National Drug Agency warns of strong illicit drug in Male’

The National Drug Agency (NDA) has issued a statement warning people of a strong illicit drug in Male’.

The NDA said that the substance has harmful effects such as seizures, breathing difficulties and that it effects the functioning of the heart leading to death.

The NDA advised people to seek the help of a doctor as soon as possible if they come across any of the stated symptoms.

The drug agency did not mention the name of the drug nor what it looked like, but stated that their free toll 1410 will provide details of the drug.

Minivan News contacted 1410 and was forwarded to the front desk where they said there was no one at the NDA who could provide details of the drug mentioned in the statement.

However, NDA Treatment Department Head Abdulla Faseeh has told local media that drug dealers have been mixing illicit drugs with depressants without considering the quantity or the type of controlled drugs they are mixing it with.

Faseeh told newspaper Haveeru that drug dealers had mixed different types of controlled prescription drugs with illicit drugs in the black market.

In March 2009, Minivan News reported a series of deaths related to heroin laced with benzodiazepine, a class of psychoactive drugs.

The combination of benzodiazepine with opiates is known to lead to coma and even death.

The 2009 deaths included a number of users committing or attempting suicide. Earlier this week, a man was reported to have hanged himself inside an unused political party campaign office.

The area was reported to have been frequented by drug addicts living in the area after the Jumhooree Party stopped conducting political activities in the area.

In February this year the first drug survey done in the Maldives was released, showing that there were an estimated 7,500 drug users in the Maldives of which the majority were young people between the ages 15 and 24.

The survey showed that cannabis was the most popular used drug, followed by alcohol and opioids. It reported that there were about 200 intravenous drug users in Male’ and 300 in the other parts of the country who are vulnerable to the spread of blood-borne diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis.

Police statistics show that drugs related offences have increased by 16.4 percent this year in comparison to last year’s figures.


7 thoughts on “National Drug Agency warns of strong illicit drug in Male’”

  1. Under President Nasheed so much was done by then Police commissioner Faseeh to eradicate this menace. But thanks to Abdullah gazi those effects did not bear fruits. Even President Nasheed in an attempt to block availability of liquer to the locals banned issuing liquer permits to expatriates and the price of a bottle of whiskey or vodka went up to Rf. 2000/- from Rf. 400/= and the amount of youth who was taking liquer drastically reduced. So much for those who speaks for dheenu and Qauma for it was the so called laadheeni Nasheed who did anything to eradicate these menaces where as people like Yamin, Qasim and Shiham only helped increase the supplies. So conclusion is these people like Yaamin,Qasim and Shihaam not only laadheeni but also laainsaani.

  2. Methamphetamine (ice) and phencyclidine( angel dust) is regularly positive in urine of patients nowadays

  3. What is it with Muslims and drug use? The 'true believers' of Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iran, Egypt, Somalia, Turkey, Syria, Maldives, Indonesia and Terroristan all seem to have a serious addiction to opiates. Why is this?
    I hear your drug rehab centres are packed to capacity and there are long waiting lists of junkies seeking treatment, including, god help us, many women.
    Maybe if you allow the controlled sale of alcohol, there will be fewer crackheads and druggies in your country.
    Out of control drug use is destroying Muslim countries.....Terroristan being a good example.
    If you don't know the geographic location of Terroristan.....ask a 'kuffar'.

  4. @MissIndia NewDelhi

    Our lives are so miserable. We are denied the right to enjoy our lives and live to our full potential. Thus the prevalence on drug abuse.


  5. The officials are corrupt, the top brass is corrupt, the bangladeshis are corrupt, the indians are corrupt, the mdp is corrupt, the mndf is corrupt, then who the hell is honest in maldives, wine, women, drugs are plently available at every end of male.


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