Police discover over 14,000 cans of beer in water near Male’

Marine Police and Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) officers were today collecting thousands of cans of beer found floating in the sea on the west side of Male’.

According to the statement issued by police, so far 14,548 cans of beer have been taken from the sea, with more continuing to be found.

Police initially received a report yesterday afternoon at 1:00pm that a dhoni named ‘Azum’ had tipped off balance near Male’, and some beer cases on the vessel had fallen into the sea.

However, a police media official later told media that the earlier statement was a mistake, and said police have been unable to determine the owner of the beer cans or how they were lost.

A police media official stated that police were still trying to determine whether the beer was dumped intentionally.

Marine police are patrolling around Male’ to pick up the floating beer cans.

‘’No one has claimed responsibility for this nor have they admitted the cans belong to them,’’ a police media officer  told Minivan News.

Possession and consumption of alcohol is illegal outside resort islands and licensed safari boats in the Maldives.


8 thoughts on “Police discover over 14,000 cans of beer in water near Male’”

  1. I live in what must be close to the beer drinking capital of the universe and even I have never seen that many beer cans at once and yet in Maldives..."Possession and consumption of alcohol is illegal..."

    I find it hilarious.

    We see how well making alcohol illegal works to prevent its consumption...

  2. The Beer. What Beer? And what will make you know what Beer is? Verily it is a drink sublime. Pressed and fermented like wine. And He who sent upon the Israelites quail from the sky, is able to send to the Dhivehistanis packed beer like Moses on the Nile. So, glorify thy Lord, O Dhivehistan, for He is the sender of signs, the all magical.

  3. Holy Krishna, it seems you 'true believers' cannot stay away from drugs and alcohol.....this is bloody hilarious

  4. Why wud anyone intentionally dump that many beer cans into the sea??? Get real police... That much beer is a hell of a lot of money, foolios.

  5. Maybe the beers were dumped by a boatfull of trannies and ladyboys on their way to the Islamic Ministry for an after hours party.........were you in the boat Kuribee?

  6. Ah, so Azum is the name of the boat used to traffic in beer cans for the gestapo? Nice, nice...

  7. If the shipment was cleared from MPA en route to the bonded warehouse in Hulhlule, then it is genuine, but since no one has claimed ownership, it therefore deemed as an illegal shipment.

    Initial Analysis:
    a) NO shipment of such quantity can be smuggled out of the well secure Customs bonded warehouse facility at the airport.
    b) Only one bond operator will import this brand. Beer brands are exclusive and no two operators will import the same brand, therefore authorities know who to question.
    c) No resort will have such a quantity therefore this shipment was not from any resort or Safari boat.

    1) It is possible that someone has imported this product and cleared it from MPA/customs without proper papers. Which means, a custom and MPA office will be involved.
    2)The operator of the dhoni will also be found guilty for carrying such a sensitive, sort-out product without proper papers.
    3) Maldivians alcohol lovers dont drink beer. They love Vodka, its colorless, and cops wont even tell the difference from mineral water. Mixed with Red bull, the smell goes. So definitely this shipment was not for Male'.

    a) To load any product into the bonded warehouse, you need genuine import papers and customs documents which are checked by more than two departments. I rule out smuggling the product into airport. It may be smuggled to a resort who wanted to avoid paying duty.
    b) The police are already quiet over the issue and if they do not declare the truth NOW then we should know that, someone powerful was behind this whole thing. Just as i reported recently that no one has been arrested over the thousands of liquor bottles found in houses, dhonis, etc.



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