Nasheed alleges President Yameen “remains under power” of Gayoom

Acting leader of opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) former President Mohamed Nasheed has alleged that current President Abdulla Yameen “remains under the power” of his half brother former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

Nasheed opined that it will be difficult for Yameen to continue his presidency under such circumstances, adding that to date he has observed that Yameen has been unable to rule autonomously without Gayoom’s interference.

“All we are seeing so far is the differences of thought between Yameen and Gayoom and the rifts that rise between coalition parties. So far, it does not appear as if Yameen has actual control over his presidency,” Nasheed said, speaking on a live talk show on opposition aligned Raajje TV on Wednesday night.

Nasheed also described Yameen’s appointment of Gayoom’s children and other relatives to political positions as nepotism, adding that “it’s lingering effects will prove to be extremely harmful even though it might seem the easier option”.

“They seem to be unsatisfied unless some relative or other is filling each key position in the government,” he continued.

Currently, Gayoom’s daughter Dunya Maumoon serves in Yameen’s cabinet as the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Additionally, Yameen’s niece Dr Hala Hameed fills the post of Minister of State for Health and Gender, while Gayoom’s sons Ahmed Faris Maumoon serves as Minister of State for Economic Development and Mohamed Ghassan Maumoon serves as Minister of State for Youth and Sports.

Gayoom’s daughter Yumna Maumoon is currently in the post of Deputy Minister of Education.

Yameen has also drawn criticism for his drawn-out attempts to nominate his nephew Maumoon Hameed to the post of prosecutor general.

Nasheed – the first president to be elected in a multi-party election in the country – further asserted that it would be extremely difficult for a country to adapt to democracy after having had an autocratic regime for decades.

“Moving from autocracy to democracy is not an easy feat. It is not something that can be done in a day, or even in five years. I call upon all Maldivians to persevere in the efforts to establish a complete democracy in the country,” he stated.

“SEZs a path to money laundering”

Speaking on the show, Nasheed also criticised current government’s policies regarding tourism and foreign investment.

Nasheed alleged that, should the current bill on Special Economic Zones be passed by parliament, it would pose numerous threats to the people of Maldives. He stated that it would prove to be a path that facilitates black market activities and money laundering.

Tourism Minister and head of the cabinet’s economic council Ahmed Adeeb told Minivan News last month that critics of the bill had failed to understand that it offered the best way to encourage regional investment and development.

Nasheed yesterday alleged that there are no signs of improving general living conditions for the people as a result of Yameen’s economic policies, and that instead additional benefits are being introduced for businessmen and foreign investors.

Nasheed went on to say that the recently launched guest house island program would not present any benefits to locals, and that it is a threat to the success of guest houses in inhabited islands.

This policy – designed as a controlled version of the emerging guest house model on inhabited islands – was launched last week, and has been endorsed by industry groups.

Concluding the show, Nasheed spoke of the current government’s disregard towards improving the general livelihood of Maldivians.

Minivan News was unable to contact President’s Office Spokesperson Ibrahim Muaz for comment at the time of press.


11 thoughts on “Nasheed alleges President Yameen “remains under power” of Gayoom”

  1. Yes giving jobs to Gassan, Dunya, Faris is nepotism. Yameen has said that Gasim's recommended political people had no qualification. What qualification does Dunya has???? I heard Dunya and Yumna studied Geology and Anthropology! Gassan was trying to be a Medical Doctor.

    Everybody knows the fact that when Maumoon was President, a lump of the treasury was sent to England's courts to save Gassan. This case is still undergoing Anti Corruption Board.

  2. Definitely...

    But don't side sweep the real threat. It's those camels, the slave-masters who has the wands spinning, cocking up a picture-perfect dream-view of 72 virgos.

    The gayooms know how to handle the camels. You didn't. Learn and then try again. You will win.

  3. what kind of leadership this idiot had shown during his term. He was a dictator and had robbed this country much more than what Gayyoom had done in 30 years.

    At least Yameen has put a bill on SEZ unlike this idiot who had given GMR and declared airport and its near by zone ad exclusive zone to GMR where our constitution is not applicable. This is completely illegal and the idiot does not have the authority to do so.

    Its best that this guy stop shooting on his feet

  4. @Hero: Are you still upset over lost profits from drug dealing and child porn when Nasheed struck directly at the heart of your criminal empire?

    Or are you annoyed that the money that should have gone to your swiss bank accounts was used to finance social development projects for Maldivians?

    Cry and whine as much as you want.

  5. @Maldivian.
    I wonder how many millions had trickle down to you during Nasheed regime ?

    You seems to be among those elite who were blessed by Nasheed during his dictatorship.

  6. So Maldives state minister for Youth and sports is a convicted murderer . Evidence please...

  7. Think political parties and the Maldivian government has to pull in same direction and try to better the condition of the ordinary Maldivian’s living condition from 28% unemployment and 12,8% inflation that put them among the 25 most miserable places to live together with places like Yemen, Afghanistan, Iran ,Syria and Sudan . One of the things they should discuss is training of the young to serve and work at the Tourist Resorts instead of unemployment. Resorts are the main industry. To do this they should train in English, Chinese,Garman and Japanese as well as learn how to serve the different nationalities. At the moment non Maldivian’s running this service industry. This is only one of many constructive actions that can be done to better the conditions for ordinary Maldivians. Also better the GDP rate from nr.168 of 193 nations. The government should also try to minimize the a big gap between rich and poor

  8. Make up your mind.
    Who is the evil dude? Yameen or Maumoon, which one?

  9. Could somebody give me the name of the Medical Uni that Gassan studied? I would want to know the exact details. I am also sure that Gassan was asked to leave the Medical Uni as he will not be given permission to take the Hippocrates Oath.


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