Minister of state for tourism resigns, cites “unacceptable” conduct of Minister Adheeb

Mariyam Mizna Shareef resigned from her position as Minister of State for Tourism, Arts and Culture yesterday (June 19), stating on social media that she had quit over unspecified “differences” with Tourism Minister Ahmed Adheeb

Taking to micro-blogging site Twitter after announcing her resignation yesterday (June 19), Mizna wrote that she had found the manner in which he ran the ministry to be “unacceptable”.

Speaking to Minivan News today, Mizna declined to comment on the post, adding that she wished to keep a low-profile and stay out of the political arena.

News of Mizna’s resignation came following the President’s Office announcement earlier the same day that it had dismissed Deputy Tourism Minister Mohamed Maleeh Jamal and Minister of State for Economic Development Abdulla Ameen from their posts at the behest of their former party.

Maleeh alleged yesterday that could see no other reason for their dismissals beyond the decision of both Ameen and himself not to back President Dr Mohamed Waheed’s election campaign.

Both men have pledged to back the government-aligned Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) presidential candidate MP Abdullah Yameen during September’s election.

Mizna today confirmed that her resignation as state minister had not been related to the dismissals of Maleeh and Ameen, though she did not elaborate further.

Posting on Twitter following her resignation, Mizna claimed that she had tried to enact change within the ministry during her time in the post, but claimed “things [were] going from bad to worse” despite her attempts.

“Only way is to remove Adheeb,” she concluded.

Mizna’s comments on Twitter prompted a flurry of activity on the social networking site, including one post from an account claiming to be that of a PPM Council Member.

Mizna meanwhile accused Adheeb of being “busy giving away lagoons, sandbanks and uninhabited islands.”

Mizna Shareef’s Twitter profile could not be viewed as of this afternoon.

Ministry response

Minister Adheeb was not responding to calls from Minivan News at time of press today.

Adheeb told newspaper Haveeru that his “only crime was being the PPM deputy leader.”

“I have become the target of everyone. It has become their purpose to slaughter me politically. But if there’s a corruption issue involving me shouldn’t they go to the Anti-Corruption Commission or a Majlis committee? But [instead] certain individuals are trying to bring me into disrepute. I regret the corruption allegations made about me. But I will not budge. I won’t budge for a government post,” he was quoted as saying.

Tourism Ministry spokesperson Hassan Zameel told Minivan News that Mizna had not raised any official concerns with the ministry relating to allegations of misconduct against Minister Adheeb.

“She may have discussed these matters with the minister or her colleagues, but we have not received an official complaint,” he said. “The ministry can only recognize complaints if someone has put these concerns to us officially in written form.”

Zameel added that yesterday’s resignation of former State Minister Mizna and the dismissal of former Deputy Minister Maleeh would have no significant impact on the day-to-day running of the ministry.

He added that the ministry would continue to operate with the minister and state minister making political decisions, while civil servants would continue to oversee the rest of the authority’s work.


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  1. Adheeb is extremely corrupt and everyone knows this. Also, who is this mentally handicapped retard called 'xahid creator' issuing threats to people who by the way, have the freedom to do whatever they want. Using mordivian english really says a lot about you. PPM should look at employing educated gangsters.

  2. ask mr.Adheed regarding the 600,000 fee he is collecting from the lease holders of the picnic islands. He takes a fee and give permission to operate resorts on these picnic islands

  3. Ms. Mizna should understand that Adheeb is a drug trafficker. Why is he giving away lagoons, sandbanks, etc?

    So drug traffickers can use them as 'buffer points' to traffic drugs from Afghanistan to Malaysia, Singapore, and several East African countries in the grip of war.

    This is the 'shocking investments' Waheed talked about.

    And Xahid, a PPM lackey, is known to have grown filthy rich and fat over their cut.

    That's why he's so defensive.

  4. Oh dear! Pity the house of cards. As the regime's death knell sounds louder and louder, these episodes will only get more ugly.

    Clearly, Adheeb didn't just turn corrupt; he'd have been exactly that from day one in office. The only reason we are seeing this now is the aforementioned death knell. Time to put on the 5th Symphony by one Ludwig Van Beethoven and enjoy the proceedings...

  5. Xahid Creator is a typical Dhivehistani. He must welcome sister Mizna bint Shareef's resignation - a woman's place is in the home looking after children not in the workplace tempting men or (Allah forbid) criticizing them. Now the sister might get an acid attack or could be stabbed/stoned by mujahid warriors of Dhivehistan as it happened to Velezinee and Hilath. Xahidha will then tweet she deserved it like he "thinked" that Hilath too deserved it.

    Sister Mizna better wear the face veill and sit at home from now on. Forget being a Rehendi Khadija or a Bureki Ranin or Mariyan Kanbaa. Those jaahiliyya days are gone.

  6. Someone needs to investigate this @xahidcreator and his constant threats towards what he perceives as enemies to "Islam" and the power of PPM/Maumoon.

    He threatened peaceful protesters with violence that was eventually carried out. He has also threatened Hilath, who we all know almost died.

    The links between Xahid and @IbnAbduraheem who attacked Hilath on two instances and associates with Shameem etc cannot be understated. Also the police treat @IbnAbduraheem as if he is a ghost at protests etc (especially during the coup) when they harass other citizens for press passes or just straight up arrest them etc.

  7. @Furolhu: Exactly! Xahid Creator means Martyr creator. It's blood lust, very real and very serious. Some body has to have the have the will and the iron to stand up to it.


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