Police strategy launch focused on challenges of expansion and “emerging” crimes

Despite uncertainty over funding allocated by the 2011 budget, the Maldives Police Service has today unveiled commitments to try and expand its services among a wider number of islands in the Maldives, whilst also prioritising the prevention of “emerging” threats like cyber crime and human trafficking.

The commitments were announced as part of a new strategic plan outlining key focus areas for police between 2011 and 2013. These focuses include aims to extend measures on the prevention of cyber crime, human trafficking, “extremist ideologies” and piracy, along with more day to day crimes such as theft, violence and drug abuse.

Yoonus Sobah, head of the Bureau of Criminal Records and a member of the Police Service’s strategic development department, told Minivan News that any new commitments outlined for policing the nation were tied, and perhaps limited, to the 2011 state budget that had just been passed yesterday.

Saboh said that the force had not therefore outlined any additional projects in the “short run”, such as new island-based police stations or other service extensions.

“Our goal is to have our services increased across the islands, though this has to be linked to the budget,” he said. “Initially, this means there will be no new police stations constructed, though there are five additional structures in development across a number of islands that were already planned.”

According to Sobah, as part of strategy to try and improve delivery of policing across the country, the service is moving ahead with “decentralisation plans” to try and create a strong presence across the country’s capital islands. Such a focus is expected to allow for cases that were previously transferred to Male’ to be examined on a more local regional basis instead, according to the Police Service spokesperson.

On a wider national scale, Sobah said that the new police strategy would aim to increasingly deal with “emerging” larger-scale crimes such as financial misconduct, people smuggling and even maritime protection in conjunction with groups like the Maldivian National Defence Force (MNDF).
“Alongside our commitments to street crime, we will try and prioritise on bigger cases that we are not as experienced in solving, such as cyber crime,” he said.

Sobah added that so called larger or “emerging” crimes also involved potential external threats such as terrorism, piracy and financial crime.

Speaking today during the unveiling of the new three year police strategy at the Iskandhar Koshi bulding, Commissioner Ahmed Faseeh highlighted the importance of serving the people with loyalty and integrity and how the new strategic plan could help met these aims.

“The purpose of the police is to enforce the law and maintain a peaceful environment in the society,” said Faseeh. “This strategic plan was established after conducting research with the practical assistance of the Scottish police.”

In addressing the challenge of “emerging” criminal activity in the Maldives such as cyber crimes, the commissioner said he believed progress was already being made.

”The police have achieved satisfying progress in the last three years when we worked under the recent strategic plan,” he added.

Home minister Afeef claimed that although the last police strategic plan was not fully successful in meeting its aims, police achieved satisfying results nonetheless.

”Other institutions related to the work of the police should also cooperate more to achieve their best,” said Afeef. ”Police are ready to take the risk, although they have to deal with the most violent criminals in the country.”

He also appealed for witnesses at crime scenes to be more cooperative with the police when providing information.


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  1. What happens when you compare reality to the Pink Panther creation? , Corruption is certainly an issue, what’s the reason they (the police ) never mentioned about the drug trafficking … is it because they RUN the drug trade??? . so it's not meant to be shut down… so what will happen to new government’s fifth pledge I guess!!! I have no doubt that there are corrupt police working in the field of drugs..

  2. These focuses include aims to extend measures on the prevention ........ “extremist ideologies” ...........

    Really!After all what are extremist ideologies!!

    Would this include child marriages and sexual abuse that goes hand in hand? Would this include domestic violence including rape in marriage. Wonder who the Islamic scholar is on the Commission of Police who would dare challenge those (including the Islamic Ministry) who want to control religion here. Would it be done in the same way HRCM, having a namesake who has no backbone?

  3. Police strategy launch focused on challenges of hibernation and “extinction” polar bears!!! please now the public is fed up, is there any new crime to emerge??? we have drugs, rapists, murderers, gangs and violence, child abusers, extremists etc .. so who's emerging !!

  4. Police Strategy?
    MY GOD!! When the very top politicians in all parties are known to break every page of Constitution, including having Mini Bar full of Vodka's and famous beers at their home in Male' for personal consumption and these very leaders have publicly know sex slaves (they call them Personal Assistance) is not seen a problem with Police..The gangsters are closely linked with top politicians like Yameen, Sarangu Adam Manik, Mahloof, ete...THEN WE HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM! Shame on Police!! We also have current MI5 agents, AlQaida and Mossad Maldivian agents in Police and MNDF..STILL NO PROBLEM?? WAKE UP!!

  5. Crimes and action. Liars of propaganda to lock down control using fear and hell to keep its people from growing. Government runs the drugs, threats based on our religion, sexuality, growth, housing and cost of living. Use the constitution and want for freedoms against us. Shut down our communications and hope. Create issues and try to convince us you are there to protect us and give us world growth. Everything you wont give us. Just lies and jail. Who is the fear of the world? Those that cant open their eyes and allow its people to grow and to be open to other ways. Our own government conflict is the real threat. Muslim belief, Muslim control. Maldivian lies so that they can control, steel and lie.
    How much more do they control us before we fight back. Im sick of this.


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