MDP condemns PA Shareef’s appointment to Elections Commission

)The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has today issued a statement condemning the Elections Commission (EC)’s decision to appoint former Peoples Alliance Party (PA) Secretary General and Spokesperson Ahmed Shareef as the Secretary General of the EC.

‘’MDP believe that anyone appointed for any position at the Elections Commission shall be a person away from influence, independent, fair and a person that would not protect the interest of a specific person,’’ said MDP in the statement.

MDP said it regretted that the commission would appoint a political figure to the commission and condemned the action “in strongest possible terms.”

Former Spokesperson of MDP Ahmed Haleem told Minivan News that ‘’as long as Shareef is in that position, this country can never hold free and fair elections.’’

Haleem said if he remained in the post, it will cause to “violence following future elections as people to question the fairness of the elections.”

‘’He is a person definitely adapted to a political idea and he will have his own interest,’’ Haleem claimed. ‘’The Elections Commission is the commission that has to be most fair and independent.’’

He also said the new President of MDP Dr Ibrahim Didi “will do anything that he has to, to solve this issue.”

Secretary General of EC Ibrahim Shareef told Minvan News that he had resigned from his post in the PA earlier this month and “resigned from politics.”

‘’My position in PA then was not also a political position, it was more an administrative position and it was my job then, I worked there as an employee,’’ Shareef said. ‘’Now I am in a non-political position and I will work independently.’’

Shareef said he was “very confident” that his actions would not be those claimed by the MDP.

‘’I assure the people that my actions will not be like that,’’ he said. ‘’I will follow the EC rules and regulations as well as the constitution and other laws and continue my work sincerely.’’

President of Elections Commission Fuad Thaufeeq did not respond to Minivan News at times of press.


9 thoughts on “MDP condemns PA Shareef’s appointment to Elections Commission”

  1. This man Shareef cannot be trusted at all.

    He studied Arabic and taught the language to Grade 7 students in Majeediyya. Then he gradually got promoted from that post to supervisor to assistant principal.

    Quite soon he got into the good books of Gayoom and became the Atoll Chief of Thaa Atoll. He is from Th Thimarafushi.

    Later he was asked by Gayoom to become the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Atolls Administration. When the government changed on Nov 11, 2008 he found himself in the Ministry of Home Affairs among multiple permanent secretaries.

    All this time he was garnering support for Gayoom through the networks he formed in the posts he filled.

    After he was made redundant with over Rf 2 lakh package he went and worked for the biggest crook in town and his party.

    Dig up the recordings in which this man appeared and listen to what he said.

    There is absolutely no way this guy can perform in a responsible job such as the SG of EC without being apolitical.

  2. What about the vice president of the Election Commision Fayaz? Why didn't MDP criticize when he was appointed the position inspite of him belonging to MDP before. Being a vice president wouldn't he be the one who would be more influencive?? then a Secretary general position that is involved with the administrative tasks..
    ‘’as long as Shareef is in that position, this country can never hold free and fair elections.’’


  3. firecracker: easy easy, dont explode!
    i wonder how you are so sure about the 2lakhs that was given, were you the one who handed it over? .. i think you are getting a bit personal n judgmental here for no right reason. after getting "redundant" biggest crook or with the greatest person, shud work for someone to earn a living eh? 😉

    Looks like, only ppl who roots for a certain party should get the opportunity in government or independent commissions even.. or they would get either redundant or not accepted. So expected from this heyo verikan..

  4. The very process that allowed an incumbent Secretary General of a political party to be selected as the Secretary General of the Elections Commission (regulator of political parties) is flawed.

  5. Firecracker is mostly right. This guy had kissed the right asses from the start to be where he is. No integrity whatsoever. And not the right person to be the SG of EC.

  6. If we are so desperate to give jobs to people then we must give him a job. But he was active in politics and he was in politics when he applied for the job. Commission members and commission presidents and SG are different. He should resign from this post.

  7. one could also say that former head of HRCM joining MDP is a sign that he had conducted all the previous affairs biased to MDP. in our small country and with so many political parties, everyone is somewhat related to political views, but if the person can work professionally, i see no reason to criticize. after all the constitution says, one is innocent unless proven guilty.......


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