Majlis elections: “The people trust us, despite being recently formed”, says MDA

The deputy leader of Progressive Coalition member Maldives Development Alliance (MDA) has stated that the provisional results of the parliamentary elections demonstrate the public’s trust in the relatively new party.

Ahmed Amir is reported in local media as saying that the results displayed that the citizens of the Maldives yearn to have a peaceful community.

Amir stated that although the official provisional results from the Elections Commission are currently pending, the results as announced by several media outlets showed that the MDA had won five out of the seven seats in which they had contested.

He expressed confidence that there is a “high probability” the final results will show the MDA to have won a sixth seat – the Velidhoo constituency.

Amir said that when viewing parties individually, he believed the MDA had received the maximum level of success, adding that this showed that the public invested high levels of trust in the party.

“If one works with sincerity, they will be accepted by the public. The fact that many popular existing parliamentarians failed to get re-elected shows that the public closely observes the work done in parliament. That the people will accept political parties if they too act accordingly with the laws and regulations,” Amir stated.

Amir stated that the party had only asked the coalition for slots in constituencies that they were confident of winning in. He further added that when the constituencies were being distributed between the coalition members, the MDA had given importance to settling matters via discussion and compromise.

The deputy leader then stated that the success in the parliamentary elections has given the party even greater inspiration to work to further broaden and strengthen itself.

“The elections were already overhead when the party was formed. This caused it to be difficult for us to do sufficient work to increase membership. However, in the next three years there won’t be any elections except if a by-election happens to be held. This will give us time to work to strengthen the party,” he stated.

Amir stated that the party’s main objective will be to work for the benefit of the people, noting that although the MDA is in the government coalition, it will not be in agreement with everything that the government proposes and it will only align with work beneficial to the public.


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