PPM presidential candidate “root of all nation’s problems”, Umar Naseer tells JP rally

The “Jumhoree Gulhun” – a new coalition consisting of the Jumhoree Party (JP), Adhaalath Party (AP) and Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) – held a rally on Monday night to celebrate new arrivals, including Progressive Party of Maldives’ former interim Vice President Umar Naseer, former PPM Youth Wing Leader Ibrahim Nazim, PPM MP Shifaq Mufeed and Islamic Democratic Party (IDP) leader Hassan Zareer.

“None of these fresh people joining us laid any conditions, demands or excuses before joining our coalition. They have come to join us to protect our sovereignty, our religion and the way of our ancestors,” JP Leader and presidential candidate Gasim Ibrahim said, addressing 200-300 supporters gathered in their Male’ campaign office.

“Their self interest is the self interest of the Maldivian citizens,” he continued. “I would like to tell all those who have newly joined us that we will not disappoint you. Our desks are extremely clean. There isn’t even a single piece of paper which might be stained.”

“It is my belief that together with the other parties’ members, our coalition will now have at least 50,000 members. Therefore, there is no doubt that our coalition will win the elections, be it in one round or even if we go to a second round,” Gasim predicted.

“Yameen is the root of all our country’s problems”: Umar Naseer

PPM’s former interim Vice President, who lost the party’s presidential primaries to PPM Leader Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom’s half-brother Abdulla Yameen spoke at the JP coalition’s rally tonight, criticising the presidential candidates of both PPM and MDP.

Stating that he and his supporters who had joined the JP coalition alongside him are “ultimately supporters of Gayoom”, Naseer said Gayoom’s half brother, Yameen “is a completely different story”.

“There is no way PPM can win the September 7 elections with Yameen as a candidate,” Naseer claimed.

“Yameen is the root of all the problems faced by our country today. The 40,000 illegal immigrants who have entered the country are people brought in under his nose. People say that there is a connection between Yameen and the illicit drugs that are sold on the streets of Maldives,” Naseer alleged.

“And so, any person who loves this country being in PPM and voting for a man like this is nothing but a betrayal to the nation. Even though you remain a member of PPM, you do not have an obligation to vote for a corrupt man like Yameen. The nation is far more important than that,” Naseer said.

Naseer stated that in the first round of elections, it will be Yameen who contests most closely with Gasim, adding that it is “of utmost importance to defeat him”.

“If Yameen comes to power, nothing but an empty pit will remain where the country’s safe deposit ought to be,” Naseer continued.

“I speak out of experience. And therefore, I pray we get Allah’s blessing in these efforts to save this nation, to prevent it from going into the hands of a corrupt group of people, to save it from the irreligious ideology of Mohamed Nasheed and to protect our nationalism.”

Naseer also stated that he had the utmost respect for current President Mohamed Waheed, but added that he could not support Waheed as he had appointed Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) Leader Thasmeen Ali as a running mate.

Rationalising his refusal to support a Waheed-Thasmeen presidency, Umar alleged that Thasmeen had made “underhand deals with Nasheed to sell out the airport to GMR” and described him as “a traitor to the nation”.

He also predicted that the days leading to the September 7 election will prove to be “highly dangerous and risky”, stating that MDP’s apparent plans to file a case against Gasim gives weight to his concerns.

“It will also go to the point of physical fights on elections day. What I have to say to the people of this nation is that this is the time when history will be written. We must defeat Nasheed at any cost.”

“Be vigilant as [they] might attempt to stop you from voting”: Gasim

JP presidential candidate Gasim Ibrahim advised his supporters to be “very vigilant and careful” on election day.

“We all know there is a certain group of people who will vote first thing in the morning on election day, and will then proceed to harass people who try to go to the voting booths after them. So be extra careful to cast your votes as early as possible,” Gasim said.

“Beware of losing your national identity cards before election day. And be wary of other people living in the same house as you, as they may be instructed to hide your ID cards so as to stop you from voting,” he cautioned.

“If such things happen, then these people might win in one round, as they keep saying repeatedly. So be vigilant. Be extremely careful,” Gasim said, referring to the Maldivian Democratic Party.

“Nasheed keeps saying he will come to power ‘at any cost’. Listen carefully, he says ‘at any cost’, meaning he is willing to do anything at all to rise to power. This means they intend to create enough chaos and trouble to cause the international community to not accept the elections,” he stated.

“Some of your sons and daughters living in your homes are, like that man [Nasheed] says, not always in a sound state of mind or sober. They might be paid some amount of money to hide your ID cards and stop you from voting, so be very careful of this. Be vigilant and careful in order to fulfill this legal, national and religious obligation,” Gasim stated.

From PPM to JP

Along with Umar Naseer, other council members and general members of PPM also joined the JP coalition.

Ibrahim Nazim, who resigned from his post as PPM’s Youth Wing Leader on Monday night and joined the JP rally the same evening, also echoed Naseer’s claims that Yameen “has no way of winning the presidential elections.”

Nazim stated that he had defected to the JP as the PPM failed to respect elected positions in the party, including himself.

“It is impossible to even contact the leadership, be it via phone or even text messages. I do not see how a person like this can contribute to empowering youth. I have decided to support Gasim as he is the only one of the four contesting candidates who seem to be working with the common people.”

Having initially supported Naseer, Nazim later called on PPM youth supporters to back Yameen after he defeated Naseer in the party’s presidential primaries.

Following June’s Civil Court ruling that the outcome of the PPM primaries cannot be made void, Nazim called on Naseer’s supporters to remain or come back to the PPM, adding that he believed Yameen would maintain the political ideology of Gayoom.

Despite this, Nazim then left his position at the PPM and joined the JP coalition with Naseer and his supporters that evening.

MP Shifaq Mufeed, who initially was in MDP and later defected to PPM in 2012, also joined the JP coalition.

Mufeed stated that he had come to the JP coalition not due to any monetary incentives, but because he believed in Gasim’s pledges and political ideology.

PPM’s ‘Maaz’ Ahmed Saleem, who supported Naseer in the party’s primaries also spoke at Monday’s rally.

Speaking in praise of JP’s presidential candidate, Saleem said, “Gasim already owns 30 percent of this country. What reason is there to not grant him the remaining 70 percent?”

“We gave power to Waheed on February 7, 2012 with a lot of hope. But today we are seeing Waheed filling his pockets with irreligious thoughts and imparting these anti-Islamic ideologies to the people,” he said.

“And as for Nasheed, if he wins the election, it is a fact without doubt that we will see the construction of temples in our Islamic nation.”

“Umar Naseer and I, we worked very hard to get the PPM to hold primaries. We did succeed in doing so. But then, the half-brother poked his hands in and meddled with the primaries, making it corrupt too,” Saleem alleged.

Other speakers at the rally included Abdulla Mohamed, who led the Civil Coalition of NGOs, the main organiser of the December 23 coalition which held the 2011 rally under the banner of “defending Islam” from the MDP.

Abdulla Mohamed said the JP stands an “irrefutable likelihood of winning the election if every member guarantees an additional 10 votes for Gasim.”

“Although initially Gasim was going to contest in the elections with only a handful of people backing him, as in just his Jumhoree Party, he now has the support of a large coalition, which guarantees he will win,” Abdulla claimed.

“On February 7 we rid the nation of a creature far more fearful than the historical sea demon known by the name of Rannamaari. We rid the nation of Nasheed and his sidekick, Mariya Ahmed Didi (MP and former MDP Chairperson), whom we can call ‘AnniMaari’. We must do so again in September,” he said.

“If we can do that, and if every member obtains 10 more votes, winning this election will be as easy as peeling an onion.”


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  1. Umar says “If Yameen comes to power, nothing but an empty pit will remain where the country’s safe deposit ought to be,”

    So instead of the MMA building, we will see a large volcano sized pit.

    Very visual indeed!

  2. Very entertaining to read the kaafirphobia of these Dhivehistani clowns. Funny thing is most Dhivehistanis will fall for it. They're so brainwahsed by the mullahs that they're against building temples but will gladly hand over 100 percent of their country to a man who sells alcohol and pork for a living.

  3. From "brother Yameen" to the root of all evil in the space of six months. Let's wait and see how this guy manages to scuttle the Drill.

  4. Yes it's a religious obligation for all good Muslims to vote for the biggest seller of pork and alcohol in this country. Now if only this pious ultra religious Gasim would put his money where his mouth is and close all his resorts and stop doing these haraam activities, we might just start believing his religious talk

  5. Everytime I heqar the jokers of Maldives like Umar,Saleem and Abdullah and Didi talking about Islam then I realize that these spiteful, religion selling merceneries of Mr. Gasim have nothing else against Anni so they just have to repeat and repeat wishing our naive Maldivians would believe their lies and refrained from voting for Anni. I know and believe it is Anni who constructed so many mosques during his short tenure, it was Anni who abolished liqueur permits which was given to foreign expatriates who in turn sold it to Maldivians and it was Anni who gave us the translated to Dhivehi version of holy Quran. For me Anni is more religious and truthful than all those religion selling unscrupulous political prostitutes. My verdict is clear. I and my family shall vote for Anni and not Gasim anymore. By joining with such jokers will make you more votes than gaining brother.

  6. Corrections.
    "Everytime I hear" and in last sentence "joining with such jokers will make you loose many votes than gaining brother".

  7. "....Speaking in praise of JP’s presidential candidate, Saleem said, “Gasim already owns 30 percent of this country. What reason is there to not grant him the remaining 70 percent?”..."

    This tells us all you need to know about JP and Burma Gasim. Most of his campaign is talk about how Villa company does this or that. Its looks from his campaign it's going to be a huge national conflict of interest with Gasim at the helm. An antitrust nightmare.

  8. “We gave power to Waheed on February 7, 2012 with a lot of hope"

    So what is he saying here? That it was a coup?

  9. This umar naseer is a joke. backbone-breaker. Yamin is not all that corrupt

  10. This is what Maldives needs :


    Maldivians are an illiterate bunch of lazy rougues. They can only get on their bikes and ride around town.... drink coffee.. no brains, no work ethic, no honesty and integrity.... this place is anyway a pit...

    if not for the expats working in all stratas of society this place will be non-existent.

  11. Pussy dent bean

    I shall stirke you down with my beard....

    Maldivians are very holy.. does not consume alcohol, or drugs or rapes girls and then flogs them .. or rapes goats at times ...

    We live by the beard, drink and fornicate by the beard.. so we are good. ho ho ho ho

  12. Very true!
    They jolly well know that the drill which only know to turn clockwise is gone crazy! Simply nuts!
    Money! Money! Money!
    I have more money!
    Come join JP movement to save (my ass)!
    This is the real state of the drill!

    They all have joined you to make hay while the sun is shining!
    And to cut off from where ever possible!

    “We gave power to Waheed on February 7, 2012 with a lot of hope”
    What could one expect from a "thank you for the Laura"!
    The very thing he did, is coming out of his own mouth!

    @Ahmed Bin Addu Bin Suvadheeb on Tue, 30th Jul 2013 5:49 PM.
    Scuttle the Drill! Heheh!
    Worry not!
    There is no need for anyone else to scuttle the Drill!
    It is an already scuttled Drill!

    Umar Naseer know very well that he does not have no place to run and no where to hide!
    He is just trying a one last bid before having to walk the plank shouting;
    Umpteen men on a no-bit Drill!
    Yo ho ho! Look what the devil has done!

  13. This is why I consider Umar to be an asset. A loose cannon, yes, but an asset.

    But asset or not, once the war is over, he'll be put to trial. And punished.


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