength to get through this difficult time and emerge stronger.

    I couldn't understand why you, however, left out details such as how the mentioned incidence of alleged carelessness of the doctor actually resulted in the death of the child. I understand chest pain from cardiac causes is immensely rare in that age group.

    Do we have any details available as to what the cause of death was? Did the child die from illness related to the complaint child reportedly have or was it some other more unnatural cause (as some of the rumors spreading around imply).

    I heard a source at HH say that the said child had physical signs of self harm including healed wounds with telltale self-inflicted wrist slashing. This may or may not be true.

    Hameed, you having left out the event of death, circumstances of death, timeline from time of discharge from hospital and any case of death mentioned in death certification process are leaving a lot to speculation.

    I wonder why Minivan News simply published this letter without doing a bit of investigative journalism themselves to get the story from a journalistic point of view.

    Once again my condolence and prayers to the family,


  3. wiyhout improper analaysis how can you blame someone in medicine ther are so many cases when a child dies in sleep no matter how many investigation you do medical is a though field if everything so easy no body would have died

  4. Mr president, please realise that Hulumale has a population of more than 12,000. We need decent doctors here. I seriously doubt about the qualifications of some of the foreign doctors at the hospital from personal experiaence, including the few times i took my child to the doctor.

  5. These things happen because of the weakness of our Maldives Medical Council. As the sole body responsible for registering and giving permission for doctors to practice in Maldives, they (MMC) should have the capability and responsibility to make sure that the doctors they register are safe and good medical doctors rather than some loafer from the third world. I believe the MMC should be sacked or penalised as well in this case. An innocent child has lost her life due to negligence from an unsafe doctors. It is very easy for a doctor from third world country like India to have fake medical degree and come to Maldives to earn money. And there has been proven many cases in the past. The MMC should have an authentication system to make sure such people do not get jobs from our country and possess a threat to lives of this country.

  6. I live in Hulhumale'...nice place to live but the hospital is very dull....I feel the management is trying to show people that health services NOW is much worse than ever before....this is very strange coz i understand the Manager doesn't officially belong to DRP...may be the woman under him is a DRP opportunist and also activist

  7. Dear Dr Ashraf, please utilize or keep available the hospital's ICU facility so that customers would depend on the service...Don't let the customers go to Male' for consultations and treatments related to Child specialty, Internal Medicine, Surgery and Gynecology because a hospital is not a hospital until and unless a hospital has these very basic facility...It means the hospital's ICU is there just because it was a grant aid from a friendly country but not for providing ICU service to the people who visit the hospital....Ashraf! SHAME ON U....you are letting the DRP lady FAZEELA who is always criticizing the government with angry customers who visit the hospital

  8. I worked as a Registrar in Pediatrics in May-June 2011.
    My experience was pathetic.The nurses are very incompetent and so are few Medical Officers.
    They dont even know the basic skills.I just wonder how can they allow medical blunders happen !!


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