MDP requests Prosecutor General investigate “coup agreement”

The opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has requested the Prosecutor General’s (PG) Office launch an investigation into the “coup agreement” that was recently leaked on social media.

MDP Spokesperson Imthiyaz Fahmy told local media today (September 5) that the request was filed at the PG’s Office along with supporting evidence that backed the authenticity of the document.

After toppling former President Nasheed’s government, the plan according to the document was for then Vice President Mohamed Waheed to take charge and form a “national unity government” that represented all the opposition parties.  It also outlined plans to dismantle and factionalise then ruling party MDP.

Despite denial from the parties implicated in the agreement, Fahmy – also MP for the Maafannu Dhekunu constituency, argued that the Prosecutor General Ahmed Muizz had the power to order investigations into such cases.

Fahmy claimed that the reason the MDP had not submitted the case to police was that senior officers “had a direct involvement in the coup and therefore they would not investigate” the case.

“The agreement, which plots to carry out acts that violate the constitution and the laws, reveals that certain members of police and the military were prepared to pledge their support to the anti-government movement. After plotting to carry out several criminal offences, they had toppled a government elected by the people using force and violence,” Fahmy claimed.

Fahmy furthermore claimed that the MDP would be closely monitoring whether the PG exercises the duty vested in him by the constitution. Former President Nasheed earlier this week questioned the PG’s ability to act impartially.

Previously, the PG Muizz had ignored a solicitation petitioned to him by former MDP Chairperson and MP Mariya Didi arguing that President Waheed had played a “pivotal” role in the “unlawful overthrow” of his predecessor on February 7, 2012,  thereby committing the offence of plotting to remove the president or topple the government by the use of an unlawful weapon, as mentioned under section 30 of penal code.

However, no decision from the PG has been made on the solicitation to this date. The media official at the PG’s Office was not responding to calls at time of press.

Authenticity denied

The leaked “coup agreement” mentions a detailed step by step manual to oust Nasheed’s government that was to commence from a nation-wide Islamic symposium on February 24, 2012 – 17 days earlier than the day Nasheed felt forced to resign from office.

The document surfaced on social media on Tuesday (September 3). According to the document, the plot included forcing Nasheed to resign the presidency, and having the Supreme Court order him to remain away from politics for the rest of his life.

The document, dated December 29, 2011, featured seals resembling those of the then-opposition parties Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM), religious conservative Adhaalath Party (AP), Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP), Jumhoree Party (JP), Dhivehi Rayythunge Party (DRP), People’s Alliance (PA) and the Civil Alliance.

However, all parties to the alleged agreement denied the document’s authenticity, arguing that their signatures had been forged.

Speaking to Minivan News last Wednesday, Vice President of the Civil Alliance coalition of NGOs, Abdulla Mohamed – named in the agreement – dismissed the document: “I swear by Allah, that I have never signed an agreement with any political parties both in my personal capacity and in my capacity as the Vice President of the Civil Alliance.”

“Any agreement, had we made one, would have been live on television. I even have the minutes of meetings held with political parties and I will reveal them soon,” Abdulla Mohamed said.

The unauthenticated signatures in the document appeared to include those of PPM Vice President Umar Naseer, Islamic Minister Sheikh Shaheem Ali Saeed (on behalf of the AP), Leader of the DQP Dr Hassan Saeed, Leader of the JP Gasim Ibrahim, DRP Leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali, and Deputy Speaker of Parliament Ahmed Nazim on behalf of the PA.

Read an English translation of the document

Download the original document in Dhivehi


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  1. Wonder why this publication did not bother to ask Fahmy or anyone qualified in the law, whether the Prosecutor General has the legal mandate to investigate any alleged crime.

    To my understanding there are several bodies with investigatory powers in this country but the PGO is not one of them.

    This is campaign propaganda and nothing more.

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