Umar calls on coalition to downsize democracy using “super majority”

Minister of Home Affairs Umar Naseer has said the democracy imported from the west with the 2008 constitution is too big for the Maldives and and needs to be fitted to the country’s laws and the constitution.

Speaking at an event held at Thajuddin School last night to celebrate the Jumhooree Party’s (JP) parliamentary election success, Umar called on all MPs-elect from ruling coalition to assist in bringing this change using the parliamentary “super majority”.

“The result of having huge democracy coat is, you step on it when you are walking. And it’s sleeves are too long. So we need to re-size and fit this coat,” he said.

“Those who got elected [to the parliament] from Jumhooree Party, PPM [Progressive Party of Maldives] and MDA [Maldives Development Alliance], I request [you] to resize this coat so it would fit better. Some minor adjustments to laws are required to achieve that.”

Umar said the laws and regulations have “surrounded and tied up” the judicial system and that this makes it difficult for the state to move.

He also said that sloppy and slow-moving laws have become an obstacle in controlling the drug abuse issue and in penalising people arrested for drug-related and other crimes. He described the legal difficulties as being “stuck legal traffic”.

Umar noted that the “super majority” in the parliament is a golden opportunity for the ruling coalition to develop the country.

After a number of post-election defections, the Progressive Coalition has swelled to 57 members of the expanded 85 member Majlis, with 37 Progressive Party of Maldives members, five from the Maldives Development Alliance and 15 from the JP.

Speaking after the Home Minister yesterday evening , JP leader Gasim Ibrahim – who chaired the People’s Special Majlis which drafted the constitution – said the coat of democracy is perfectly fit for Maldives and the constitution does not require any amendments.

He said what is needed is for the person implementing the law to know how to do it.


7 thoughts on “Umar calls on coalition to downsize democracy using “super majority””

  1. You know something is not right when Gasim is making more sense than Umar Naseer. These are 2 equally ignorant people and Maldivians deserve them both.

  2. LOL! Harugandu thinks that democracy should be like his wife's be sized as she loses or gains weight!

  3. "Umar said the laws and regulations have “surrounded and tied up” the judicial system and that this makes it difficult for the state to move."

    Very true. New, democratic checks and balances (imported from the "west") have made it impossible for the state to parasitize and prey on the people of Maldives.

    And I think Umar believes that the world is flat. There is no true 'west'.

  4. Remember when his regime would get 99% of the votes and win by a landslide every election?

    That's what he means by a 'super majority'.


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