President Waheed appoints seven state ministers, including Gayoom’s son

President Mohamed Waheed Hassan has appointed seven state ministers for various ministries in a ceremony held in the President’s office yesterday.

The newly appointed state ministers were Imad Solih as the Minister of State for Education, Fuad Gasim as the Minister of State for Fisheries and Agriculture, Ahmed Shameem and Mariyam Mizna Shareef as Ministers of State for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Abdulla Ameen as the Minister of State for Economic Development, Gassan Maumoon as the Minister of State for Human Resources, Youth and Sports and Sheikh Mohamed Didi as the Minister of State for Islamic Affairs.

Gassan Maumoon, appointed Minister of State for Human Resources, Youth and Sport, is the son of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. Gassan also contested in the last parliamentary elections under a DRP ticket against the recently unseated MDP MP Musthafa. Gassan lost the election twice, after the Elections Commission held the election for a second time after the first election was declared invalid.

The Criminal Court in October 2011 ruled that the arrest of Gassan was unlawful, after he was summoned for questioning in connection with an injury sustained by an MDP protester outside his residence Endherimaage.

During the incident, a 17-year-old boy was struck on the head with a wooden plank allegedly thrown from Endherimaage, while protesters led by MDP MPs, councillors and senior members were marching by the former President’s residence. Police submitted documents containing early evidence for the judge’s considering, including a medical report of the injuries sustained by the 17-year-old, photos, witness statements and “evidence we collected from the scene.”

Gassan’s legal team, including current Attorney General Azima Shukoor, argued that witness statements were invalid as they would have come from “people participating in an unlawful assembly.”

Police argued at the time that if Gassan’s arrest was unlawful, “everyone police have ever arrested and brought before the court [for extension of detention] have been arrested in violation of the constitution”, and suggested that Gassan’s legal team was “concerned that we might present evidence” and that the legal argument bore “no weight.”

Imad Solih, appointed as the state minister of education, is currently the deputy leader of Dr Hassan Saeed’s Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) and was a former presidential appointee to the People’s Special Majlis during the time when the constitution was drafted.

Gasim, appointed as the state minister for fisheries and agriculture, is the current secretary general and a council member of business tycoon and politician Gasim Ibrahim’s Jumhoree Party (JP).

Shameem, the newly appointed State Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture, is a senior member and a council member of Dr Munavvar’s political party, the Maldives Reform Movement. Shameem is also the brother of the Human Rights Commission member Dr Ali Shameem.

Ameen, appointed as the Minister of State for Economic Development, is the current Secretary General of Dr Hassan Saeed’s DQP.

Mariyam Mizna Shareef, who was made state minister for tourism, arts and culture, is the daughter of DRP deputy leader Ahmed Shareef.

Sheikh Mohamed Didi, appointed as the State Minister for Islamic Affairs, is the President of the Civil Alliance, an umbrella coalition of NGOs behind the December 23 movement in defence of Islam. Didi also played a pivotal role in organising the 23 December Islamic rally and has been working with the opposition during the tenure of President Nasheed.

President Waheed, speaking to the newly appointed state ministers, expressed confidence in the new appointees and that he had no doubt in that they would serve the nation with best of their capacities.

MDP Spokesperson Imthiyas Fahumy said: ” Gassan is not at all experienced in working in such a position. What is happening right now is exactly what happened during Gayoom’s regime.”

“We are day-by-day seeing that Waheed does not have full power over this government. Someone else from Maumoon’s end is controlling this. Those who were involved in this coup are getting the positions,” Fahumy said.


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  1. So is Mohamed Hussein Shareef and Ghassan Maumoon the new faces of the youth?

  2. I'm not going to distribute Rebull and Lavazza for free anymore if you don't give a post to Asthu Shiham.

  3. At last, Mohamed Hussein Shareef dream has come true. For years, Mundhu has been treated like a dog by Ghassan and family. Now Ghassan is under Shareef. Mundhu make sure that Ghassan addreses you as ‘Yes Sir’.

  4. On 3 November 1988, Maldivians had to defend against foreigners.

    Since 7 Feb 2012, the day has come where Maldivians needs defending against Maldivians, against friends and relations, against spouses and children, Most important defend against the Police, Army, Government, Judiciary and the Parliament.

    Who will win, I am certain the population of Maldives will win.

    Hence go for a Election Judas Waheed, if it is a proper time to hold a bi election, I don't see why it not proper time to hold a presidential election. Perhaps it would be proper time for Judas Waheed if he is confident he will win the election, which can happen only in his dreams.

    May Allah save us from this mess.

  5. The day when we respected Presidents, V.Presidents, Ministers, State Ministers have Just been washed into the sewage system with these fart faces.

    We need to redefine authority, responsibility and answer-ability with these leader amongst us to rule in our country.

  6. The state of being one; oneness with Moyamoon Abdul Gayoom.

    The state or fact of being united or combined into one, as of the parts of a whole; unification. Hence You can address Mr. Mrs. Judas Waheed Ilham Maumoon Nasreena Fahkadaa Zahir Hussien.

    absence of diversity; unvaried or uniform character. giligili giligili giligili giligiligiligili giligiligiligili giligili

  7. The new leaked video posted on sunonline has revealed the truth. Anni is nothing but a big fat liar. The video shows his last minutes inside army headquarters shouting and commanding at them. It shows pretty much he he was the one in command and was not under any threat from the army. None of the army officers seem to carry any sort of weapons. Anni can fool the white boys in the west but not the maldivians. The man is mental and has a low dignity. He knows nothing but to lie and create fear and terror in this country.

  8. Brother Yasir...Did you not see that how much he shouted the army did not obey him..Dont just look at 2 seconds of a video and speak lik a fool.We are not fools.Now we are seeing the corruption unfold.Congradulations Gassaan Moumoon.What an example of corruption in its purest form.And all you can say against anni is"He is mad" heheh now we know who is really mad..heheheh...
    you foolish person..poor you....

  9. @G on november 3rd maldivians were defending the country against the foreigners backed by maldivians. hmmm? guess who they are?

  10. Yasir, look at that video carefully, and then have a look at the photo that shows Riyaz carrying Nasheed's resignation letter. You think that is normal? Riyaz was a civilian then. And even take a look at the civilian Nazim announcing to the crowd that Nasheed has been asked to resign within an hour.
    The one that shows someone comming out and announcing to the crowd that Nasheed will resign at the president's office so lets give him safe passage until there. If it was not forced how come someone else announced his resignation before hand? the video that shows police storming mnbc and taking it by force before Nasheed resigned. Or just take a look at this link's coverage of events as it happened.
    Or even take a look at Nasheed's resignation video you can clearly see Nazim in that room. What was he doing there? he was just a civilian and ofcourse the next day he gets appointed Defence Minister, Riyaz Police commissioner.
    Have a look at all this and see if you believe that Nasheed got up one fine day took a look at at dozens of police officers mutinying and decided to resign.
    And take into account Nasheed is someone who had been tortured, jailed and chased on the streets and who still fought on, so you think he would have given in that easily? Think Yasir.

  11. Are those pple so foolish that they thing this illegal gvt will go on forever ?
    Don't they know Maldivians are tired of dictatorship, and are craving for democracy ?
    What do they think will happen to them once the legitimate gvt comes back?
    I sure hope they have emregency plans set up to move out from the country when this day will come...

  12. No longer will maldivians live in fear and ignorance..Wellcome to the information age...We now KNOW whats happening ,we SEE whats happening and we TALK about whats happening.So before you come up with an imaginary story or make a foolish accusation..THINK TWICE or else you will look like a FOOL...heheheh no hard feelins bro but its just the political tension

  13. ELECTION is all we ask for...not to hand over power..from what i can see Waheed Yaameen and Mau is certian they ll loose if there is an election...thre is no other reason they are afraid of it

  14. @yasir

    dont u see how heavily the video on sun is edited. there's no audio, bits n pieces are missing. the video only shows what the presenter wants people to see. get it thru ur thick skill

  15. Anni (Nasheed) was seduced and blackmailed by Mariya And Rekko Moosa! Both of these crooks lead Nasheed to resign! MDP has to take strick action against these two corrupt and drunk no good fools!

  16. @hehe on Thu, 8th Mar 2012 2:14 PM

    "For years, Mundhu has been treated like a dog by Ghassan and family."

    Correction: Mundhu has been treated like a dog all his life by the Gayyoom family! He is their family pet, and will remain so for the rest of his life. You know what they say about dogs, man's best friend and all of that...

  17. These are the first steps taken by Gayoom to reclaim his personal business empire that was/is the Maldives..True honest Maldivian people be very aware..

  18. Anni may be a liar, but he seem to have the decency of not selling the nation for personal vendetta.
    Maumoon is very much fat when it comes to lying to the nation.
    The day he stepped in this land after his last "personal trip" abroad, he said he had nothing to do with the current illegal take over of the government by whatever means!
    This appointment is testament to it!
    Gay yoom probably can be said the meanest of ruler who ruled this country in a 100 years!!!!

  19. After reading most of the posts I gathered that everybody thinks the present President Waheed is inadvertently promoting the interests of former dictator Gayyoom. I think there is another side to this story. President Waheed who harbored the intentions of presidential ambitions since he arrived after obtaining his doctarate also using others to prolong this illegally acquired position as long as possible. He is bringing in those who are reputed to be former dictators cronies as well as those who he considers are anti Indian. Take the appointment of Dr. Jameel. He is renowned and hailed as someone who had stood against the mighty India and GMR. His anti Indian sentiments are so obvious President Waheed's first appointment was him so that he knows Jameel will resist any pressure fearlessly that could be expected from Indians once the circumstances that led to the forced resignation comes out. Then take the Sheiks. They are a must cos their allegiance is to Pakistan. They not only hate the guts of Indians but also secretly wishing that India will be humbled by Pakistan and Maldives will become a country that shall contribute towards the destabilization of India. Then the appointment of Colonal Naazim and Commissioner of Police Riyaz. Glue eyed boys of former Chief of staff Tutu Zahir and CP Adam Zahir. Well trained and brain washed to be ruthless and have actively taken part in the process of breaking any dissent. So very handy and also they are the ones used by President Maumoon, Waheed, Gasim,Yamin and the hate spitting Sheik Imran to organize the cops and soldiers to commit the lowest act in their life after taking an oath by Allah to protect and serve the nation by their lives. They mutinied for a few dollars mire. Shameless Police and the worse is the realization that the Army of our beloved country are the biggest cowards in the nation as they were not capable of putting down a mutiny by 80 odd cops without any lethal weapons. Now take the case of Riyaz Rasheed who is an MP jumping from party to party for a few dollars more and a mouth fit enough to be a sewage pipe. He is being told by our new President that he should highlight the fact that there are over 200 million citizens of India living below the poverty line and compared to that we are 1000 times richer nation and India should not interfere in our internal affairs at all. So what everybody seem to be ignoring now is the role of the fox who we call Dr. Waheed that he is moving the former king and soldiers and horses and knights in such a way it is he who shall prevail as long as it permits and it is the others who gets the blame for it. Well he is not called a Doctor for nothing. This guy have obtained his doctorate in cut throating, back stabbing and prostitution as he will not hesitate even to use his delightful wife for him to be where he wants to be.

  20. Gayoom's son Gassan or Mariya's sister Haula or Mavotta's daughter or Ameen or any other person needs to first learn politics and also how a public service works before you join a government! FOR GOD SAKE LEARN ABC of politics!

  21. Looks like every one is rushing for his/her share of the treassury before Mr.Nasheed gets in to power once again.....

  22. Waheed is no angel but lets compare him to what Anni has done.

    Dunya Gayoom is now the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs. She has been Deputy Minister in her father's regime and also worked in the UN sector too.

    Maria Did's sister Howla was also the State Minister for Foreign Ministry. She has never served in any senior Government Ministry before and has had no foreign relations experience at all.
    Why no fuss created then?

    Maria Didi's sister in law Farahnaz was appointed the HC to the UK. Sure, she has a background in Foreign relations but the main reason why she got the the job was because of Maria Didi.

    Maria Didi's sister was the PA to the President just because she was Maria Didi's sister. She has no experience in that field.

    Maria Didi's nephew was given a senior post in the invest Maldives and now they have their own airline.

    Maizan Alibe's daughter was given a senior position at the President's Office yet she lives in the UK and drew her monthly salary while she lived there.

    The list goes on.

    So Anni was as bad an Waheed in appointing people to senior positions.
    Maldives would not be safe so long as Gayoom and Anni are involved in Politics. The Majlis should remove their civic rights just as JR Jayawardenene did for Mrs. S. Bandaranaike in Sri Lanka.
    Then we may have some peace in Maldives.
    Both of them are Demagogues.

  23. Dr. Waheed cannot see the shadow "Dheen" behind him, ready to do away with him when and as Gayyoom wants him to do!


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