Dhiraagu improves bill payment options

Dhiraagu announced the addition of two more shops through which customers can pay their bills, reports Miadhu.

Maaveli Shop in Raa Ungoofaaru and Dhonkeyolhu Shop in Raa Alifushi are now accepting payments for all Dhiraagu bills.

Dhiraagu is working to introduce more partner shops through which customers can pay their bills.


Lightning strike causes Rf384,000 damage to Hirilandhu

Lightning struck the l, lightning struck the 300 ft tall Wataniya antennae on the Island.

The island of Hirikandhu in Thaa Atoll suffered and estimated Rf384,000 (US$30,000) in electrical damages when a lightning bolt struck Wataniya antennae early on Saturday morning.

Councilor of Hirilandhu Mohamed Shakeeb said the lightning struck the 300 foot antennae around 4:00am in the morning.

”It was raining heavily and it was thundering non stop that night,” Shakeeb said. ”We switched off the generators providing electricity to the island at 3:00am, because they were having problems probably due to the rain.”

Shakeeb said there was no electricity on the island at all when the lightning hit.

”There was a electric line visible that night traveling across the Dhiraagu antennae and Wataniya antennae,” he said.

”All the televisions and computers which were plugged in to the sockets were damaged, cable TV lines were damaged and two channel lines at the power house were also damaged,” he said.

Communication over mobile phone and land lines run by both Dhiraagu and Wataniya were also down.

”We started receiving connection for mobile phones that afternoon and land line services last night,” Shakeeb said.

He said that last time lightning hit the island was 20 years ago “but there was no antennae there, only palm trees.”

Public Relations and Communication manager of Wataniya Niushad Shareef had not responded to Minivan News at time of press.


“Dhiraagu fire was arson”

The fire which gutted the Dhiraagu building in Thaa Veymandhoo has been confirmed as a case of arson by police.

The police said there was signs that the door had been forced open, which led them to believe the fire was deliberately lit.

Marketing and communications manager for Dhiraagu, Mohamed Mirushaan, said the fire had crippled all forms of communication on the island.

No one has been arrested so far and police are currently investigating the case.