Police discover kingsnake, tarantula in drug bust

Police arrested a Maldivian couple on Thursday night with drugs, a snake and a Mexican red-kneed tarantula from Henveiru Lucky Shade house in Male’.

Police raided the residence with a search warrant at about 11:15pm and found the drugs and pets in the couple’s room.

The albino banded California kingsnake was kept illegally as a pet, police said.

The couple – a 28-year-old man and 27-year-old woman – were taken into custody with a film canister containing illicit narcotics and a counterfeit US$100 note.

Police also revealed that the male suspect had a criminal record for drug-related offences.

The California kingsnake is not the first exotic animal discovered in a recent drug bust. Last week, police found a 4-feet long snake during a drug operation on the island of Himmafushi in Kaafu atoll.

The snake was reportedly a royal python – a non-venomous African species often kept as pets.

In a drug bust in the capital Male’ last January, police discovered a caged slow loris. The importation and sale of the endangered primate species is illegal in the country.

In November last year, police arrested three men from a residence in Male’ with 15 bottles of Finlandia vodka, 24 cans of beer and three snakes.

A police media official told Minivan News at the time that two of the snakes were of a dangerous species and were listed as contraband.


2 thoughts on “Police discover kingsnake, tarantula in drug bust”

  1. A snake and a spider have become headline news.

    But no one is least bothered about lack of import control, lack of adequate quarantine, foods with unknown chemical compounds, import of strange plants, birds etc..

    Such is the state of Maldives media. Sensational stories (however trivial) grabs headlines. Real issues are brushed under the coffee table or blownn away with Malboro cigarette..

    PS. awaitingto to hear story of snake no 3 next. Snake is important to you guys then the import loophole.


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