Parties hold final events in capital city Male’ on last day of campaigns

Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM),  Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) and  Jumhooree Coalition (JP) – the three parties contesting in the November 9 presidential elections – have held final rallies around the capital on Friday evening, ending just in time to meet the 6:00pm campaign prohibition hour.

PPM vehicle round

PPM and its coalition partner Maldives Development Alliance (MDA) organised a round of vehicles as their last campaign event.

The event was led by presidential candidate Abdulla Yameen, who rode atop a party themed convertible car, with over a dozen lorries decorated in party-themed clothed and balloons following him carrying supporters.

Around 50 motorcycles followed the rally, also decked in pink. The total rally had close to a thousand supporters.

The vehicles halted near the Raalhugandu area – the usual rally grounds of opponent MDP – where Yameen addressed the onlookers.

“Do you want to return back to the brutality? Have you forgotten the past?” he asked of them, while urging them to vote for the party.

Supporters in the lorries threw chocolates, leaflets detailing their tourism policy and posters which displayed what they alleged to be corruption during Nasheed’s administration.

MDP march

Maldivian Democratic Party marched around capital city Male’, to the sound of campaign music and loud chants by the crowd of several thousand supporters.

The rally was led by the party’s presidential candidate and former President Mohamed Nasheed, his running mate Mustafa Lutfi, as well as many MPs and senior members of the party’s council who walked along with the crowd.

Supporters carried flags, streamers, balloons and placards showing the party’s slogans and pledges, with “ehburun” [in one round] remaining the main message.

Jumhooree Gathering

Jumhooree Coalition parties gathered near the Social Centre in Maafannu ward, with several hundred supporters in attendance.

The coalition’s presidential candidate and JP leader Gasim Ibrahim, as well his running mate Hassan Saeed joined the gathering.


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  1. It will cost Yameen and Gasim even more dollar$ to buy this insincere support - but as they say, "you can not fool all of the people all of the time!"

  2. PPM had close to a thousand? More like a few hundred. Not so Supreme these days.


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