Police investigating Fahmy’s alleged sexual harassment of a female staff

Police have said they are investigating the Chair of Civil Service Commission (CSC) Fahmy Hassan on allegations that he had sexually harassed female senior research officers working at the CSC.

Police Spokesperson Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef today said that the case was lodged at police and police were investigating.

He said the investigations were still ongoing and did not disclose further information.

Parliament’s Independent Institutions Committee has also launched an investigation into alleged harassment of a female staff member by Fahmy.

Local newspaper Haveeru reported that the incident occurred on May 29 and the victim was a female senior research officer.

According to the paper, both Fahmy and the victim were summoned to committee after the complaint was lodged in the first week of June.

Fahmy was alleged to have called the female staff member over to him, taken her hand and asked her to stand in front of him so that others in the office could not see, and caressed her stomach saying ”it won’t do for a beautiful single woman like you to get fat.”

According to local media, the woman told her family about the incident, who then called Fahmy. Fahmy then sent her a text message apologising for the incident, reportedly stating, ”I work very closely with everyone. But I have learned my lesson this time.”

In response to the allegations Fahmy told Minivan News that the female staff made up the allegation after she knew she did not win a scholarship to Singapore offered by the CSC.

He alleged the claim was politically motivated issue, as she would have otherwise filed the case with police and not parliament.


5 thoughts on “Police investigating Fahmy’s alleged sexual harassment of a female staff”

  1. Fahumy should resign gracefully. Two days ago parliament's Independent Institutions Committee has voted to go for a no confidence motion. This will go to Majlis floor and discussed. Fahmy's colleague Thimarafushee MP Shareef threatened the sister of the girl who was harassed after committee voted for a no confidence motion.

  2. Fahmy was in addy as a Principal in the 80s he was famous for his sexual behavior the island people respected him he has taken many advantages those days i was quite happy to hear this and he deserves the proper punishment this may be his final case he is really a very dirty man

  3. When Fahmy was the principal of Kalaafaanu School, he was well known among many female teachers as a person who not only sexually harassed many female teachers but also made them helpless, vulnerable and cheap under his threatening paws. He also made them totally dependent on him for survival.

    When Fahmy was made the principal of Iskandhar School, he began the same old game of sexual harassment. At Iskandhar, he used verbal as well as physical harassment, forcing many to resign or change school.

    To further his sexual desires during his 'reign' at Iskandhar School, Fahmy also brought in to Iskandhar School, some of those female teachers at kalaafaanu School who had received perks and promotions in exchange for sexual favours when he was their principal.

    Fahmy is well-known for his sarcastic and derogatory looks and having a dirty, fowled mouth that pours out verbally abusive language to his subordinates, especially females.

    Fahmy was equally well-known for his administrative skills and efficiency and school control.

    Unfortunately, the education minister at that time was Ismail Shafeeu, the current co-chair of national Inquiry Commission. The minister was happy for Fahmy as he had always achieved good results and other educational objectives the government needed. Hence, his sexual harassment and his fowled mouth and his indiscriminate discriminations were never an issue for the then minister. The minister knew the real notorious Fahmy but given the usefulness of Fahmy to achieve his ministerial goals, the minister gave a simple dry smile to those who were courageous to complain to him about Fahmy but never took action that threatened Fahmy, and Fahmy, as is the case now, too knew that he was smart and untouchable.

    Fahmy has always kept behind him powerful people and MPs, helping them to become more powerful and corrupt and making them dependent on him. Fahmy has always portrayed himself to others as a champion achiever and an efficient and fast administrator whose words are less and actions are more, hence for everyone, politician or MP, he was a very likeable person for his talents. Unfortunately, Fahmy, knowing his game well, he used the power of his powerful friends to continue his cheap and derogatory acts, especially on women.

    Fahmy was also known and liked by his powerful friends as a person who was not that ambitious and who was never after big jobs that offered big pay. He was always soft spoken and very quiet and well-mannered. All good characteristics.

    His evil propped up only when he sits in his administrative chair and surrounded by weak and helpless females whom he used as his prey.

    It was Fahmy's smart move to join PA party and come under the umbrella of Yameen Abdul Qayoom that landed him in his current position at the Civil Service. His appointment showed that people like Yameen can do what they want in the parliament. Unfortunately, the politicians who always focused on retaining and consolidating their power,never bothered the welfare of the hapless and the helpless Maldivian women workers. Hence, his appointment was a sad day for all the women workers of the Maldives who had known very well what a devil the Fahmy was to his teacher staff as a principal. The women of Maldives knew too well that what Fahmy did within the boundaries of a single school would now be expanded, incorporating the whole civil service of the Maldives. Yet, the irony was being part of the civil service , the women had no choice but to remain in silence, and only pray something good could happen, unseating Fahmy just the way Maumoon was unseated from the helm.

    We hope that this day has dawned.

  4. Well ! in a country where police and MNDF officers beat innocent civillians on broad day light while there is an indipendent HRCM and a Paid Minister for Human rights,a mere female worker getting abused by the top civil service man is peanuts! additionalay the same man represents a political party which controls Parliament! This poor woman could have easily got the scholarship by getting laid with this man as he claims! But she has shown dignity and earned respect! WHy should this even be associated with a scholarship when he even send a text apologising to her!

  5. It Sounds like another ' Naseem Sir '. Only God knows how many more are there.


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