Velezinee attack a “huge concern” for free speech: Dr Sawad

The stabbing this morning of Aishath Velezinee, Presidential Member of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) responsible for ensuring ethical conduct in the judiciary, has been condemned as an attack on free speech and law and order in the country, attorney general Dr Ahmed Ali Sawad has said.

Velezinee was taken to Male’s Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGHM) after she was stabbed in the back with a sharp object whilst out in the city this morning, police have confirmed.

The Maldives Police Service were unable to confirm if any suspects had as yet been apprehended over the attack and were continuing to investigate the case.

Speaking to Minivan News today, Dr Sawad said that the attack was a “huge concern” for the country. “Judicial abuse at any level cannot be tolerated,” he said.

Beyond the concerns held as a private citizen over an attack within the capital, Dr Sawad added that the assault on Velezinee had a direct impact on judicial proceeding in the country.

“The JSC is constitutionally mandated to oversee the ethical functioning of the judiciary, she [Velezinee] had been very vocal in her role and that is something that must be accommodated [in the courts],” he said “If we cannot express our opinions openly, than this obviously impacts the functioning of the judicial body and how it serves the public.”

Dr Sawad said that beyond his role as Attorney General, as a private citizen he was dismayed that “law and order in the capital could have deteriorated to such an extent”.

Haveeru reported that President Mohamed Nasheed had visited Velezinee this morning in hospital following the attack, which reportedly occurred on a junction between Maaveyo Magu and Majeedee Magu, expressing hope she would continue her work at the JSC.


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  1. @ Z-nut

    "Its sad that a daring lady has been attacked in such a cowardly manner."

    Your comment does not make any sense.

    Looks like she was 'attacked' by a very benevolent admirer.

    Three marks on her body but no injury?

    Is the President, her mentor, organizing some street 'gimmicks' through Saranagey, to garner public support for her doomed 'secular views'??

    In any case, so far this appears to be more of Hindi soap rehearsal where the wicked lady gets an attack from a friendly villain, then she faints, at which point her lover comes running like a maniac to save her by giving a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation? How romantic.

    Interesting! I wonder what kind of a (sharp?) object was used in the attack.

    Let's wait and see how this drama unfolds!

    Where is the evidence she was attacked? If she was not seriously hurt what happened to her own eye-witnessing capability. Did she make any attempts to save herself from the attacker or did she bend and turn to show the 'villain' where to leave the marks of the 'attack'?

    I hope she comes out of the hospital and says it was bearded guy who attacked her!

  2. When Thasmeen indicates about a self proclaimed leader which even doesn’t have legal minimum limits for forming a party is trying to ruin DRP and grab its supporters make me believe the evil ideology of these family oriented(Kingdom-ism)politicians. Maldivians should be united to clean this country from such people and bring real developments to us.Don’t trust politicians who support violence to achieve their goal.Thasmeen knows very well who was the real Mafia leader of this country when he work as a home minister. If every one has the courage like Velezinee then we could bring these gangsters to justice and live a peaceful life.JSC must eliminate their differences and bring full justice to us. Until then we will not ge real freedom.

  3. lets all make sharp objects and stab each other for fun....i assure u it il b fun aggagagagaga...more fun than politics

  4. Heck is the sickest commenter on this platform ever...May Allah show him light, bring love to his heart and guide him in his dark hours to see light. Amen

  5. I agree with Rasheed
    Rasheed on Mon, 3rd Jan 2011 1:11 PM

    I pray to Allah that Velizenee be in the best of health and a speedy recovery. She is the most courageous, honest and determined Maldivian woman in recent history.

    "we wish her quick recovery and apprehend the animal instantly or provide such people sufficient security, the country is extremely rich and bear witness the .... fat salaries MP's enjoy"


  6. @ He is so sick

    "Heck is the sickest commenter on this platform ever…"

    Hey! Hey! Save your big mouth, ok?

    I was asking for evidence that she was in fact attacked. How do we know it's not a ploy to get sympathy votes of confidence from the public in her endeavours with the President?

    Remember she is the President's proxy in the JSC and even Adhaalth Party has said that 'this government has become an enemy of Islam'.

    I feel more sympathetic towards those people who lost their lives to brutal stabbing in full public view, crying and shouting for help while Anni's Police force could not do anything to save them.

    Now when Anni's own proxy is 'stabbed' he is mad? That is pure discrimination and double standard towards everyone else.

    Is Velezinee the only Maldivian citizen?

    I am not affected by your emotional nonsense. Go and lick her 'wounds' if you like.

    By the way if this was a cold blooded, premeditated attack I also condemn this 'attack'.

    But WHERE is the evidence this was not a melodrama?

    I am confident this government will do 'anything' to get its secular views across, even by hook or crook!

  7. I condemn this kind of melodramas!

    I am dying to get some details of how, where, why and when she was attacked. But looks like this is just another story of 'jaariya' proportions.

    No evidence whatsoever?

  8. @ Breadfruit


    If you know that much, then is it possible for you to elaborate what POLITICS is involved in firing women from jobs for wearing the buruqa and fining them by thousand of dollars?

  9. The only people who are upset about her work are the corrupt judges Yameen and his mafia gang and gayoom and his corrupt cronies

  10. Lots of politically motivated crimes, victimized people..lots of them get killed by such attacks with their guts cut out,lots of foreigners with their hands mutilated,their chests stabbed bleed to death in some hospital..there should be someone to raise concern for those things,not only when a political figure has her life threatened..everyone has the right to live terror free life..they don't get justice but this lady should get justice,the president will see to it that she does...let's hope she does!

  11. @Anbar

    You don't need "grey matters" to realize that everyone has a right to live their life and live in a crime free society.You don't have to get killed or stabbed on the road for being a drug addict or being a delinquent or for being a strayed child or for being a politician ..if we have people like you in our society who treat the human life so casually then we are really in a poor state...No use having so much grey matter or white matter!No use of having a brain at all if you accuse of just any unknown person you see as someone who produced a "strayed"child!!

  12. @msrashyd “grey matter” is what matters, politically motivated crime is dangerous and it can destroy societies, countries and the generation to come. Without grey matters you can’t differentiate between A and Z. All the crimes have to be addressed but those crimes that committed due to hate should be condemned with all possible strongest means. And you don’t see it that is what grey matter is. Street violence can be dealt easily: you look after your children give them life it will be curbed>

  13. A person with no emotions who thinks that only some particular people need not be stabbed or wounded while others may go to hell has no need to have any grey doesn't matter whether he has no grey matter,he could well be a moron for all anyone cares!that person is just plain insensitive!street violence is not when someone is walking down the road and get killed by unknown persons..that is not gang war or street violence...that is an attack on an innocent person!velizineee could all be just any other random person who got attacked on the road..recently, a lady who was walking on the road had her skull crushed when two men who got down from a motorcycle attacked her..she lies now paralysed and no she had no connection with strayed children or drug addicts,or gangsters..just like velizinee she was also going to her workplace minding her own business..if no one can be motivated to solve that kind of a violent crime in a society where human lives are valued according to their social status and professional standing..then it's a totally tragic situation.A life is a life.velizinee or,judge or waiter or peon or minister......

    point is take every attack on any innocent person equally seriously if you claim this to be a civilized society with people who boast of having such a lot of "grey matter"

  14. Sithi Mavaa, what a funny name! Sounds like a name of a witch. he he he


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