Body of abused child found in Vaavu Rakeedhoo

The body of a three-year-old child with signs of severe abuse has been found on the island of Rakeedhoo in Vaavu Atoll.

The boy’s mother was known to the authorities as having a record of abusing the boy, who is the eldest of three. Haveeru has published old images of child, appearing to show a black eye from past abuse.

“We previously informed the police and gender ministry that the kid was being abused, but when [the mother] was questioned she was going to take care of the boy and stop abusing him,” explained Rakeedhoo Island Councillor Abdulla Rasheed.

Rasheed explained that the council was alerted to the case today by health centre officials after the mother ran there before passing out.

Council members subsequently went to the woman’s home where they found the boy on the sitting room floor, head on a pillow, naked except for a rug covering him from the waist down.

As well as scratches to the head and neck, the boy has extreme bruising to his left ear and genitals, said Rasheed.

He said that the mother – whom he questioned previously about the abuse of her son – had since regained consciousness but was refusing to talk.

One of the woman’s other children is now with neighbours, and another is still with the mother. Previous offers from other islanders to adopt the abused boy had been turned down by the mother. Rakeedhoo has a population of just 84 people.

The Ministry of Law and Gender told Minivan News that it was still gathering the facts of the case and would be releasing a statement shortly. Police media officials were not responding to calls at the time of press.

The prosecutor general has told media it is investigating the case for possible negligence on the part of state institutions.

“It is unacceptable that the child was handed over to the mother for the second time after it was found that she was beating him,” said Muhthaz Mushin

Former Attorney General Azima Shukoor in 2013 described “alarming” levels of child abuse in the country, submitting amendments to the Majlis to enable the transfer of legal guardianship from neglectful and abusive parents.

Elsewhere, a 27-year-old woman was arrested yesterday evening in Baa Atoll Eydhafushi on suspicion of beating her child reports Haveeru.

Suspected child abuse can be reported anonymously to the police on 3000 600.


12 thoughts on “Body of abused child found in Vaavu Rakeedhoo”

  1. This is a very sad case of battered baby syndrome. I hope the police carry out a thorough investingation including a post-mortem examination to determine the cause of his death and nature of the injuries. I hope they collect strong material evidence and does not simply depend upon a self-confession of the mother. If the whole case rest on such a confession, the mother may deny it during trial and there will be hurdles in reaching justice.
    I applaud the prosecutor general for the formation of a commitee consiting of 3 state prosectors to look into possible negligence by state institutions with the possibility of bring up criminal charges.
    Child abuse and child maltreatment is rampant through out the world. In our society also it is very common despite it being criminalized by law. I hope this sad incident is a wake up call and necessary lessons are learnt.
    I pray that justice is served to the poor child and by Allah Ta’ala's mercy may he rest in peace.

  2. “We previously informed the police and gender ministry that the kid was being abused, but when [the mother] was questioned she was going to take care of the boy and stop abusing him.”

    This is the state of Maldives today. Did Azleena's murderer also promise never to kill again? Is that why he was released? Is a pinky swear enough to settle criminal matters now?

  3. Thank you minivannews for publishing this.please post the pica from haveeru news which should also be commended for exposure of this heinous crime.Please make this an issue...for the sake whatever humanity is left in anyone...for the sake of political gains..whatever..I dont give a f**k...just make this an issue and for once ...demonstrate on a MASSIVE SCALE AGAINST CHILD ABUSE AND FAILURE OF INSTITUTIONS that are supposed to protect them.

  4. The state of parliament is a reflection, a sample of the state.

    What happened is rakeedhoo, is going on daily in various other families. And neighbours knows these abuses.

    Just like turning a blind eye to day light murders happening across the country, the neighbours 'mind their own business' and go pray 5 times daily asking God, selfishly, to be let in heaven, while the child cries across the road.

    What a beautiful country of hypocrites!

  5. While politicians are embroiled in bitter musical chair for power, kids are bring beaten up.

    Why not all political leaders stop bickering for 1 (one) day and show solidarity with this little innocent soul.

    No amount of money, power and position can cure such damage to the nations collective soul. But you can campaign another day.

  6. Does this country have any soul? No big time politician have yet said anything. Isn't this the time of soul searching and reflection..

    There is non-stop HUMAN RIGHTS rhetoric in Maldives, where is the real compassion.

  7. I wonder why majlis can't amend important policies? They keep making sure their investments are properly secured by amending laws that benefit them. This is the result of having business owners in the majlis floor debating about protecting their own investments. What an "EPIC FAIL" and it sound more like a good slogan for Maldives statistically.

  8. @Fiddling while Rome burns

    Your prayers have been answered.

  9. Imagining him struggling to survive and knowing the person who was meant to take care of him was his murderer breaks my heart. RIP beautiful little.

  10. Most normal human beings will never understand how a fellow human can be so cruel. Indeed, there's a question of a failure of an entire society in protecting children such as this.

    It appears that this child has undergone serious maltreatment over most of his short life. No amount of "justice" on his mother or whoever committed this crime is going to bring back this child or put any happiness into a life that's lost.

    What is important is to ensure that this can never happen to another child in this country. Can we all do that?

  11. Is she a mother or psychopath. Abusing child must not be tolerared by anybody. It should be stopped immediately by anymeans. Don't just watch, take actions.


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