Adhaalath Party condemns MDP for disrupting Sheikh Ilyas’s sermon

The Adhaalath Party, led by Sheikh Imran Mohamed, has condemned the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) after a group of people said to be MDP supporters obstructed a sermon held by prominent religious scholar Sheikh Ilyas Hussain at Masjid-al-Furqan on Friday night.

In a statement, the party said the Maldives was a 100 percent Islamic nation and that no one should be given the opportunity to obstruct religious views, and called on authorities to give harsh penalties to people involved in such un-Islamic activities.

The Adhaalath Party said that such people were mentioned in the Quran and cited verse 114;1 ‘’And who is more unjust that he who forbids that in places for the worship of Allah, Allah’s named should be celebrated? –whose zeal is (in fact) to ruin them? It was not fitting that such should themselves enter them except in fear. For them there is nothing but disgrace in this world, and in the world to come, an exceeding torment.’’

The party also said that people “who use their brain” should “realise that MDP is a cult that revolves around former President Mohamed Nasheed.”

The Adhaalath Party called on all citizens of the Maldives “to stop supporting these people who do not love the religion or the citizens even a little bit.”

Last Friday a group of people said to be MDP supporters gathered outside Furqan Mosque while Sheikh Ilyas was delivering a sermon inside, and shouted at him saying he was a traitor.

A group of people came out of the mosque and clashed with the group outside, before riot police arrived in the area and restored order.

According to police, five men were arrested following the unrest and brought before court.

The court released three of them and extended the detention period of the other two.

Police Spokesperson Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef today told Minivan News that Male’ City Council on Friday night requested police stop a sermon at the Furqan Mosque, just as it was beginning.

‘’We did not think it was appropriate to stop it because it was a religious thing and not a criminal offence, so we decided to solve it through dialogue,’’ Haneef said. ‘’But when police went to the area people were gathered and there was unrest.’’

He confirmed that two of the five men arrested were still under police charge while the other three had been released.

Sheikh Ilyas is a member of Adhaalath Party’s religious council and has been very critical of former President Mohamed Nasheed.

Adhaalath Party is one of the parties aligned with the current government. Current Islamic Minister Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed is also a member of the party.

Tonight there is another sermon by Sheikh Ilyas due to be held at the same mosque, on the topic ‘Death’.

MDP Secretary General Ahmed Shah referred Minivan News to MDP  Spokesperson and MP Imtiyaz Fahmy ‘Inthi’, who did not respond at time of press.


20 thoughts on “Adhaalath Party condemns MDP for disrupting Sheikh Ilyas’s sermon”

  1. This problem was created by Male' city council and they need to be questioned and they need to be made responsible for this.

    I know this does not relieve the MDP members who have gone thrown the stone and disrupt the " Ilyas lslamic lecture" and MDP as usual do not want people to hear and listen to people like Ilyas .

    When MDP want to come in power, what ever Ilyas said in those talks were good and when Ilyas says anything against MDP, all what he says will be wrong and Ilyas himself will be treated like a dog.

    I do not understand why MDP and its cult having double standards.

  2. ilyas is a dangerous sadist who is under the delusion that he may is a messiah. lock up the b*****d!

  3. Calling people un-Islamic is a very grave accusation in Islam and can only be made satisfying several rigid conditions including irrefutable proof. If the accuser is unable to prove his claims, he himself is considered to be automatically guilty of what he is accusing the other person and Islamic Sharia is harsh on such persons.

    It would appear that the Adhalath Party is accusing MDP supporters of being un-Islamic and I strongly recommend all of the accused to challenge Adhalath in a court of law.

    In 2008 the Adhalath Party was defeated in a Supreme Court case in which the party accused Gayoom of not being a Sunni Muslim.

  4. I support what MDP did this time. This will only help dwindle the small support they have and will ultimately write itself off from politics.

  5. Ah, glorious religion, the opium of the masses. What better way to divide people and put brother against sister. To be honest, we should ban all religious sermons by these self-appointed "scholars"! They pose a great danger to society.

    Each and every one of us was given a brain by Almighty Allah. Use that to study religion and everything else. After all, what was the first thing that Angel Jibreel said to Mohammed? "Read!". That's not meant to be entirely literal.

    I wish more Muslims actually comprehended what they read in the Quran and followed it! There'll be less infighting and more progress in the whole Muslim world. No "scholar" or preacher has a right that you or I have. We are all equal infront of Allah. Allah doesn't grant any favour simply because one speaks a lot of words. Action and deeds are what counts!

  6. "The Adhaalath Party said that such people were mentioned in the Quran and cited verse 114;1 ..."

    This is not correct! Please learn how to reference the Quran properly!

    Chapter 114 (An Nâs), verse 1 of the Quran reads as follows:

    "Say: I seek refuge with the Lord and Cherisher of Mankind"

    The verse that Adhaalth refers to is from Chapter 2 (Al Baqarah) verse 114:

    "And who is more unjust than he who forbids that in places for the worship of Allah, Allah's name should be celebrated?-whose zeal is (in fact) to ruin them? It was not fitting that such should themselves enter them except in fear. For them there is nothing but disgrace in this world, and in the world to come, an exceeding torment."

  7. Apparently the Islamic ministry is working on a framework to legalise the existing borthels in the capital city.The proposed procedures include provision of 'on the spot' marriage at the reception so that the services available at the brothel can be used within wedlock.The customers will also be allowed to relinquish the marriage on leaving the premises.Hypocrites will burn in hell!

  8. That verse didn't apply for women when they wanted to pray in mosques. So it doesn't apply to a lying evil bigot like Ilyas too. Hey look I'm doing qiyas. Islaming fun. Yay.

    Hey Ilsy, just be thankful it wasn't camel entrails.

  9. This is the beginning of destruction of the country. I don't mind Ilyas giving sermons to his family, but leave the gullible and weak alone. Do not scare the shit out of them.

  10. Adhaalath party members, there are lots of uninhabited islands in this country, so can you please take your hypocritical thinking and members with you and move to one of these islands and let the rest of us live our lives in peace. I am sure on the day of judgment you will only be held accountable for your actions not the actions of the rest of the population, so don't worry about how islamic or unislamic we are.

  11. Whether MDP thugs believe or not . Adalath Party will never be eradicated in politics in this country. No matter, how Sheik Anni preached the people and only handful MDP spoiled members will listen to Sheikh Anni preaches.

    Gayyom went to court against with Hussain Rasheed not with Ilyas and go and check the records properly.
    Now for you guys Sheikh Hussain Rasheed is an angle and he is only the Islamic scholar who know the religion.

    Whether you believe or not, there are many an majority of Maldives will listen and will continue to listen to Ilyas sermon and Islam will only be the religion that will be accepted in this soil . No matter how hard the traitor Anni and his evil supporters tries, it will never be changed here in Maldives.

  12. If Hussein Rasheed is an angle the rest of them are zeros.

  13. Whether you people hate Adaalath party or not, the point here is that shrieking MDP activists gathered near the mosque & threw stones to stop the sermon. That is simply atrocious!

    It proves that MDP people only care about power & doesnt care about the sacredness of a mosque or the public's welfare in their quest to regain power.

  14. First, clearance for Police and Armed Force to sport beards!
    Next, holding "Dhars" calling people to stick together!
    Possibly next, encroach the ready for jihaad armies of the Adhaalath and Salaf in to the National Police and Armed Foces!

    What next!

    Slaughter all MDP members!
    Get rid of the pain in theirs and the government's (imagine where)!
    Get rid of all un-Islamic behavior!
    Get Men to sport beard, go about in "Thaliban" garb!
    Get women to go about in "Hijaab", but without bras and panties, ofcourse!
    Every man should have 2 concubines each at least!
    Children should be whacked and made to beg for their food!
    Canned for failure to recite Quran the "Thaliban" style!

    He likes to be aloof like a "tiny" Rasool!
    Smell of his scent trailing where ever he goes!

    But just wonder why this Sheikh on a Hajj Pilgrimage in the early 2000s, requested all the people of the Ogaru Mohamed Fulhu Hajj group, to pray to Allah Almighty ask HIM TO forgive Ilyas for his sins!

    As related, the member who narrated this said that Ilyas told them that it is "them", the learned who preach wrong, who would be thrown into hellfire first!

  15. This is outrageous. I am outraged!

    Is nothing sacred to you degenerate MalDeviants!? You have committed a monstrous crime!

    There can be no forgiveness. There can be no mercy. The harlots that gave birth to you should be lashed in front of the ulammah for having raised such impertinent, blasphemous scoundrels.

    You should all have been scalded, whipped and then garrotted on the spot and fed to that stupid crocodile that our bleeding-heart, imbecile children keep crying on behalf of.

    Our scantily clad harlots are strutting around left and right giving birth to ungodly creatures dressed in yellow. Our learned ulammah are mocked and then assaulted merely for instructing on behalf of virtue and faith. We're in debt to a nation that worships cows and builds shrines to whatever Oogah Boogah deities it is that they worship.

    And we're worried about crocodiles?

    What has out Nation come to? Woe unto you wretched MalDeviants. Even garrotting is too good for you.

    All praise belongs to Allah almighty - and you are all an abomination in his sight!

  16. @dhivehi hanguraama

    you really are one hell of a nutjob you wonder people hate sheikhs now. because of the people represening them i.e (YOU) <--- filled that in for you because you are so dumb.

    seek help. freak!

  17. Dear Hanguraama may Almighty garotted you and hang u for your blasphemous ideas over India and GOD. God is one. First know about yourself then talk for other people. Don't hate women as Harlot. Respect every human.

  18. These adhaalath buggers love terrorizing the populace with the fear of death, while plundering the wealth of the people.

    A good muslim does not fear death.


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