MDP ‘Hoara’ Ibbe’s sexual assault trial scheduled next month

The trial against senior Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) activist and former Undersecretary of the President’s Office, Ibrahim Rasheed ‘Hoara Ibbe’, has been scheduled for next month.

Rasheed stands accused of sexually abusing a 17 year-old girl in December 2012.

The Criminal Court stated that the Prosecutor General had filed the case in the court on February 19.

The Criminal Court told the media that Rasheed was charged under article [c] of the Special Measure for Perpetrators of Child Sex Abuse Act of 2009, which states that perpetrators of child sex abuse can be sentenced up to 14 years.

Ibrahim Rasheed is a well-known politician and a senior figure within the opposition MDP who  also served in the President’s Office under the former government of Mohamed Nasheed.

Rasheed was arrested on December 6, 2012, after being discovered in a house in Galolhu Ward of Male’ with a seventeen year-old girl.

The local media at the time quoted police as saying that when officers entered the room containing Rasheed, he was naked with the girl.

However, police later declined to confirm these reports.

In January 6, 2013, the Criminal Court placed Rasheed under house arrest, after keeping him in pretrial detention for a month.

According to Maldivian law, any person under 18 years of age is considered a minor.


9 thoughts on “MDP ‘Hoara’ Ibbe’s sexual assault trial scheduled next month”

  1. Just the tip of the ice berg. There are many more perverts hidding in political parties, specially in MDP and PPM. Gays who often abuse small boys are in top positions in political parties. Its a well known fact. Both Nasheed and Gayoom don't care!

  2. MDP Horror Ibbe is a very good man. he will not do anything like this. This is all dirty politics being played by BMW

  3. If this man had sexually abused an underage girl or attempted to then that girl deserves justice. Justice shouldn't be dyed in party colours.

  4. And is this girl going to get 100 lashes as well when she turns 18?

    I am told it was consensual sex.

  5. This man should not be punished and he should be free since he is a very closed friend of Fili Nasheed.

    Or his trial should be delayed until 2020 . I don't think delaying his trial is going to affect any other citizen .

  6. Regardless Hoara, Golhaa, or Tora bora, punish them, they violate a child's right.

  7. Many unpleasant and antisocial activities are taking place every day within these beautiful Islands.It's a pity that we cannot get together and find a solution to our own political and social problems.The main reason for this, as I think is the western influence that put down the morale and the social harmony of Maldives.What we have been trying to do is to blind follow others' culture and religions degrading our noble religion.We are a small nation with rich natural resources but not fortunate enough to live in peace & harmony mainly due to these narrow minded selfish politicians who are trying to enjoy the life at the cost of peoples public wealth.Except very few all our politicians are traitors who should be punished at the best for indulging in these types of dirty and unacceptable crimes.

  8. sentence him guilty & put him in jail for fourteen special treatment inside the jail or punish the under-age 17 years old 100 lashes for consensual sex. that's it!

  9. i used to be and beleive myself still to be in the middle.. neither MDP nor DRP coalition or vomitation. I judge from my own point of view... what this guy commited was wrong. now stays the question was it consented sex or forced sex or bought sex.. which ever, he forgot his age and the girl's age... he needs to pay for it.. innocent until proven guilty


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