Religious extremists abducting youth for “irreligious acts,” says MDP

Opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has alleged religious extremists have abducted and threatened young people for alleged impiety.

“The Maldivian Democratic Party has received information that some religious extremists have kidnapped young people claiming they had committed irreligious acts,” said the party.

“The extremists blindfolded the young people, took them to remote locations against their will, threatened them with sharp weapons, threatened them with death, issued sentences in a false trial, and are now implementing these sentences.”

The abductors then told the hostages they will be killed if any news of the abduction is shared with any other party.

The MDP said it believed “these dangerous acts of terrorism” are against the Maldives constitution, its laws, and Islamic Sharia, and are being committed by individuals for personal gain.

The party has called on the government to take immediate action.

Minivan News is waiting on a response from the Maldives Police Services and the President’s Office.


7 thoughts on “Religious extremists abducting youth for “irreligious acts,” says MDP”

  1. Looks like some Maldivians who are fighting in Syria are back in malé are bored.

  2. Local gangsters have posted pictures on facebook of them having official meetings with government ministers to discuss these so called 'irreligious acts'

    But of course nothing will be done about this because a gang is ruling this country now.

  3. More evidence of how evil is religion in general and Islam in particular.

  4. Yeah, we know who they are. Bunch of chain-wearing, afro-headed meth-heads tried to join us, said they'd kill 1000 people for 100,000$. We told them to go home.

    Looks like yet another unlikely coalition: Wannabe-mujahideen and paateys. What next? Paateys and the Mossad? They'll sell themselves for anyone that pays.

  5. they come to defend islam? these people are the wholesalers and distributors of narcotics in the Maldives. they have sex, and they even pay for it. they drink and they even have tattoos on them.

    and they come out to defend islam? holding hands with the islamic extremists who are here to raise money for their fucking war?

    i think a new politics is emerging. i think the jihadists are empowering the gangs. as there is no difference with the two. they go hand in hand.

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  6. @Rai' Musalhu
    There's really no difference between the 'takaatakaa'gang and the narcotics dealers, is there?

  7. The Maldivian government is notorious for its history of allowing brutal and brainless religious extremists to act with impunity. A couple of years ago the archaeological heritage of the nation at the National Museum in Male' was destroyed by this same type of vandals and the government has done nothing.


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