Police claim 99 arrested following yesterday’s unrest

Police have reportedly arrested 99 people following violent confrontations yesterday during protests led by the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) to disrupt President Dr Waheed Hassan Manik’s presidential speech.

Police have told local press that 80 men, 13 women and six minors were among those who were arrested.

Of those arrested, 14 suspects were said to have tested positive for illegal drugs, though security officials did not specify what substances were have said to have been found.

Speaking to the press yesterday Police Superintendent Ahmed Mohamed claimed that the demonstrations taking place near parliament were at first peaceful.

However, Mohamed added that the protests turned violent after demonstrators attacked officers and entered in to the green zone.

He said security forces attempted to disperse the crowd, but protesters then used pavement bricks and other objects as weapons to attack the security forces.

During the clashes,  Villa TV[VTV], owned by MP ‘Burma’ Gasim Ibrahim, the leader of the Jumhoory Party [JP] – part of Dr Waheed’s government coalition – was vandalised by the protesters.

Mohamed said the attack was itself an act of terrorism and that those involved should receive the harshest punishment possible.

He said 11 police officers were injured and one with serious injuries has been now sent abroad for treatment.

A police spokesperson today told Minivan News that some of the arrested persons have been taken to the court for an extension of their detention period.  The police official was unable to specify the exact number of people who were facing extended detentions at present.

‘’It is very difficult to say at the moment because I am not quite sure about the figures,’’ he said. ‘’This evening we will provide details of the arrests.’’

Protest camp

Police also yesterday dismantled a protest camp site near to the Tsunami memorial that had been home to some MDP supporters originally from islands around the country without any prior warning.

The area was cleared; with people inside moved by police back behind a blockade at the entrance of the surfpoint.

Normality appears restored as of today though, where there is not a single Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) flag or a trace of the colour yellow seen in the area when the police left.


15 thoughts on “Police claim 99 arrested following yesterday’s unrest”

  1. The police and MNDF actions, their lack of neutrality and professionalism was clear to see on the night of Feb 7 when they trashed MDP Haruge and beat up MDP activists, joined protests whilst in uniform.

    They lost the trust of the people on that day. The difference between law enforcement officers and common thugs is not the uniform. It is the professionalism of the officers and the oath they took to protect and to serve the people. This is why they are entrusted with a position of power over ordinary citizens. They are given the responsibility of enforcing law, they do not define the law.

    I call on all patriotic Police and MNDF officers to resign and denounce this rape of our country. Join the protest for democracy. One day surely you will be reinstated once democracy is restored and you can proudly wear your uniform and serve the people instead of a political party.

  2. That is good. Arrest more MDP terrorists. Reasons are unnecessary. It is a terrorist organization. Everyone associated with it is a terrorist and should be arrested for terrorism.

    I cannot say God bless Waheed, because he is a Munafiq as well, but soon insha-allah, we will have better leaders and no more of this party business will be necessary.

  3. the real terrorists in this country are the mutinous police and MNDF personnel.

  4. Yes... Soon we will have better crooks waiting for the nearest opportunity with bags of money to snatch power. Some may have already started plotting. Why can't these cowards face the ballot and make these statements with the support of the people than with the support of the Bhagees..!

  5. The peaceful protesters were first attacked with tear gas by the police. When the police attacked us from Sosun Magu we were sitting peacefully in front of the police shields. The police holding the shields promised us they would not attack us. It was the Star Force that came behind them that attacked protesters. Even while we were sitting there we saw one man throw something at the police and the MDP crowd escorted him outside the protesting crowd. It was the police who attacked us first. They could have just let us be as we were not inside a geen zone.

  6. The most important question in the Banana Republic is, who is guilty in every violent incident in the republic. It is very simple answer, in here freedom is individuality, I have freedom but your freedom should be confined within purview of my understanding, in other words freedom is totally misinterpreted and abused. The other problem is in the judiciary which is supposed to be highest authority to which every institution seek unbiased constitutional ruling. This institution has turned out to be the people of lowest IQ and without any education. It has lost its credibility when they started to function against democracy and rule of law. On the othehand judiciary is politicized, its member are either Yellow or Blue and it seems the majority in the judiciary is with blue ideology. And all the ruling goes in favor of Blue without being reasonable. The executive hierarchy is messed up in a very ignorant society where every one believes he is the most right person and other’s views are not respected.

  7. @peasant
    I totallly agree with your comment.....Though I cannot throw my MNDF uniform, my heart will always be with the people who struggle for the good of this nation (not with the present government)...

  8. Aishath. You are a terrorist MDP. Stop being terrorist and they will not arrest you. Were you arrested while you were at home? No. You were arrested outside being terrorist doing terrorism things. stop being terrorist.

  9. Until Police and MNDF try the mutineers in Courts and punish them there will be no neutrality in Police and MNDF. Violence was forced upon the peaceful demonstrators by the Terror squad star force and beware of this state terrorism as the youth will not sit and take this brutality kindly and they shall retaliate.

  10. It is far too easy to brand people who are fighting to be treated as human beings as terrorists. This is what the regime in Syria is currently doing and the way they are treating their own people is shameful to the human race. At the moment this is the route we are taking in the Maldives, an otherwise peaceful nation. We can't just label people who have been wronged "terrorists" and choose to turn a blind eye to the shame that is going on in our own country. These actions led by the Star Force need to be reviewed and thoroughly condemned. We cannot expect justice when the system is corrupt to the core. There must be a core of people in the Police and the MNDF who are not tainted and they need to work hard to gain the trust of those they have let down so badly - ordinary Maldivians.

  11. Unless terrorist leader Nasheed is arrested we will not have any peace in this country.

  12. Who will investigate the destruction of MDP rally house, mutiny of the police and soldiers. Who will believe in the investigations carried out by the this appointees of the perpetrator , so called Commission of Inquiry with no endorsement or role of Majlis. This commission is and will be a rubber stamp to legitimise this regime. Maldivians are on average politically more aware of tricks of politiking. Ask the hawker on the street. This is farce. Only those above 50s would fall prey to such vineers.

  13. @Simple and Honest: Barakhatu to you for being an honest soldier, deepest respects, deepest deepest thanks from me, and from all of those whose heart has been broken by corruption in those we need to love and trust. There is really no way to show you how much respect is owed to an honest cop or soldier in this day and age where police everywhere in the whole world, and soldiers, are either too corrupt or too cowardly to stand up against genuine tyranny... All the thanks in my heart to you.

  14. Baagee Gayoom, Monkey Waheed, Crook Rekko Mousa Mistresses Dunya and Mariya should be put in jail and throw away the keys for sake of Maldives.


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