Police summon former Defence Minister and President’s Office Undersecretary for questioning

Police have summoned former Defense Minister Tholhath Ibrahim to for questioning over former President Mohamed Nasheed’s arrest of Criminal Court Chief Justice Abdulla Mohamed.

Former Undersecretary of the President’s Office Ibrahim Rasheed ‘Hoara Ibee’ has also been summoned for questioning  to over alcohol bottles police reportedly discovered inside Presidential Residence Muleeage, on the day of the police mutiny.

Rasheed today told Minivan News that he was summoned to police and asked about the bottles, and that he answered the police questions.

‘’I told them that the area where they found the items can be accessed by anyone who enters Muleeage so nobody could be certain who they belonged to,’’ Rasheed said. ‘’We believe there was police mutiny in February 7 – the  day they claimed to have found those bottles – and we are not sure whether it was the police or the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) who were in control of Muleeage that day.’’

Rasheed said ‘’I think their main objective is to destroy our reputation, it’s what they have always been doing, so we expect more allegations.’’

Tholhath confirmed to Minivan News that he was questioned about the arrest of Judge Abdulla Mohamed.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam also confirmed that the pair were summoned for questioning over some cases reported to police.

He said that as the investigation was still not concluded, police could not give further details.

Criminal Court Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed was arrested by the MNDF on the evening of Monday, January 16, in compliance with a police request.

The judge’s whereabouts were not revealed until January 18. The MNDF had acknowledged receipt but not replied to Supreme Court orders to release the judge.

Prosecutor General (PG) Ahmed Muizz joined the High and Supreme Courts in condemning the MNDF’s role in the arrest as unlawful, and requesting that the judge be released. Former President Mohamed Nasheed has maintained that he was upholding the constitution in the arrest of the judge, following the failure of both parliament and the judicial services commission to adequately investigate him, after the Chief Judge in September 2011 had the civil court issue an injunction against his further investigation by the judicial watchdog.

Opposition political parties held a series of protests which culminated on the morning of February 7 with the resignation of Nasheed – allegedly under duress – and the handover of the presidency to Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan.

The same day, MNDF and police officers claimed to have found alcohol bottles and hash oil in the presidential residence.


24 thoughts on “Police summon former Defence Minister and President’s Office Undersecretary for questioning”

  1. These guys booze way too much, its time to bring them out of intoxication, way to go police

  2. Take finger prints of the bottles. I hope would get some evidence then.

  3. its not been long since the MDP government has been taken over by a 'coup'. am not surprised that waheed government is going on a witch hunt! this new illegitimate government is fearing that they might be ousted soon? whats next?

  4. We all know Anni and gang do booze and do mild drugs.

    Be man enough to admit that!

    But it is despite this, that we selected him. Why?

    a) Girls do not want to be penguins.
    b) we want a western culture, not mid-eastern.
    c) we want freedom of speech; opposite of that in Saudi.
    d) we want our kids to be educated in english; then they can live a life, get jobs. Nowadays no body will ask you if you knew arabic or dhivehi, in a job interview.
    e) 93+ percent of world listens to music. And is Islam, it is haram. Anni is the only one who would stand with those who listen to music, unashamed.

  5. May I ask the Police to do urine tests on the current cabinet of Waheed? I'm sure that they'll find the results very "interesting".

    There are a lot of people who have personally witnessed various officials of ALL Maldivian governments enjoying alcohol and drugs. What's new?

  6. I wondered why they had gone all quiet over the alcohol bottles they took out of Muliaage. It was quite odd wasn't it, that within just a few hours after President Nasheed resigned, these bottles were found and an arrest warrant issued for him.

    When questioned, Dr Waheed said he did not know an arrest warrant had been issued. And that he will intervene to halt that.

    Looks like its back on agenda. Umar Naseer has gone on publiv record saying they will lock Nasheed away for 15 years.

  7. @Ahmed Asim

    n who is ur preacher that preaches that music is haraam in islam??dats just the narrow minded philosophy of self proclaimed sheikhs who r been fooled by the devil himself that they know too much n hv some divine r8s.islam was spread throughout hindustan and thousnds of indians understood n rcvd the light of islam through music spread by sufi mouideen chisti having his world famous shrine in Ajmer.n the Arabs of the times of the prophet were famous for poetry and used to sing whenever a bunch of them got together specially travelling and going for war,obviously there wud have been music.Having said that you need to be decent n careful of what you say in the songs just as when you talk!
    And by the way it was maumoon who spread the western culture n english in the Maldives to all classes and the one who awarded all singers,actors and promoted all the artists and performers and death metal,black metal hevay metal all shows began during that periode.Infact all that you have mentioned there was the Agenda of Maumoon until the wahabis now rebranded salafis came along and gave him a hard time n jeopardized his dictatorship by using religeon as the weapon.So y didnt u select maumoon instead?Maybe if u had he wud have done a better job by having the democratic card and cut off more beards by force.

  8. Wonder who's going to question the police and mndf guys who were drunk and beating up protesters? Are they above the law just because they wear a uniform?
    The liquor bottles in Muleeage was a set up and people like Nazim and Riyaz can better answer how it got there. They can tell you it was just a loan from their usual stock at home.

  9. Minivan News ran short of informing Rasheed was residing in Muleeaage official residence of President Nasheed. How could such a person reside in Muleeaage. This is unacceptable and should be investigated.

  10. @mariyam: you can go on writing that wherever but it was clear to see who was drunk/on drugs. Definitely not security forces.

    Remove your yellow blinkers!

  11. how you can proof that, those bottles were president Nasheeds alchohal bottles, you have reported that after police mutiny and also you have never submit that report to court and went to with arrest warrent before shooting MNBC.verh very sgupid, use your mind to frame some one.

  12. @rome
    This is an illegal government and hell bent on destoying justice. This is a SET UP and the people and the international community will not stand for it.

  13. There are guys in the security forces who use hash oil and brown sugar...There are guys in the security forces who booze too.If I said all I was wrong.

  14. at mamoons time the booze was going for 350 per bottle and was abundantly available and now gray market / bootlegging has stopped and a bottle sells for around 2000 MRF according to sources so who has stopped all this .... whats a obvious setup

  15. @Ahmed Asim. I fear your 'politics' is a bit battered & skewed given your reasons for electing President Nasheed!!! i certainly voted for him for a whole lot of different reasons.

    i wish these people would show proof for what they allege. but then again, how can you show what you don't have!

    @rome perhaps you should remove your rather blackened and blood spattered blinkers. perhaps then you would see the truth for what it is!

    @malaabaaree heaven forbid! fingerprints! that would be too legal a process to show what this gang are trying to hide!

    in no time this clown clan will show just where they're coming from and where they're going. its already evident in so many ways.. mndf, police using violence publicly, drunk and high on drugs as they indiscriminately beat up unarmed civilians. the judiciary system.. well what can i say. honest law abiding citizens are avoiding the judiciary system like the plague! and all the thugs are coming out and publicly showing and saying just how they've been part of this whole coup from the start. i say we let them expose themselves, although a little bit of encouragement to get this done wouldn't go amiss

  16. oh, and i forgot about the fundies. let's just not go there for fear i might lower myself to that level

  17. Police has come to their common standard. The banana republic has a record that the police are political tool to satisfy individual’s political need. The police was never to protect and serve the public but rather they were always equipped and trained to protect autocrats and dictators. The alcohol bottles prove nothing but the in efficiency and ignorance of these monkey brained zombies. If there was any alcohol smuggled in to Muleaage, who should be responsible??? . Isn’t that this very people were supposed to check anything that goes in to president’s residence not only to check the alcohol but for the safety of the president as well. And if the bottles were smuggled with their approval than why should they bring this up now. The other question is why they would make public such crazy thing even if it was real, in such situation when the whole thing can be suspicious as a setup. These brainless never thought that this will prove more of their clandestine notorious operations they were famous to do to frame political opponents as well as any individual they have grudged with. What bunch of maniacs, may be this how the legal system works in this extra ordinary banana republic of fishermen and must be a good piece of police work to this single neuron semi evolved subhuman standard?

  18. "It wasn’t a coup d’etat, if you think it was do you think he would be out here talking to you and everybody else? You know there’s no restriction on his freedom and he is moving around." - Dr. Waheed on Al Jazeera interview.

    One of his lame justifications that it wasn't a coup. Yeah Waheed and clan didn't feed Nasheed to the dogs. They are running a smear campaign via police and media (we all know which) to label him as 'anti-islam' and brainstorming on ways to put him out of politics forever. Meanwhile making sure that the international outcry is contained. So that Maumoon and monarchy could get their foothold in the country for good.

  19. Speedy
    So whats the truth ?
    There is no doubt that it was a set-up by these mindless creatures... I am sure even if the bottles belong to President Nasheed. How did it enter presidental palace ? There is no way it can be proved that belongs to Nasheed. The MNDF & the stupid Police must be responsible for that...CP Riyaz & Nazim will be responsible...

  20. Why was the under-secretary living in Muliaage ? Now this is a question i think the Maldivian public wants answers about.

  21. Alcohol is strictly forbidden in Islam, but drugs, tobacco and women are not. Yameen and Gayoom planted those bottles there. And Waheed is not a doctor but a butcher.


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